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Microsoft Nokia 215 Dual Sim
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Microsoft Nokia 215 Dual Sim
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Nice Budget Phone

I wanted a secondary phone as my smart phone does carry much juice init. Was about to take Nokia 130 . Then I heard the release of the new phone and waited for this phonenn1. It is a nice budget phone dont expect big things from it.n2. Excellent secondary phone.n3. SAR value 1.11 W/Kgn4. Internet apps works basically revolves on opera mini browser.n5. Bigger screen than nokia 130.n6. No Whatsapp and no other apps could not be installed.(Dont expect big on budget phone).n7. Speaker and music player is good. Music files are listed folder wise. (starting from first folder name and files and then the second folder name and its file and so on)n8. Basically works on 2g and so cannot expect internet speed.n9. 5 alarms could be keptn10. Micro USB chargingn11. Lighted Key padn12. Bluetooth could be used for transferring and hear songs in wireless headset/speakern13. Headphone is the usual one from nokia. Dont expect big. I am using sony head set which gives me nice output.nnFor second day of its use these are my remarks!!!nnnnnCons:n1. All games are to be downloaded and to be paid starting from Rs.50n2. No dedicated data cable. Charger is just micro usb chargernnnFinal ConclusionnnGo for it if u want some nice secondary phone with internet access!!

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value for money

good feature phone from Nokia ,looks durable has all the basic feature like gprs,dual sim,micro sd card,Bluetooth,good battery life and Nokia's quality.

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best feature phone under this price range

got this phone yesterday, nthis phone has truly amazing features like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Weather, Bing search. phone is sturdy, well built, flawless.nyou could insert SD card, listen to music, click photos though it is 0.3 MP cameras.nthe earphone provided is still better than other budget phones. nprobably you could keep it as a secondary phone when your smartphone battery drains out way before you expected.nit looks and feels good in hand but it is little bit slippery.nmany people have commented here that this phone's not good or Flipkart is selling at higher price and Nokia has released it way lower price than Flipkart is selling, MRP is exactly 2299 for what WS Retail is selling. come on people what do you want more on a ultra low budget phone.nif you want the phone, go for it.nthis is best value for money.nonly thing i don't like is that you won't be able to play java games (it is s30+ not s30 Symbian), by the way who wants to play those old odd looking graphics.nn(if anyone having problem with phone not reading SD card, try formatting card to fat32)

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Disappointing Product

Bought it on 1st March from Flipkart.n5 Stars to Flipkart for exceptionally timely delivery.nnI have a Moto G and wanted a feature phone for travel/backup purposes. I previously owned a Nokia 112 and i was expecting a better version of that with Nokia 215. This phone fails at that, miserably.nnPros:n1. Screen size is pretty great for a basic phone.n2. Screen brightness at full intensity is really good and very much usable in direct sunlight.n3. Aesthetically pleasing.n4. Speakers are loud enough, considering the price range.nnCons:n1. Call quality is surprisingly mediocre. You'd expect a feature phone to get at least that right.n2. Battery life is poor and nowhere near as advertised. Especially with two sim cards and some light Facebooking/Messengering/Browsing thrown in there is a good chance the battery will not even last two full days.n3. Facebook app is painfully slow. I had the same app in Nokia 112 (2012) and the app has seen zero improvements since then.n4. For some weird reason it has a global ringing and vibration setting that override the profiles option.n5. No option/settings for system update/upgrade anywhere on the phone. Just because it is a feature phone does not mean it does not need software updates.n6. There are realistically no app in the appstore, not even UC browser which was lifesaver for me on Nokia 112. Heck, Nokia 112 had an email client (which actually worked with gmail and ows), and after a system upgrade, even a working youtube player (on a 1.8 in screen :) ).nnRealistically, this phone is worse than Nokia's own products from 2/3 years ago.nIt would be decent buy for half the price (or less) that it is being sold at, not one bit more.

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The All rounder feature phone.GO for it!

Heloo all , you may be confused in choosing a feature phone, every smartphone owner requires a budget pocket phone now a days..nnI really suggest after using this best pocket phone after a week, you can blindly go for it, and note that i suggest for those who need a phone with a basic requirements.. you cant bargain for more than what it provides bcoz you spend only 2k+ , i bought for Rs.2200/- from a local store..nnBUILT: its a perfect matte poly carbonate shell with bright colors like green,white and normal dark black, quality is really good doesn't feel that cheap, not weighing more or less...dropped it from a pocket height and its really sturdy. rubbered and well spaced backlit keys.thumbs up for the quality nnCALLING: The voice clarity is really good doesn't have any call drop or annoying low voice. its perfect for calling.nnENTERTAINMENT: You get a VGA cam! doesn't matter if its not there but its an advantage for this price and takes decent pics.... For FM lovers its a huge treat you get an recorder built in .. so you can have FM recording and store your favs in SD card .. The addition of SD card is also an benefit you can store Music and videos.(320x240 resolution) , In Addition you have a Torch up top a safe thing where to help.. search up something in dark nnCONNECTIVITY: You can connect to internet by 2G network via built in Opera browser good for price. you get bluetooth 3.0 connectivity and can connect to bluetooth headset too. nnBATTERY: The unbelivable part is here!! for a normal usage like browsing and music and calling mixed you get a 2~3 days standby .. only for calling and music you get a 3~4 day standyby. Its a 1100Mah battery perfect for the phone ..could have been a little extra but its enough for normal usage.nnTo NOTE: Dont just scroll through and get struck on those bad reviews a best media budget phone is here pick and have good time.. Stay connected .. only con is that its not like the old UI of nokia feature phones its series 30+ and you need few mins to get used to.nnThanks for reading . vote if you liked

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