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Micromax A70
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Micromax A70
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It does what it says !!!

I bought this phone and been using for last week. I have done various experiments on this phone.nnFirst of all Micromax would be able to loose the tag of being a cheap phone maker after this phone. The phone's build quality is excellent and it feels good when you handle it. I don't know why micromax is not publicizing this phone, bcos when it launched A60 there were ads everywhere newspapers, radio, tv, etc.nnInitially I was confused about buying this phone but after iGyaan review I ordered it and am very happy with this phone. I use this phone mainly for browsing net and playing audio video files.nnThe display has amazing clarity and the touch screen is smooth. The hardware button in the center is of no use as we already have a capacitive home button above it. They should have allowed to customize it. The volume rocker is well placed, the camera button is a bit hard when you press it half way it auto focuses the frame and when you press further down it clicks a photo. I prefer using the on screen button. The headphone jack is place on top which makes it convenient when you carry phone in pocket.nnThe processor is only 600MHz but still capable of performing tasks, I have almost 20 apps installed on my phone and still the phone is not slow. The pre loaded Mobile Guard app is good to optimize the memory use and kill tasks. There are 5 home screens which are enough to hold you widgets and shortcuts.nnIt plays 360p video's crisply without any frame loss but 480p onwards the audio remains continuous but there is noticeable frame loss. The preloaded video player is no good. I had to install MX Video Player and Codec in order to play Xvid and DiVX files on this device. You can play a 700MB movie rip smoothly on this. The volume is bit on lower side, it is ok if you are in a silent environment, but if you are traveling by a bus or a train sometimes it becomes difficult to hear.nnIt has an internal memory of 155MB so you will have to move apps to SD card. The phone sometimes, you have to keep tab of the open tasks and close them periodically. Default music player is good but i prefer using Winamp.nnThe GPS is ok but sometimes takes time to detect location. WiFi is excellent and also WiFi hotspot works perfectly. I was not able to test 3G capabilities as I don't have a 3G connection. nnCamera quality is also good but it takes a bit longer to auto focus, front camera is useless as there is no video calling and obviously no one will use a VGA cam to click pics. No pictures in dark due to absence of flash.nnLoudspeaker is good. nnThe only downside of this phone is the battery life. Although battery life is the problem of all smartphones, this phones battery life is very very poor. If you have apps using your internet connection and mail in in sync I doubt that battery can sustain a 10 hour day. In morning while going to office I generally have radio on and I constantly use internet for reading newspaper for about 45 minutes and 20% of the battery drains out. You need to carry your charger with you. A 20 minute video clip with headphones on at medium brightness would consume 10% of the battery, at full brightness this can even double. nnThough the downside the phone is worth its money. All android phones are 10k and this is only sub 10k phone. Battery life is issue for all other well known brands too.nnYou will not regret your decision if you buy this.

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High Radiation Brand. watch ur health.

I am not sure whether the admin will approve this post. But I will do my part. I have read in many forums and my geek friends have told that brands like micromax and karbon have high radiation phones. The radiation of brands like nokia and samsung is 0.5 SAR while micromax is 1.5 SAR. I really dont know why indian government is not strict of health standards on using this kinds of phones. So if you are health conscious , decide for yourself.

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Really Great Phone for this Price !!!

I got delivery of this phone on just 3rd Day. Packing was really nice and there are no chances for damage. I was interested in purchasing HTC WildfireS but due to budget i ordered this phone, and using it from 5 days, in all ways and very roughly by giving full load on it, but the phone is working really GOOD in all conditions. This phone is having all functions of HTC Desire. Installed apps like Miapps, Savaan, Mondu TV, Mirometer, Money control app, FaceBook, are really good, i always listen California FM, online Bollywood songs by using this apps, and trust me even on 2G network songs run continuously without wait for buffering. Google maps are so accurate and PINCH ZOOM works really very fast, and tested it for navigation purpose by walking to get direction. Internet speed on default browser and on opera is also fast as compared to other phones. Touch sensitive buttons are good and lots of use, and center button is used for turn on light for unlocking. Games like Angry Birds, zombie nations, NFS works really fast. Auto CAD WS also runs fast without any loss of frame rate during sliding. scrolling speed is also very fast and good and handling all apps is also fast. wi-fi tethering also works good, and this is most attractive thing to me to buy this phone within this price range, and now i am the WI-fi hot spot to others in class room during lectures for others. The only drawbacks are sound is quite less on loudspeaker during music playback, music player without equalizer, headphones are not good, but output sound quality is good, as we can use other good headphones and install other players from market. Capacitive touch screen is also very good and responsive just like iPhone. when i UNINSTALLED Mobile guard and net queen apps, by using App uninstaller APP to SD by downloading this app from market, because these are default apps which we cannot uninstall directly. i got above performance and this apps drains much more battery and slows down the performance. Battery performance is also good as it has 1450 MA battery, it last me for 2 days without recharge and full of use. device weight is also very less and no felling of mobile in pocket. I will suggest to other also to buy this phone without looking to other brands as this phones give all functions of others.

