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Micromax Canvas Knight A350
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Rs 14,999
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Micromax Canvas Knight A350
Out of Stock
₹ 14,999
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Dont Buy Canvas Knight, Lot of Issues, its wast of Money

Myself Patan Emran khan has buyed Micormax Canvas A350 (Canvas Knight) from Micromax Stores on 10th March 2014 on the launching day itself and the mobile got delivered within 2 to 3 days. after my wife started using it she reliased the set is getting heated up and within 7 days of use the set was heating up like boiling panel within 10 to 30 sec. even it was not able to hold in your hands. so i have given the set for repair with local Micromax service center near my home on 17th or 20th and they too felt the same, but refused to get the replacement as it was more than 7 days over as per them. so i told them to fix the problem at least, so they have sent the hand set to head office and after some 25 to 30 days i got it back. but got shocked by seeing it, as the new set was changed to scrap peace. even though i didnt complained and took my set back and started using it again, this time the set was not getting heated up, but new problem started, the call drop due to network drop and one way voice and most of the times to get someone through my set i need to dail him 10 times and i will be lucky if i get him on line ones atleast. with this problem again i went to service center and complained about it and showed to them the problem. they too agreed and again took my set for servicing along with my SIM Card for testing.i requested them to repair properly and get me the set back as early as possible. as this was second time iam visiting the service center. they promised me that they will get repaired of the set ASAP. this time they took almost 25 days and finally ones again i got my set again started using it but the same problem persisted and realised within a days time and again i have went to service center for 3rd time and handed over the device for repair. that time they told it seems the problem is not getting resolved, so they will replace my hand set and took my device. this time again 30 days. after 30 days i got my device back in still worst condition, no one can say that is a new peace. and hardly i used the device 12+ days from March 12th to till relaised that the device is not yet all sent for repair, these many days they were using my device with deff sim card. and they have kept me in dark that they will get the device replaced. when i started using the device again, i found the same problem of Network Drop and call drop one way voicing, low voice and even some time my no is not reachable and switched off, even at times the network signal is at full strength.nwhen i call the center on the same, they tells me to change my connection to some other operator as some sets wont be work on some connections. i wonder how come a phone is not designed for all telicom operators. and moreover the same device was working earlier except the mother board heating problem. and moreover iam using canvasA110 and Canvas 120, they work fine with the same sim fact one step ahead i checked with same canvas A350, in that connection working is fine, and i checked with the diffrent sim in my device, but the problem is same.nBut Micromax Guys is not able agree this and help me in resolving this issue.nnso please Guys done invest your hard earned money of 20K on this. its really waste of Money and Waste of Time.iam really disappointed with this behaviour of Micromax as i was Micromax savy from the day they launched Q1. i used Q1, Q3 and Q5 then Canvas A110 and even my brother too used Canvas A110 and recently i brought Canvas 120 Colours for my wife and Knight for my brother and i have suggested Micromax to my Boss and my friends they too brought the devices.ninspite being Micromax savy, i request you people not to buy this brand yet all.nThanks nRegardsnPatan Emran Khan

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Absolute Beauty Coming from a hardcore gamer

I'm one of the first people to buy Canvas Knight. Bought it from MicromaxStore, and have used it for more than a month now. It is an absolute monster. I recommend this to every gamer first of all, and it is the most versatile phone I've ever seen.nnPlease don't go with the negative reviews of people who haven't used it. Do your research, check the reviews at forums, see the unboxing and performance videos at Youtube, and then decide for yourself.nnTo make it easy for you all, I'll try to list out the pros and cons I've experienced apart from the specifications.nn1> First.. Games... This monster plays all games on the planet. I'm a heavy gamer, and have completed Modern Combat 4, The Amazing SpiderMan, Blood and Glory2 among others. And I've never seen anything like lag. The graphics on the big screen are crystal clear and breathtaking.nn2> Screen... I've used full HD phones, and the screen this phone offers is one of the best. Corning Gorilla is missing, but definitely heavens more than what anyone can ask for this price. I've almost stopped watching movies on my lappy, and ebooks have just found a new light in my life.nn3> Sound... Not very satisfied in this department, but I have my Skullcandys, which make it worth it. Buy a good pair of headphones, is what I would suggest.nn4> Camera... The camera is better than S4.I know it coz I made a bet with a friend and won. Night pictures are very good, and daytime clicks as as good as they come. But the best thing is the 8MP secondary... Trust me, you've not seen a better secondary cam even if you've used S4.nnnCons...n1> Lets see... Heating is one of the cons. The phone heats up, but only after 1 hour of MC4, which ideally should heat anything. With normal usage, the phone is cool.nn2> Battery... Not super awesome, but with an octa-core, 16MP cam, you can't ask for long battery standby. The battery lasts for a day. I charge it every night, and it lasts for the day.nnI hope this helps in making a choice. The phone will win over anything if you compare the specifications. But I suggest doing proper research as I did, and I'm delighted that I chose Canvas Knight.nnPS: I love the screen and sound effects when the phone starts. :)nnSaurabh

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Honest review

The hardware is too good . Very smooth , good for money . nI brought a month ago for 20k. nnHas heating problem , for following reasons :n1. if you play game for 10-15mins phone gets heat n2. Cannot use wifi for long time phone n3. Cannot use camera for video recording phone gets heatup.nnIt has some boot problem , the phone suddenly rebooted and went to infinite boot loop , it keep restarting it self . Look's like the software is not written efficiently to use processor . nnIt became more than a month , i have not received the phone yet. Worst service . nDont buy . Product is not matured yet . nnIf service was good we could have taken risk to buy . Since service is also too worst . nDont buy . Does not worth for money .

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First use it then write a review..

Using this phone since a month.nBuild Quality is super, Aluminum shell is quite impressive.n2Ghz octacore works blazing fast, you wont even notice the time taken in installing/uninstalling apks.n16Mp camera has good BSI. I have clicked sharp images moving at 60kmphnworks even better in the dark.Avg size is 7mb.nBattery is also impressive, lasting a day with high usage.nDisplay is backed with Gorilla glass

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20K amonth ago & now 27K..!!!

I fail to understand when Canvas Knight was launched it was 20k. Now almost for a month this mobile was out of stock and now on flipkart it costs 27k.nSuddenly such a hike in price & I think features remains the same. nI have moved this phone out from my whish list.

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