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Motorola Gleam
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Motorola Gleam
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I'm definitely buying one after checking my friend's phone

I got my hands on my friend's Motorola Gleam. My first impression was, "SHINY!!!" It is a very pretty handset and literally 'gleams'. With the shell closed, its reflective, but is also a fingerprints magnet. You have to keep wiping it time and again because fingerprints keep showing on the body. There is a dot matrix display concealed under the shiny surface and displays the time, incoming calls, messages and fun animations, which can be customized. It is a dual band phone and does not have EDGE, however has a GPRS class 12, which is pretty usable, however I personally wouldn't use the GPRS on the phone. Open the phone and it has a nice big keypad with soft keys, which have a nice feedback. The keypad has a metallic finish and is like the old MotoRAZR's. The bottom of the phone has disco lights, which come on when you open or close the flap, or if there is an incoming call or text. It adds bling to the phone and makes it a fashion phone. The signal reception is really good and it got some signal in my friend's basement parking where my Blackberry Curve lost all reception on the same GSM network. Call quality is up to the mark and that is what I love about Motorola. The battery runs long and strong and with reasonable usage, lasted over 2 days with the battery not fully charged. Overall I LOVED the phone and I'm definitely buying one soon its back in stock at

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...No Nonsense Phone...

Good: Very Stylish - Good Battery - No Nonsense Bad: None Comment: I Have Purchased This Phone 4 Days Ago & I Must Say This phone is no-nonsense. It has all the features which you actually need... bluetooth, camera, SMS/MMS and of course phones were made to make phone calls not waste time and money on apps. It has a decent quality 2MP camera, and comes with games. The screen is bright and colourful, and lights up when the phone rings. iPhones etc have become boring and standard now, everyone has one these days. This phone is a real looker, it grabs peoples attention and doesn't look like a poser phone. This is a very stylish model, not ugly like the Nokia and Samsung alternatives within the same price bracket. It has some weight to it and doesn't feel as though it was made out of cheap plastic like other phones. It has a nice feel to it and it is very affordable. This is the real no-nonsense business class/personal phone. Highly recommended 5 out of 5.

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Real gleam, gem of a phone !

Hello All, Received my gleam on Sept-15, took 3 day as promised. Follow up, customer service, packaging are excellent, 5 starts for that!!! Had a nice buying experience from flipkart. Now about the mobile. I always dreamed about having a flip phone. that too moto razer from the time it was launched. But couldn't afford that time. I jumped with joy when I saw the Gleam on flipkart and saw reviews over youtube. Dual sim, very good sound quality music & FM, good music player, animation for alerts on outer cover,excellent signal reception, breathing light effect, etc.. ter r some negatives too. camera is not so good, finger prints can easily visible on very shiny body, no memo/notepad in the organizer. thats all. For that price, motorola has given amazing phone with its native OS, which wis not possible by nokia or samsung. l had signal loss problem in my samsung mobile and now I dont have that problem with GLEAM ! grabs attention...looks better than any android set. Thanks for the help.

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A fashionable phone!

The much awaited order finally reached my hands after 4 days. Thanks to Flipkart for the prompt delivery and elegant packaging! Review : Ok..First thing - I thought it to be a black metallic finish but turns out it has dark choco brown with a pinkish hue as the gleaming metal. The LED lights and the glowing MOTOROLA while u flip the phone as well as the finish and the sleek look definitely adds to the fashionable look. Kinda tells me its a girly phone! :X Anyway, I would surely say it would be a good gift to a gal. :) The interface is the same as in most other phones (Java-kind) and is very much customizable. The key buttons are huge(which actually prompted me in buying) and definitely would please sum1 with huge fingers like myself who finds typing in thru the other dualsim phone in the range like nokia c2-03, tough. The display is much better than most cheap Samsung ones too. The cam is very much VGA with 2 MP and is satisfactory. The LED display can also be customized for calls, msgs etc. The loudspeaker was extraordinarily good than I expected it to be! Even the earphones were really wonderful and had bass effects! Flip thingy is cool but u need both ur hands to remove the flip though! :) The things I didnt like were: -No preloaded Opera or other Java apps. -Interface Font :X -No EDGE!!! Jus GPRS.. -Jus 5MB internal memory!! WTH!! -No free MicroSD! hav to buy ur own. Conclusion: A very sleek and elegant dual sim phone in the range. Definitely worth the buy (for a gal - definitely). But if u do hav extra to cash in - I wud suggest u go for Moto EX 119 coz for extra 1k u get a capacitive touch screen, Wifi and QWERTY which is a real bargain! Even the display is real good. :)

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Looks...nothing else!

So I bought this Motorola EX212 Gleam mobile phone from Flipkart after following the reviews on the website for more than 5 months. I was really excited about buying this phone after reading so many gleaming reviews. I thought maybe my long desire of owning a RAZR like flipphone would finally come true. After owning the phone for almost 2 months I can say that the only positive of this phone is its looks and the disco lights. The software is pathetic. Some have compared the software to that of the Chinese mobile phones and I agree with them. The battery life is horrible. It lasts for only 2-3 days of regular usage on one charge. The body of the phone is a finger print magnet and may even get scratched easily if not taken care of. The camera is pathetic. It is a 2 MP camera but works like a VGA one. The phone directory is another drawback. The phone doesn't allow one to save names longer than 14 characters and also it is not possible to save multiple numbers under one name. The call quality is pretty average. My old Sony Ericsson W200i had 100 times better call quality. The phone does have good looks. The disco lights are killer! But its like beauty without brains! And btw, my phone died suddenly 2 days back without any warning or abuse. The motorola service center at Bhubaneswar doesn't even know that Motorola has a model called EX212! Buy it at your own risk. This purchase has been the most disappointing for me in my history of internet buying. I wouldn't recommend you this model. Look for better options!

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