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Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen 16GB
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Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen 16GB
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Manufacturer Defect!!! Display Problem!!! Please Read Once Before You Buy

Hello Everyone,nOne line for Flipkart before reviewing this Mobile. "Great Delivery!!! Great Service!!! Flipkart You Rocks ".nNow, nIf you are planning for this Masterpiece, please wait, Read this review carefully, then decide.nThis is my 3rd motorola smartphone after moto G and moto E(2nd Gen). I am writing this review after using this mobile for almost one week. As you can see many reviewers has given good rating and very good comments on this mobile. I am also completely agree with them. The build quality, camera, performance, battery backup and others features are really great under 13K.nnNow a simple question to all the owner of this mobile before i comments on the problem. nFriends, are you able to notice any disturbance with display screen(not with gorilla glass). If not then check once and give your valuable comments.nnnLet me tell you in details. Guys there is a problem with the display. There are thick lines through out the screen from top to bottom. You can easily notice this by turning off the display, keep you mobile under light and observe from different viewing angles. If i am not wrong, you will feel like there is a curtain hanging over the display. nnSo initially i thought there is a problem with this particular piece, so i placed a return request and i got a new piece today. While i was receiving the second one from ekart store, there were another 4-5 people who were unboxing their brand new Moto G3. Then i checked with them, and sadly we all noticed the same problem with all the handsets in presence of eKart guys. Today again i have logged a complain with flipkart customer care and waiting for tomorrow to have a discussion with their technical people.nnI am a big fan of Motorola because of its build quality, i have already used Moto G, Moto E (2nd Gen), but this time it disappointed me. So friends, if this problem is not disturbing for you then definitely go for Moto G3nnHope this review will help you to evaluate this product. Thank You.

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Flipkart Selling Defective Piece

Bought 16 GB, 2GB Ram, White Color Version, had some Display problem, (finger print smudge in the display).nRequested for replacement got got replacement piece in 3 days.nReplacement piece is also defective, filter like transparent shield is missing on the earpiece(top speaker grill area).nAnd found some sticker is pasted on the earpiece, which is not properly pasted,nDue to that when I call someone, ring sound is very horrible and i cant able to keep the mobile close to my ear. And audio quality is earpiece is most of the time is not audible(very crunchy).nThen again requested for the replacement, but they declined it for 2 times.nThen went to moto service centre, the checked the mobile, they found the earpiece defective.nThen again requested for the Replacement, but the refused to give replacement and gave am absolutely disappointed with the flipkart.nnFrom this incident i am having doubt whether flipkart selling 100% new product or they selling used or refurbished piece.n nRecommendation for the Flipkart Buyers : Buy the mobile from flipkart within 1 month from the launch date, else wait for the new model to launch or just forget the flipkart buy it from retail store.nnI won't recommend flipkart to my friends and relatives.

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Got Moto G3 damaged film layer of speaker

Not happy with product as It got delivered with damaged film layer of top speaker . I don't if replaced phone will not have it or its bad built from the company .

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Its not Moto G 3rd gen, Its Moto E 3rd gen

Another downgrade from Moto G 2nd gen which was already a let down from Moto G 1st gen which was a Champ when launched. Everytime, a next generation of any gadget comes, people expect some upgrades will be there. But Moto G series is completely opposite. I still remember when Moto G 1st gen announced, It was a like a dream specs in very affordable price, That phone actually changed the smartphone market particularly in India, Every other company marched with their phones to challenge the classic Moto G, and lost the battle :)nnMoto G 2nd gen was announced last year, With a downgrade in display. Same chipset and memory. Only improvement was the camera and SD card option. Battery was also the same as 1st gen.nnMoto G 3rd gen, which I got this evening, Backpanel is very slippery. Be careful while holding it. Feels heavier than 2nd gen. Display is same as 2nd gen. But I felt some mild yellow tint in the display. 2GB memory is very good upgrade. But nothing else really. SD410 chipset is already on Moto E 2nd gen which costs 7k. Motorola should've deployed SD610 or 615 to differentiate moto G from E, Benchmark ratings are very near to 2nd gen Moto E. Battery also same as Moto E. We have to pay nearly twice the amount only for the improvement in Camera. I'm really disappointed. nnCons: n1. Same display as 2nd gen. Rivals gives full HD panels for the same price range.n2. No stereo speakers as 2nd gen, another downgrade.n3. Feels heavy than 2nd gen. and very slippery too.n4. Front cam lacks color reproduction. I compared with 2nd gen hands on. 2nd gen excels in color rendering. 3rd gen looks flat.n5. Same chipset as moto E which costs for half the price.n6. 13k price is huge for this specs. Should be near 10k.nnPros: n1. 2GB memory is welcome addition.n2. Battery is 20% larger which is great.nnI really don't recommend this phone if you're having moto G 1st gen or 2nd gen.

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Great Phone. Pathetic Motorola After Sales Service.

Dropped my Moto G 3rd Generation on the road just after 3 days of using it. The screen got broken. Totally my fault. nnEstimated repair cost: Rs 4,500nnYour after-sales service is a joke. After reading many other instances of delays o their website and social media pages, I'm sure that mine is not a one-off incident!nnSeems like only yesterday, but a month has gone by and my phone (Moto G 3rd Gen) is still at the service centre. The service part is still unavailable after more than three weeks of "ESCALATION PROCESS". How is it that Motorola sells thousands of Moto G handsets in India BUT the service centers are given no support regarding any parts?nnJob No: AMSNOI001683 nComplaint Ref No: 150823-013357nnIf I wanted a shabby after sales service I would have bought a local/cheap company phone. Even they don't have such long turnaround times. Won't buy a Motorola ever again nor would I recommend it to anyone else.nnMediocre camera lens and pathetic after sales support/service. When you're selling such a hugely popular product, at least have the service centers well equipped to solve any issues with it!

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