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Motorola Edge 30 Ultra 5G
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Motorola Edge 30 Ultra 5G
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Software of this phone only Looks Like Stock Android, But internaly it is not Stock Android, PiXel UI is far Better then Motorola UI.nThe picture quality is good but not Great.nbattery backup is excellent 👍,nDesign is one of the best.nThere is no complaint with Display, with a gorgeous looking edge screen,nGreat Haptic,nThe performance is great and looks so smooth, But not smoother than the pixel 5,n PUBG game play is just Great, Not that much heat,nI was using Pixel 5, which is Also a great phone And Now,nI am no that Happy with This Phone,

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The phone looks very premium in hands. It deserves to be called a flagship. The back gives you some nice in hand feel.nThe screen is very good having great viewing angles, but I do have a Samsung A series and I felt that the screen in moto is less sharp. The Samsung one has a better screen. nThe processor is mind blowing, day to day task, long duration photography and even while charging with the 125Watts charger, the phone doesn't heat up. nThe speakers are really good and you won't have any complain from them.nThe in display fingerprint sensor is also very fast (not the fastest though). nAnd the camera is the main USP here and it stands out to be great. I always follow one thing, if a camera can perform good in low light, then it's a good camera. Because if you have light, most of the cameras take great shots, but in low light, the same cameras struggle a lot. Here, the camera does take very nice shots in low light. In low light, when you focus, it initially shows some average quality picture, but after the click, it does some great image processing and you won't even feel that the picture is taken in a low light. The camera sensor does capture a lot of light in those scenarios too. One thing I found that the front camera is set at 15MP out of the box and it says that 15MP is recommended but I changed it into 60MP and found better results. Ultra wide camera which is a 0.5x ultra wide mode, is also good and it doesn't look like that image is somehow stretched or so, which I noticed in Samsung S22 Ultra which has a 0.6x ultra wide mode. The ultra wide image also looks very normal. nThe zoom is something I honestly didn't expected. It's just a 16x digital zoom which I personally felt is pretty low. nThe high res mode which actually captures a 200MP shots (Note: The camera is just a 12.5MP camera but it does 16:1 binning so it becomes 12.5x16=200MP) is really good. Initially I didn't noticed any difference with the normal mode but when you zoom into the pictures, the 200MP really captures some great details. Also note that a 200MP camera shot is generally between 30-35mb in my case. So click only those shots which you want to have very minute details otherwise the normal mode is way good enough.nThe accessories packed in the box is a reason where you have to thank Motorola a thousand times. It comes with a 125Watts PD charger which charges the device within half an hour. It also comes with a pre-applied screen protector and a transparent case. When a phone is launched, it takes around a month for the accessories to be available in the market like the screen guard or the back cover. So here you don't have to worry because you have those out of the box. nI am using the device in 144Hz always and getting a power backup of 1.5 day (Note: I'm not a heavy user and I don't play games. I'm a moderate user who uses the camera a lot and still it's going for around 1.5 day so even if you're a heavy user, I think it should easily last a day at least. nFinal opinion: If you've a budget within 50-60k and you want to buy a great camera centric phone, you can go with this one without a single doubt. Yes it does have some flaws like the IP rating, but it covers up them with some amazing features also like the 125Watts charger in the box.

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Pretty good

Need camera improvement and animations aslo neednDesign was really awesome

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Very poor

Mobile performance is good, but the issue is having lot of bugs while using it. And there is no proper information from Flipkart. That's very bad about Flipkart. Issue with this device is it's not working when it's getting charged. e.g. if someone is calling in that charging time you can't see the information about caller and you can't see any option to attend or to reject the call. And sometimes this device cant able to unlock with pin password. The display is getting blank. This is the biggest issue j am facing. In call also sometimes we can't hear anything from this device. But the person is talking with us continuously.

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Simply awesome

No 1 flagship mobile...stylish performance totally beast ....

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