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Motorola Moto G Turbo
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Motorola Moto G Turbo
Out of Stock
₹ 11,996
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Filled the Gap between Moto G 3rd Gen and Moto X Play

Initial Impression: n1) Look like Copy cat of Moto G 3rd Gen,but Upgraded with Processor and included Turbo Charging and Safety of the Device nPros:n2) Nice Build Quality.n3) Audio Quality of the ear piece is looks good.n4) Audio Quality of the speaker is looks good.n5) Turbo Charging - Charging the device very quickly.(Turbo Charger 25w)n6) UI - Very Close to Stock Android.n7) Dust and Water Proof (IP67) nBack Cover is Cement Colour rather than White like Moto G3.(looking for different Coloured Cover) nCons:n8) Battery discharging fast when using WiFi and 4Gn9) Its Hot - Device is reaching the temperature Beyond 40 Degree C, when using WiFi and 4G.n10) Display getting warm when using WiFi.(very hot)n11) Package doesn't have data cable. nnFlipkart Delivery - Received the Package with 24 HoursnnThat's all for now, Detail review in oncoming days

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Continuation of Moto Legacy.

I was using Moto G from the day of its launch and I was pretty much satisfied with that. Now I got this mobile on buy back offer by exchanging my old Moto G. nnReview based on 2 days use:nPros: nSolid built and perfect design.nBattary is 2470mAh battery but back up almost 1 day with regular use.nNo heating issue (as most of octacore mobile having heating issue)nPerformance is good as no lagging in normal use.nCharging super fast with Turbo charger as well as other 2.1Amp Charger.nNo abnormal heating while charging.nPure Android experience and will upgrade to Marshmallow.nPrice is almost same as Moto G 3rd gen (As Turbo charger itself cost Rs2000/-) nCons:nLittle heavy(for me at least)n3D graphics is not very smooth. nMy verdict: Within budget nice mobile to have. For me it is assured that phone will last long as this is from Motorola. Instead of going for some catchy octa core mobile one can buy this with confidence that mobile not give problem.

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A wonderful phone which can be used in winter as HEATER..... A little use or charging makes it extremely hot... Performance and camera is ok Looks good

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Buy a power bank with this one

Using for around a week now:nnMotorola has been so accurate with its G range of phones.. Everything adequate, nothing less nothing more, just about everything with Moto G is adequate.(every generation)nAnd the sub-brand sells highest in Motorola range. No doubt.....nnBut hey Motorola what have you done this one ? nI bet they haven't put in much research before taking decision to have SNAPDRAGON 615 64bit, keeping the same battery as in Motorola G3.. IDIOTIC decision !!!!!!!!!!nnNow its twice in a row: same mistake(same processor) with Moto X Play(You have given much better battery there; but its also Full HD, so battery dies at same pace)nnIts a world renown fact now SNAPDRAGON 615 64bit is bad SOC which heats like a microwave, sure good thing in Delhi winter but would be worst in Delhi Summer :)nnSince it heats, its not managing power well so consumes battery alot.nnTo summarizennPros:n1. All you get with moto G3 minus the cons listed.n2. Better Display, surely it is better than G3 I was using G3 at the time of purchase of this one.n3. Better look and feel(specially) than G3.n4. