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Micromax Canvas Turbo A250
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Micromax Canvas Turbo A250
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What a phone? Just got the device. Simply superb in looks. Who all are complaining about 2000mAh battery, just dont speak before using the device. Everyone complained when Canvas 4 came with 1GB RAM. But my friend has it and played tons of apps simultaneously.NO lags. And this time also, they have optimized the battery. It LASTS AROUND 1 and Half day with medium to heavy usage. MMX Rocks and what a gem of a device. AND THOSE WHO ALL HAVE VOTED 1 STAR, BEWARE READERS, they are anti-MMX biased who just dont know what MMX has provided us for 19k. One person said he would go for S3. I moved on from S3 to Canvas TURBO. AWESOME.

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looking for a quad core, dual sim, Full HD 5" display phone within 20k, then this is it !!

Till now i have been buying brands like HTC, Samsung and Sony since they were the brand masters, AND i change my phone every 6 months. This time i was thinking of buying a phone of less than Rs.20,000, Indian brand (though almost all phones are made in China, Taiwan etc). Also was looking for a Full HD display, a good camera (good BSI sensor and HDR option), Dual SIM, quad core (mediaTek or Snapdragon processor),nnAfter lot of search i finally bough this phone and after reading many review i didnt see any certified buyer review, so i thought i could post some good and mediocre (not bad really) things about this phone, (SORRY FOR THE TYPOS)nnThe Good thingsn----------------------nQuad Core Mediated Turbo (T) processor - though Snapdragon processor is better this processor doesnt mean its bad. I played several games and tried many application and i didnt see any lag or any sort of low ram issues. For 20k and with all other great specs this is a great phone.nnDisplay - A Full HD display with a ~441ppi density is really awesome. The pictures were very crisp and the screen glass is also tough. I dropped the phone by accident on the first day by 4 feet and fell flat on the display but no issues.nn2GB RAM - Any quad core processor especially if you are going for Mediatek processor should have 2GB. One GB will never be sufficient. Am always having 75% free RAM which is really good.nnUI - The user interface is the stock interface and not much changed. You can always use a good launcher like Apex launcher (free from Play store and customize. esp to remove the google search widget which cannot be removed by default),nnDual SIm - Both sim slots are micro sim. (Note a micro sim cutter is just Rs.70, so don't pay more if any shop are asking more to cut your sim)nnBuild Quality - The build quality is really really good. I hate plastic feel phones. This one is full aluminium and is solid to hold and can sustain drops. Its a unibody design construction. Though many would say battery is not replaceable, how many times in your life you have replaced your smartphone battery? In my though this is good, you don't have to mess with battery and if battery goes dead, you can replace with the help of service center. non-removable battery is also not a deal breaker.nnCamera - Took some picture inside and outside. The natual light pictures were very good in terms of color reproduction and certainly MM has been picky on the BSI sensors used. Also the HDR, vertical panorama and other camera features are really awesome. Though you can always install 3rd party apps, the feature included are detailed well and works as intended.nnnThe mediocre things (i don't consider the below as bad but can be improved)n------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------nnbattery of 2000mah - After using nexus 4 (2100mah), HTC one (2300mah) and Samsung galaxy s3 (2100mah), 2000mah is not a deal breaker. Use some good batter saver apps like 2x battery saver and this will last a day. If you too much worried about battery then you should look for a phone with more than 2800mah nnEarphones (bud type) - The earphones cables are flat and so not tangles, this is similar to HTC in looks, but the quality is that equal to that of what HTC provides. nnOther things to noten--------------------------------nThe notification bar slides slow, which doesn't mean the phone is slow. Other apps and transitions are fast, seems the speed of the animation is reduced.nnGesture controls were really nice.nnThe said midnight blue color as shown in websites is not what you get. The color is like grey with a slight blue tint. Quick look everyone would say it grey and this looks better than the depicted blue color in websites.nnI know there are many who would oppose and would suggest you to go for a Nexus 4, samsung grand duos or mega, HTC incredible or desire, none of them offer this specification of a Full HD 5" display, Dual SIM, a good cam ( better than nexus 4 - i owned one and i know the quality) for this price of 18k (compare it guys with usage and not with just specs, don't just say this is a bad phones since its a developing company). InnIf are keen on Snapdragon processor ALONE but DON'T need Full HD display, dual sim, slimmer phone, better camera. FM radio, then go for Nexus 4.nnAm rating this 5/5 as i consider the price for this phone with the specs provided and not comparing this with high end phones available at 30k or more. Also i got a 10% cash back so 18k for this phone is a steal.nnAfter sales support might be bad in some cities, but its improving and have trust. You phone will not die within a year. if it happens, it can happen to any phone :)

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Nice phone, but wow factor missing...

ok, this is my first android, I was using Lumia 610 before this, finding android complex, may be just need getting use to it, I am sure people here would want to know the cons more than the pro so I start with cons and will tell you the pro's then,nnCons - nn1. If your screen is locked and you end a call, you cant unlock it immediately at the end of the call, there is a lag of 10 seconds or so, this is if the phone is on the blow or shake to unlock mode, most irritating thing I found.nn2. Heats up with games like, wheres my water and temple run, not sure what category of games they come under. I was very surprised with this.nn3. Hangs often when playing games and apps shut down unexpectedly, happened so many times, had to delete few apps, not sure if app issue or phone issue.nn4. Blow or shake to unlock works just about ok, as I have experienced having to blow multiple times and shake seems to not work, 8 out of 10 times.nn5. Benchmarking puts the phone in the middle, did not see any close competitors in price around it, so this phone must be better then them.nn6. Charging the phone takes ages, even after close to 2 hrs, it was just 88% done, from 99% to 100% just takes forever.nnNow for the Pros - nn1. Extremely sleek and light for a 200 mAhmp battery phone.nn2. No fingerprints on the back, does not slip and feels extremely comfortable in hand.nn3. The camera pics have amazing clarity, even the front cam takes excellent pics.nn5. the quality of accessories is awesome, flat cables for data/charging cable and the headphones, they are also in ear type. Not used the headphones so cant say about the quality.nn6. Speaker phone quality is decent.nn7. The touch is very smooth and I did not see any lag.nnThat's it! I expected this phone to make me go wow as this is my first smart phone and I had spent days reviewing other phones in the same price range but it did not happen, however this phone appealed to me more than any other and I am pretty confident I did not make the wrong choice, at its price, I seriously doubt any other phone could match up to it.

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Talk to the merchant before ordering

This was my first product from Flipkart. Was happy that only on flipkart got the EMI option for my banker. But the cheer ended when I opened the Box where in which outer Box was sealed by the merchant but original packing from Manufacturer was tampered. It looked either second quality sale from Factory outlet or a clearance sale from Merchant. The charger was clearly a used one. Felt little bad for paying Full amount + interest for EMI + Interest on my Credit card for such a piece.

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Detailed review

I took a long time to write this review after buying so that I can familiarise myself with it and write a detailed review. Here are the pros and cons starting with the latter.nnCons:nn- Battery life is OK,nearly as good as other samsung devices under 20K but not very good.With wifi/bluetooth/data on, it barely lasts for 6 hrs.Without these on,it surely lasts about a day and a half.nn- Not so customizable.Number of homescreens fixed,apps are not rearrangable,few file/folder options.A little getting used to might help.(Did in my case)nn- No expandable memory.16 GB internal memory should suffice in most cases but expandable memory would have been better for huge file transfer.nnBTW, battery and expandable memory issues are lost with the Micromax MMX 440W. I intend to buy one if necessary.n nPros:nn- Insanely fast,never hangs(till now),awesome multi-tasking device,even if you have a lot of apps running in background, the performance never drops.nn- Very sleek and thin,comfortable in pocket,one hand use similar to other 5 inch mobiles but two hand use is better.No panel opening in the back.Two microsims inserted from side like in iphone.nn- Very good display,no lag in touch,charges very fast,smart gestures are awesome,blow and shake work just fine,great music clarity and videos are simply superb.nn-App data more than 0.98GB,the mobile gives an option to move downloaded apps to internal sd card memory and so the app data is not limited.No need of ApptoSd.Micromax should have mentioned this.nn-Great price.20K and all this is awesome.People who say this is overpriced,you must be joking...nn- ifloat aids multitasking very well,popup browser and videoplayer inbuilt are very useful during simultaneous reading/listening and noting down. I can go more but don't want to give too many spoilers for buyers.nnAll in all, an awesome device by micromax, a perfect one for multitaskers, slightly redundant for light users(one's wish).Best phone in its segment and lets wait for the next micromax bang. Regards to flipkart for an insanely quick delivery.

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