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Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual SIM
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Rs 13,999
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Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual SIM
Out of Stock
₹ 13,999
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This is THE PHONE!!!

I bought this phone the next day it was officially released in India (and not from Flipkart).nComing to the device, no doubt this phone is a hot topic with mixed reviews. But believe me this phone will really blow your mind! nFirst thing that you'll notice is the looks (as everyone is saying)...looks and feels really premium... it even beats my old L730. And the second thing that will further surprise you is the weight..SO LIGHT!!nComing to the performance of the device... I didn't find any difference between my old L730 and this phone... The lower numbered CPU will definitely hold you back but let me tell you that this phone didn't lag a bit. nGenerally, I don't game on smartphones and some casual games did run well on it and again, I didn't find any significant difference in the performance between L730 and L650.. So I guess it is safe to assume that SD212 and SD400 are more or less the same...nOne thing that startled me... The general performance of this phone and Lumia 950 felt the same...In some cases L650 took longer time and occasional stuttering was seen but it is really good to know that Windows 10 mobile runs equally good on all the devices.nThe 8MP shooter is also decent and since I'm not really into photography I can't actually tell what's really a good camera :PnnIf you are considering to buy this then stop thinking and order one... the price tag might make you think twice but still it is a fair deal... I think MS screwed with the pricing of the device as everyone was expecting something around 13k to 14k INR but never mind...for even for this price tag it is still a value for money... nnP.S. Please don't get carried away by the specs of the phone... 1 GB of RAM and SD212 are more than enough for this device to run W10M smoothly.

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Lumia 650

Phone is looking good. RAM is enough for windows phone. Performance is also good. Processor, camera, on board memory are good. chipset snapdragon212 is too low configuration for this mobile. But the operating system windows 10 is needs to improved. OS needs Stability. Mobile producing too much of heat while using the internet and charging.

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On campaigning Andriod, Windows OS is bestnOn comparing price to other phone, This phone is best.nThis OS NEVER hang on 1 gb, while, Andriods hangs...........wether they have RAM 3 GB.nGo for it friends

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best windows available in market

writing a review after using it for 4 days.nthe phone has an premium look.its very light in weight.nhaving snapdragon processor,there is no lag in performance.nfront camera takes awesome selfies.decent low light performance.nbattery life is good goes throughout the the day with moderate use.nonly problem which i will face is there is no double tap to wake up option available for this model yet.

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A very beautiful and reasonably neat product

Sad that there are so many Android and iOS users out there who needlessly throw out their money and not show their support for anything so neat and reasonable as these Windows phones. No wonder Microsoft is losing interest over it's phone business as per the recent news only the day after I purchased it. I opened up my pack with mixed feelings that what if I'm gonna get hold of a dinosaur in the modern age but... what I found was an excellently even sleeker version. I found a huge revamp made by Microsoft in its windows 10 mobile OS keeping all the most useful elements of a smartphone in its mind. For what you had to download an application to use the flash as a torch earlier, this time they have integrated the torch feature by default. There are many more changes like the display is even better, touch is even smoother, Cortana speaks in your region, and yes Continuum alows you to use it like a PC when attached to a screen- Lot many features.. to little space and time for me. I loved it even if the world goes the other way, I can still stand out of the crowd. After seeing this product... I would like to tell microsoft - "Microsoft don't stop - keep your battle going!"

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