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If you want everything at a low price.

If you are looking for a smart phone, Micromax A70 will definitely provide the best value for your money.nnThe build quality seems to be excellent, and looks eye popping in Cocoa Brown colour (like Dark Chocolate). Contrary to what Micromax is popular for, it is NOT a dual SIM phone.nnProcessor/GPU:nThis is powered by a 600 MHz ARMv6 processor, 256 MB RAM, Adreno 200 GPU along with Qulacomm chipset. All of this is fairly enough to run the Android OS together with more than a dozen of apps without being worried about slow speed. 360p video plays well enough. But, however all this is NOT good enough for playing high quality video (480p and 720p) and games with high graphic details (and since the screen is only 320x480 pixels, so it doesn't makes sense to play higher resolution video either).nnDisplay:nThe display has incredible clarity and smooth touchscreen. It comes with a 3.2 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen having a resolution of 320x480 pixels (~180 ppi pixel density), capable of displaying 256K colours. The screen is almost at par with those used in high-end costly phones. It is probably the cheapest android smartphone with a capacitive touchscreen.nnConnectivity:nIt has all shorts of connectivity options: Quard-band GSM, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth and most importantly WiFi with ability to set up a WiFi hotspot.nnCamera:nIt comes with a 5 MP main camera, which can snap images at a maximum resolution of 2592?1944 pixels with auto-focus. The image quality is good. There is a dedicated camera button, which can be used for both, to auto-focus and to snap images, when pressed half way it auto focuses, and if pressed further it clicks an image. To click an image you can also tap the screen in place of external camera button. There is a secondary VGA camera too, in front, for video calling. Android 2.2 (Froyo) doesn't support video calling but It is useful if you use Skype or other such third party apps for video calling. Though its only 0.3 MP, but its good to have one than nothing at this price-point.nnAudio:nThe audio quality is good. It has 3.5 mm universal audio jack placed at top, which enables it connect to almost all sort of audio systems. Those used to listening music at very high volume may find the volume on slightly but not significantly lower side. Loudspeaker is good.nnMemory:nIt has an internal memory of only 152.5 MiB, which shall be used for critical apps and documents that you want all the time with you, so that they be there even when card removed. Apart from that you will have to wholely rely on external memory card, which will house everything else.nnSoftware/Apps:nThe OS is Android 2.2 (Froyo). It comes with a bunch of preloaded apps, mostly from Google Application suite like Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk, Picasa and document processing apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF), etc.nnWeight and Size:nIf at some point you thought that all this must have added to its huge weight and size, I suggest think again. Surprisingly, it weighs only 85g with dimensions of 111 x 58 x 13.5 mm, all the way acceptable.nnnDownside:nThe only downside in specification is a missing Flash, so the pictures taken in dark won't come clear.nnApart from that, there is no problem with specifications that I noticed, nor price. They are all charming. The problem is likely to be with build quality. Though this phone is quite new and has yet to pass the test of time. But I had a Micromax phone (3k phone) earlier which faded with time and lost its colour.nnMoreover I have heard that Micromax have not up to the mark customer support, though I never had the occasion to test it myself. This was many months before, and it may not be the case anymore and everywhere.nnAs far as I am aware of, no Gingerbread update will arrive for this device, so if you are hoping to upgrade the OS to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), you can't.nnIt has a poor battery life, which smart-phones doesn't? But the problem is slightly more severe but not significant with Micromax A70.nnnConclusion:nDespite some downsides it's a happy buy, and the best value for your money.nnnPS: If you are not happy with the specifications and looking for a yet higher-end phone with reasonable price, Micromax has one of that too (Micromax Superfone A85)

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Battery Saving Tips

A70 is a very good mobile for 7500...the battery of A70 is good,just u hav to optimize ur mobile.. A70 battery improvement & optimization tips... 1>always keep ur mobile switch off during charging 2>use fast reboot app...when u start ur mobile u will see android os has opened lots of unnecessary apps,they kill ur ram & battery,even mobile guard app cant kill all this use fast reboot app..really a light app & very useful..really saves a lot of ram & battery...i use both fast reboot app & mobile guard app widget..this 2 app helps a lot...u can also go to settings>application>running app & there force stop map,market,netquin antivirus(when u r using them)...they waste ur battery & ram...always before switching ur screen off use fast reboot take only 1sec to optimize ur mobile... 3>use Zeam launcher(highly recommended)...i hav tried many launchers starting from default lancher to launcher pro,golauncher ect..but i hv found Zeam launcher is very good...very light launcher...really saves a lot of ram & standby battery life has improved a lot afer using zeam launcher... if u follow above mention 3 points u will see better battery life & more ram will be available...

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