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Micromax Canvas HD A116
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Micromax Canvas HD A116
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Pros and cons.

First of all, I would like to say that I did not buy this phone from, I bought it early at 14k. I have been using this phone very regularly, and I am very satisfied with this phone. Based on my experience, here are the pros and cons.nnnPros:nn1) The IPS screen display, 5.0 inch - 720p - ~294 ppi, is very crisp and very sharp. Everything looks crystal clear. Viewing angles are great too. Screen display is easily readable even under sunlight.n2) The 1.2 GHZ quad-core processor makes the phone run very smoothly. I have not experienced any lag on this phone. As a result of this processor, even HD games run at best quality smoothly. Antutu benchmark rating is in the 12k range, which is lower than the high end quad core phones, like the S3 and One X, but higher than much more expensive phones, like the Note and S2. In the same test, the Grand scores in the 6k region.n3) The screen size, 5.0 inches, might put off some people before buying. I've been using a 3.2 inch phone and 4.0 inch phone before this, yet, I find this 5.0 inch screen is comfortable to use. It's surprisingly light too.n4) People might complain about the quality, but the feel of the plastic is really good, and even though I've accidentally dropped my phone many times, there isn't even a mark on the body. So far, as per experience, the build quality is really very good.n5) The camera flash strength is above expected, and the phone supports HDR image capturing. The 1080p and 720p videos shot with my the phone are of good quality. Yes, this phone also shoots full HD videos (although the description says it shoots only upto 720p) at 1920x1088 resolution, in the right settings. I guess even the people at Micromax don't know the capabilities of their phone :Pn6) The touchscreen is perfect, very responsive. Detects upto 5 fingers (not that anyone needs 5 fingers on their screen though).n7) The battery of the phone performs above expectations, I get 8 hours and more when using the phone with Wi-Fi and Dual Sim.n8) Micromax gives the stock Jellybean 4.1.2 with this phone. I prefer this over Samsung's TouchWiz, although that is only a personal opinion. The user interface is clean, easy to use and butter smooth. Google Now, which is only available in Android 4.1 and above, is an awesome feature that beats even Apple's Siri.n10) The phone looks absolutely stunning. It looks like an Galaxy S3 from the front, and a One X from the back.nnnCons:nn1) The display's contrast is a bit low, but that could be just my phone. Though, that does not compromise the screen content quality, everything is still crystal clear.n2) The 8 MP primary camera, is of bad quality. It has autofocus and an LED flash, but the 8 MP photos are grainy, and not very clear when zoomed into. It's better 5 MP or 6 MP smartphone cameras, but it's quality is below than most 8 MP smartphone cameras. A friend's Micromax A110 Canvas 2, which too has an 8 MP camera, shoots better and brighter photos.n3) Audio quality isn't good when earphones are connected to it. Only the earphones that come with the packaging give good quality, but these earphones aren't good. Connecting the phone to a speaker system, though, doesn't give any problems. Music quality using a bluetooth headset, too, is clear and perfect. The in-built equalizer in the stock music app really helps too.nnA word about the service quality of Micromax, appalling. I haven't had any problems with my phone, but I have experienced their lack of skill and professionalism when I wanted to upgrade my phone to the latest Jellybean. Most service centres didn't know anything about the new update, and one service centre here in Kolkata returned my phone after three days, without updating, and did a factory reset. The phone is an excellent gadget, but the company and the people in the service branch are just bad. Their service is the main reason I would not be buying another Micromax ever.nnAs this is a phone, I must add that call quality and networking on this phone are absolutely perfect, and I have experienced no issues so far.nnThe preloaded apps that come with the phone, a cricket game, Micromax store etc., cannot be removed without rooting, but they can be disabled, and they don't seem to take up much space, so it isn't an issue.nnOverall, I would recommend that unless you're very brand conscious (in which case, it's your loss), or a heavy gamer who wants all the latest games installed, this would be the most perfect phone released in India for this price. But, only buy if the price is around or below 14k.nnThis review is based on a personal experience on using this phone, and all opinions are my own, and may vary from person to person.nI hope this review helps you in purchasing a new phone. :)

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Stop giving wrong reviews

@@arpitnnPlease don't give false reviews to people by giving false details.nnMediatek is not a Chinese company but has its headquarters in Taiwan.nMoreover canvas hd uses mediatek's premium mt6589 processor being advertised on mediatek's website.nnRecently Sony has announced that it will use mediatek procesnsor for many of its type mediatek on Wikipedia.nnMicro max IS NOT A CHINESE is an Indian company and its products are designed in India but imported from china like all phones are so its not so bad after all.nnThe sound quality of the speakers are good but its true the headphones are pathetic,but u can always buy good ones.nnThe built quality of this phone is also very good.After rooting u can use sd card memory also.micro max has announced it will provide updates for its upcoming mobiles.nYes i will agree that micro max service is bad but i am sure it will improve.the camera is not what was expected but is manageable.Rest i have not heard/experienced of any problems u mentioned.nnPlease dont write such reviews without using the phone

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Awesome phone Total VFM

Received this phone from snapdeal. Using it since 15 days.nPros-nExcellent display - Watching HD video's is just amazing experience.nSuper-fast touch.nFast processor - played front line commando , speed racer, temple run easily and lote of games.nOS- Excellent. Jelly bean 4.1nVideo quality is good -Super HD recording.nCamera is good with flash support.nSolid build quality.Looks quite premium.nnCons-nSound quality is averagenLow internal memory. Just 1.77 MBnIndoor camera shooting is not that good.nnUpdate After using 3 months:nNot a single issue faced yet.nThe phone has fallen dawn through staircase but nothing is damaged.nAlso got dropped from hand 2-3 times but no damage. (This proves solid build quality)nnI have recommended this phone to many of my friends and they also liked the same.nBefore purchasing just get hands on it and you will come to know the quality.

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Flipkart priced it too much

No offense flipkart. You priced it very high. i got this mobile from local shop for 15K and i feel 15K also bit higher. nnNow about the product.nni have bought a white color one. Personally i did not like the back panel of the white model because its not glossy like the black model and feel bit cheap. nnSecons think i do not like is the color reproduction of the phone. Its HD, Yes but i feel the contrast is set bit high and some colors are washed out. nnThird and last think i do not like with the handset is the low light photography. The LED light seems to be not capable of anything. Camera is slightly better than the A110. I own both the sets and personally feel Micromax should have increased the LED light quality of the phone considering they priced it bit high.nnIf you are okay with the cons then its really a good phone. Micromax bloatwares are taking some decent amount of RAM. Unfortunately till now nobody has tried rooting this phone so that all the bloatwares can be removed.

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Worst quality and Worst Service

hello frndz... i bought micromax canvas hd...but within six month full battery total discharge within 5 min .after buying Within six months this problem is very common so its really very irritating as well as service is also poor.If u want to buy smartphones within small budget than buy some other company's phone but never go for micromax .Really it is very cheap but no quality in materiAL.... NO SERVICE...WORTS THING





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