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Micromax Canvas Doodle 2 A240
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Rs 14,499
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Micromax Canvas Doodle 2 A240
Out of Stock
₹ 14,499
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NIce phone

Some people are giving wrong information here.Dont know what is source of there ULTIMATE knowledge.nn1st- It can play full HD 1080p movies like breeze.For better quality install free MX player from brother have Samsung S3 and even he dont use stock video player..Stock player of android or any other UI is not good.nnn2nd-Yes it has MediaTek MT6589 chipset quad core processor.and i dont know why it is a bad thing mt6589 is a good chipset by mediatek and its in the market for a while so we all know its efficient and reliable.nn3rd-And if you are saying it cant play High quality HD games.than i would suggest you to buy AMD radeon HD7870 graphic card for jst rupees 18000 for your computer..I just purchased it and believe me it is playing even latest high intensity graphic games like butter..Or pre-order PS4..and even than if you are so desperate for enjoying latest high graphic android games on 5 or 6 inch screen than you are free to buy note 3,note 2 or s4 ..errr..But they are not even close to 17000 price tag..nn4th-For those who are saying it is a Cheap Chinese phone..YES it is chinese phone but is it Cheap or not that should be judge only after using this phone(Please dont use if MMX is too low profile for your high profile lifestyle).nn5th-I am using micromax A110 since nov. or dec.2012 and it is still working like a charm.before that i used A70 which was my first android phone and was really nice phone.Both served their purpose well..nnAnd Last but not least PLEASE.PLEASE for god's sake dont say it doesnt have autofocus .even my A110 has autofocus..

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Another canvas series phone out in the market. It seems micromax is hell bent on launching a canvas phone every alternate week. Seems they have sorted out the supply line from the chinese company they are buying the phone from. Focussing on the latest addition, what does it offer?nn1. It is equipped with a MediaTek MT6589 chipset quad core processor and comes with a RAM of 1 GB, Anythng new? Nah . Almost all the lower brands are offering it at slightly more than half the price and micromax, though it may think itself to be a big brand, it is just a import from china-rebrand-sell company. So the phone is considerably over priced.nn2. Camera: It boasts of 12 MP primary and 5 MP front camera. It just about manages to be positioned as a good camera phone BUT do not be fooled by high megapixel figures. Increasing MP does not simply mean better picture quality. Moreover its dual flash performs poorly in low light.nn3. OS: works on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean which is the latest version of this operating system. It comes with a TouchWiz User Interface which provides glossy, big and cartoon like menus and icons as well as custom apps. Probably one of few areas it scores. Smooth functioning and user friendly. User interface same as that of Canvas 4.nn4. Display: IPS display with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution, just about OK. Remember you cannot play 1080 HD videos smoothly. nn5. Design: same as any other canvas phone. Being less glossy gives it a better overall look n feel. Big 5.7 inch screen is fairly handy and fits into the pocket with ease considering its 9.3 mm thickness, but with 220 gm weight makes it more of a tab. It has a Aluminum back with a unibody chassis and a matching two tip stylus. No hassles it feels n looks great.nn6. Memory: Inbuilt 12 gb for user. NO EXTERNAL SD SUPPORT. Means you save everything on phone memory. You dont pay 20k for brands such as micromax without external memory support. nn7. Battery: Again disappointment here. Its big 2600 mAH battery gives only 8 hrs of 2G usage but more importantly it is non replaceable. nn8. After Sales service: Does anything need to be explained with their real poor ASS (After Sales service) High time MMX stops launching phone after phone and starts to focus on their service quality.nn9. Pricing: The phone is quite over priced and does not have a pricing advantage MMX is known to give. Micromax has of late began to sail high in terms of pricing. It has to know it is just a branding company of a chinese phone. It just cannot deal with high priced phones. At least not with other similar brands of equal capability level offering higher techs at lower price. It should stop competing with global brands and remember its major advantage is only its pricing. Global brands do their research and have their own products. Mmx do not have it. nAnd folks it is not an Indian manufacturing company that some of us are so patriotic about. It simply buys phone from a chinese company and rebrands it with its stamp n sells it for a commision. No manufacturing or research involved here.nnOverall go for it if you have spare money and are a MMX fan and do not care what others have to say. For rest of the mortals, stay away....... not worth the price.

