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Micromax Canvas 2 A110
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Rs 5,995
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Micromax Canvas 2 A110
Out of Stock
₹ 5,995
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Superb Phone @ Budget Price

First of all, I had been using MMX A52 Aisha Superphone for close to 3 months. I was very much comfortable using the same. But, when my wife's Nokia broke down, I gave her my MMX A52. I was on the lookout for a new phone. I wanted a bigger screen size and I was looking at various options in Samsung, HTC, MMX and Karbonn. nFrom the reviews available online (, Gadetsportal, Geekayranjith etc.) and having already used MMX A52, I booked the A110.nAs usual, it was express service from flipkart. Though, I had to pay a couple of bucks extra than other online retailers, I was very comfortable with flipkart's prompt on time service, where I buy books regularly. Booked it on 31st Oct late evening. I got the phone delivered on 3rd Nov afternoon.nNow over to the phone.........nMy kind of use my A110:nLots of Emails requiring typing everyday, 1 hr to 1.5 hrs - browsing the internet daily, 30-40 phone calls a day lasting 2 hrs, Very minimal to nil movie watching, Almost nil gamingnI will first start with the Cons One big let down, is the non availability of ambient light sensor in this phone. My MMX A52 also had the same problem. As long as you are indoors, there is no problem at all. Once out, it is very difficult to see the phone in broad daylight and the brightness needs to be adjusted constantly. This is highly irritating.nb. Since the speaker is in the rear of the phone, the ringer volume is absolutely muffled when you keep the phone on its back. I missed some important client calls due to this!nd. There is no option for rebooting the phone. Once the phone is switched off, to switch it on, it takes time to get into the groove to release the power button in time. Else, pressing the power too much sets the phone to its default mode automatically and you lose all your default settings (Don't worry, all installed programs remain untouched).ne. After every restart, my default keyboard (Swype 1.3) changes automatically to android keyboard (But I feel the basic android keyboard is much better for larger phones as the A110 compared to Swype. But this cannot be an excuse). I am forced to change it manually every time. This was not the case with my MMX A52. Don't know, if it is a problem with Android 4.0.4 or MMX should have provided a scratch guard for this phone considering the size of the screen. I don't see anywhere in print AGC Sodalite scratch resistant screen!nf. Pathetic earphones that has come with this phone. Compared to the A110s phones, my MMX A52 is far better!nNow the Pros..... :-)na. 4.94" Screen Capacitive Touch screen is very vivid in displaying colours. nb. There are 3 capacitive touch sensitive physical buttons at the bottom which makes using the phone really easync. MMX has not tinkered anything at all with UI. One advantage that comes along with the 1 GHZ, Dual Core processor with an unaltered ICS UI is, the UI is super smooth and super fast. I have seen no lags what so ever.nd. Pinch to zoom is also very dependable and works most of the time without much of a The best part of this phone is the LED indicator. There are 3rd party apps that you can install to make the LED blink in different custom selected colours for a missed call, email received, sms received etc. The colours can be configured to specific email IDs, numbers etc. This helps me a lot during client meetings as I understand what has happened to my phone when it was put in the silent I am not a mobile phone camera buff. But, the front 0.3VGA as well as the 8.0MP rear (really do not know if it is so...) cameras serve my purpose when I use skype for official or personal callsng. The default browser is good. It supports all basic functions. For people who require further enhancements, there is Firefox, Opera Mobile or the Chrome. Haven't tried any of them yet.nh. The internal storage is about 503MB. There is also an internal SD card with a storage capacity of 2.05GB. With apps like APP to SD, you can move almost all the apps installed in the internal storage (phone memory) to the internal SD card except for a very few apps such as launchers (I run GO Launcher EX). To me this is more than sufficient and I do not find any need for any additional external sd card for my kind of use on this phone.nHaven't run any game on this phone, so cannot comment on the performance. Run some 720p videos from youtube. They run smoothly. But no luck with 1080p videos. There is no video playback. This shows the lack of RAM (473MB). nBut for normal application and usage, this phone is very impressive.nAlso, the build quality and textured grip on the back panel adds up to the elegance of this device. nYou get a definite look from envious people when you take it out. Many mistake it for an S3. "Neighbour's Envy - Owner's Pride" - Go for it, if you want a nice big phone with fantastic features at a budget price.

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You may go to service center very soon..

