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Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM
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Rs 19,990
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Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM
Out of Stock
₹ 19,990
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Nice phone and value for money, but not without issues

I bought this after the huge price drop to 34999. I have been a windows phone user for over 3 years now.nPros:n1. Windows 10 is excellent. User friendly and lot of cool features which you don't get in android or iOS devices. (I have used both) n2. Display dock (worth Rs. 5000) and 1 year office 365 subscription (Rs. 3000) comes free with this.n3. Device is powerful. Most applications work very well.n4. Office is very useful. This phone is made for business people.n5. Camera is excellent. You can shoot 4 K videos.n6. Iris scan is fun. But guzzles battery like anything.n7. Display is excellent. Very comfortable to read small text.n8. USB-C type.nnCons: 2 major issue - battery life and heating.nn1. Battery life is terrible. Even with NFC, Bluetooth etc off can barely make it till evening after a full charge in the morning. (I heard there is going to be an update to address this issue). This is without playing any games or watching videos. Just normal usage of WhatsApp, browsing on wifi, voice calls etc.n2. Sometimes windows 10 OS seems buggy. Hangs or stops responding all of a sudden. Nothing a simple restart can't solve.n3. Heating issue is a big drawback in my opinion. Phone gets too hot sometimes even when I'm not using it. (probably because of auto update)n4. Phone is not a beauty, plastic body makes it look quite ordinary. (for those who expect premium look for 35 K)nnVerdict: Go for it if you like windows phone. This is the best windows phone till date and its not going to be outdated any time soon. It's a very good deal for 35K with present offers of free display dock and office 365 subscription.

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Pros *Irish scanner is fun *Latest Windows 10 build makes it smooth *Excellent camera and display *Plastic body though not premium, makes it light and grippy to hold. *Liquid cooling keeps it relatively cool even while performing heavy task, though it gets somewhat warm because of Snapdragon 810 *USB type C for future proofing Cons *Less apps *Not waterproof

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Wonderful.Almost all wanted applications available

Windows 10 OS is really nice . Only thing is that we have to get accustomed to use it because many of the options are to be deeply is so light and faster than ANDROID. Dial pad is so fast and wonderful . Messaging is superior to all other OS es.None can defeat this camera , so fast and clear images. Totally nice.

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Best Windows Phone one can get!

Reviewing after 7 days of use.nnBought a Note 5 for my wife in January and was pretty inclined to buy one for myself too. But being a Windows Phone user since past 4 years (lumia 720 and 830), who just loves the concept of Metro UI with live tiles, I couldn't still switch to Android, considering this is my first flagship phone in any OS category.nnSo, here are the positives:n- Iris Scanner / Windows Hello (one of a kind, it's fast too!)n- Free Display Dock with Office 365 personal Subscription for a year!n- USB Type C charger for fast chargingn- Wireless Charging back cover which is of course, removablen- DUAL SIM (in a flagship phone is a huge add-on!)n- The Camera - amazing clarity with 4k as well as Slow-Mo video recording.n- Cortana - Fully featured personal assistant as good as, or even better than Siri!n- Liquid Cooling feature - Doesn't mean it doesn't get heated at all, but it's better compared to all other phones carrying the same processor even with moderate usagen- Windows 10 UI makes it look so much cooler provided the tiles are arranged smartlyn- Sound output quality - is Awesome!n- Dedicated Camera buttonn-nnCons:n- Plastic back cover - Lacks that premium feel, however, get Mojo leather wireless charging back covers for 3k :( and that'll make it look more premium than anything you've held beforen- Volume Rocker button placement - Not convenient for me at least. n- Battery Consumption - While it's a large battery, it does tend to get drained pretty fast. It was worse when I got the phone, but it seems to have improved a bit now that I've started using the battery saver and battery consumption feature.n- No 'Double Tap to Wake' feature - Something that I loved in my previous lumia phonesn- Apps - Although most of what we need is there, you probably will still manage to find something useful missing. For example, all my mobile banking apps are there, however, some add-on bank apps for the same banks are missing.Same goes for few unique corporate apps as well that can help with with your work. Few apps' performance might not be up to the mark as well.n- Bluetooth issues - I'm facing some playback issues through Bluetooth when I connect the phone with a Pioneer system in my car. Sometimes the tracks get skipped which is annoying. I never faced any playback issues with the other lumias before. If it's a problem with just my phone, then maybe I've to get it replaced. Looking for solutions till then.nnSo yeah, barring the bluetooth issues that I'm facing with my phone and lack of certain apps, I'm pretty much happy with everything else and would recommend it to win 10 lovers!

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Need to improve

Need finger print sensor,need to improve windows apps in market,settings are difficult in Windows mobiles like there is no setting for ring tone selection, we need to download ring tone maker, applications are less available in Windows market are less available

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