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Very over priced

tis product is very over priced.. 20k almost..and runing on Mdeia tech chipset..nnwhich is unable to play high end game..where nexus 4 avlbl at 24k ....runing on qualcomm s4 chipset with 2gb of ram..which is able to play any high end game..nnand last verdict ...For micromax 20 k its not worth...

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Good Product !!! Worth buying...

I don't think I have to say anything about flipkart delivery as it is never a concern to anyone.nnAbout Doodle 2...nnI just love this phone. Micromax has improved a lot. It deserves to be recognized worldwide.nnFirst of all about the looks; It has a premium look with aluminium back which you normally see in 30K + flagship phone of other brands. It's slim & huge. Handling this huge phone is dependent on your hand size. So, try that in any outlet before buying. I like it's huge size. So, I am happy.nnDisplay is awesome.It's HD, everything is crystal clear. Again this is some thing you can't find in Samsung, Nokia or Sony phones in this range. UI is pure Android with minimum customization. Can't find any flaw. Good experience.nnPerformance wise this device rocks, it's super fast and no lags found. Good processor & sufficient RAM is the secret.nnInternal memory available for use is 0.98 GB of phone memory & 12.** GB of internal SD card memory. There is no option to insert external SD card. Some people may find it as a limitation, again this is also subjective depending on whether you store GBs of music, movies & games. Another thing is, it has the option to connect USB memory. I am yet to try this option as Micromax does not provide the cable for connecting USB memory to phone in pack. nnThis phone comes with a Stylus which is required only if you do sketching. I don't feel much use of it. If you are someone who thinks will be using the Stylus regularly please note that there is no option to keep the stylus in the phone or the flip case that comes with it. You need to carry stylus separately. That is a big design flaw I could see from Micromax. I knew this before buying, still bought this phone since I won't be using stylus regularly. So, it's your decision.nnIt has some fancy features too like, pausing the video if you look away, calling directly when u lift the phone with contact or message open etc.nnI don't think I have to comment on Jelly Bean as it is a well known & proven OS. I am not sure if Micromax has plans to give an upgrade to Kitkat. Hoping for that.nnFinal verdict :nnA good product that I would suggest you to buy, it's worth the money you pay. Again it's your decision, hope the few things I mentioned above will help you in deciding as this phone has certain things which some people may like & some may not.nnDon't stay away from this phone if the only reason you can think of is; it is Micromax and it's an Indian brand or product. Keep in mind that you are also an Indian. It deserves to be supported.

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Great Mobile but a bit overpriced

17k for this phone is a bit too much, but considering the offers flipkart is providing i would recommend this phone to people who need a premium looking phone with big screen size and a decent camera.nnTo Sum up things, here are the pros and consnPros -n1)Big 720p Screenn2)Premium Aluminium Backn3)16gb Internal Memoryn4)1.2 ghz Quadcore Processor (Mediatek)n5)Can play most of the games currently available in the playstorennCons - n1)No Microsd Slotn2)Colors of Screen are not Accuraten3)Camera even though 12mp but still other phones like galaxy grand ins this range have better cameran4) Battery Life is AveragennConclusion - If you are looking for a gaming phone then i would say that stay away from this phone because of no sd card slot (only 12.5gb internal memory for games is low), for gaming i would recommend canvas 4 as games can be moved to sd card. If you are looking for good camera capabilities then go for galaxy grand without thinking anything else. If you are just a casual user and are going to use the phone for messaging, calling, browsing the net and playing some games then you can buy this phone and you won't have any trouble.nnWOULD RATE THIS PHONE AT 4 STARS BECAUSE OF THE LOOKS AND SCREEN SIZE.

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