I took the mobile some 15 days before. All were working good. I was happy with my choice. Suddenly I got the problem in its volume adjust key, which is in top left of the mobile . It got stocked and stopped working as expected. I went to one service center in bangalore (marathalli). They refused to receive the handset, because for superfone they have different service center in corporation road(bangalore). I went there,they checked it and asked me to deposit the handset for 15 days to repair. I gave the set to them as I have no other options. I saw a lot defective a110 in the service center. In 1 month the defective quantity is very high.nn1 . There is less service center among the all authorized service center who repair the A110 superfone.n2. If any problem occur then you have to wait for 15 days(approx. may be more).n3. Software part is OK but Hardware part of the mobile is very loose. Chances of this type of problem is more.nn As per my opinion go with the micromax, if you are ready to adjust this type of service in future. If you want to avoid this type of thing, genuinely you can go with Samsung or Nokia. Little price more but satisfaction is there .

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Gem of a phone now rootable, supports OTG !!

My bro bought this phone from a local store as we were getting a better deal there (9800 rs).nIts been almost 2 weeks using this phone and it is absolutely a gem. The phone is very snappy - never encountered any lag.nThe colors are also vivid - they do not appear washed out. WiFi performance is very good - never noticed any slowness. The speaker volume is ok - not too loud nor too low. The voice clarity is decent - no complaints yet. As with every Android phone, be prepared to charge your phone everyday if you use it a lot for browsing or reading as Screen and WiFi are the biggest battery hogs. However the 2000 mAh battery is quite sufficient.nThere is no separate CD for drivers. As soon as you connect the phone to your PC in USB storage mode, a drive will open up with the drivers.nThe white model looks gorgeous !!nnAccessories:nNo pouch is supplied with this phone. So I went to a local Samsung store and got a Note pouch that fits this phone well.nI got a screen guard for this phone and now the display looks amazing (hadn't removed the default screen plastic cover :) )nThe supplied earphones are not good - the ears start paining after a while. So get a good earphone. The samsung galaxy series earphones work with this phone.nnNow for stuff not much known:n1. Rooting for this phone is now available. So I immediately rooted this phone. With Titanium Backup, I removed the bloatware that Micromax supplies.n2. This phone supports USB OTG i.e USB on the go. Just get a USB OTG cable ( i got mine from ebay) and you can directly connect your pen-drive to your phone !! Awesome, isn't it ?n3. There is lots happening on xda for a110. So be sure to keep checking the xda forum. For e.g. there is already a hack which allows swapping internal and external storage thus providing more space for apps.n4. There is talk on the internet about micromax releasing a jelly bean update. Don't know how true that is but if it does release, then that would be fantastic !!nnConsn1. The first one (not really) is the low screen resolution. Ideally a 5 inch phone should have a higher resolution but no complaints since a110 offers so many features for such a low price.n2. I wish a110 had a magnetic sensor. Since this phone does not have a magnetic sensor, compass does not work.nnI would definitely recommend this phone as it is worth every penny.

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One Word AWESOME...!!!

Yes it is awesome.. No matter whatever someone says "about the RAM being only 512MB so it a disadvantage" Just ignore that crap.nnSo let me tell u it's the best android smart phone i have seen till date. 512 MB of RAM with a dual-core Mediatek 6577 processor powered with POWER VR Series 5 GPU is surely more than enough @ it's price.nnThe only thing u have to justify is between Multi-tasking & Heavy Multi-tasking, Either way its mobile & we are humans but not server's & computer's to do 100 tasks at the same time.nnAll other products by MMX may be below par but this is over the moon. I will certainly place my bet on a mobile that just beat out the sales of samsung/htc/nokia just by pre-booking itself.. Just imagine what would the final outcome be.??nnYou love it-Just go for it.......... I'm loving it..:) :)...!!!

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Beware of this phone and Micromax customer support service

All,nAfter going through all these reviews I too got excited and bought this, unfortunate for me I started getting display problems in a weeks time and submitted the phone at MS Ovez Communications in Bangalore. They confirmed the problem following which they had raised a case with micromax support to get the display fixed. I am having a difficult time getting hold of customer care numbers (delhi number) or even MS Ovez communication. Ovez communication is asking me to followup with micromax support to get status on the case raised by them. Being Micromax's service partner I think they should be doing it and not me. Also, it is next to impossible to get hold of micromax customer care number and even if i get through they just tell them they will look into it and get back, but the day has never come back. Today it is more than 1.5 months when i left this cell with MS Ovez communication and I just lost hope of getting it back, infact I'm sure they may soon come back and tell me that they are phasing out this mobile and hence cannot get a replacement for has been frustrating last few weeks that I feel I should go to consumer court for such kind of trouble. I wish I could give a 0 rating but unfortunately did not have a choice. Infact flipkart shd not be even selling this 3rd grade cells who don't even have a proper customer support in place.

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