LG Phones Under 15000

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List of LG Phones Under 15000 with prices starting from Rs. 4,599. We have found 30 phones. Here is the summary of the results:

Most popular phones: LG X Power, LG K10 16GB and LG X cam rank high on the popularity charts.

Best phones: With a spec score of 84, the LG G2 32GB is the best phone to buy, followed by LG X cam and LG X Power with the spec score of 80 and 77 respectively.

Performance: With good processor and RAM, phones such as LG G2 32GB, LG X camand LG X Power offer good performance.

Display: Smartphones like LG G2 32GB, LG X cam and LG Spirit LTE offer sharp and vibrant screens.

Camera: For good image quality, phones such as LG G2 32GB, LG G4 Stylus 4G and LG X screen are good buys.

Battery: With beefy battery capacities, phones like LG X Power, LG Stylus 2 and LG K7 8GB can last long.

Latest LG Phones Under 15000: Phones like LG X Power, LG X screen and LG Stylus 2 were launched in the last 30 days.

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LG Phones Under 15000 (2017)

LG Phones Under 15000 Prices Specs Score
LG X Power Rs. 10,599 78/100
LG K10 2017 Rs. 12,199 80/100
LG Stylus 2 Rs. 11,990 75/100
LG G3 16GB Rs. 14,000 86/100
LG K10 16GB Rs. 10,450 74/100
LG G3 32GB Rs. 14,000 87/100
LG X cam Rs. 11,199 78/100
LG G3 Stylus Rs. 8,900 69/100
LG X screen Rs. 10,022 74/100
LG K4 Rs. 6,110 59/100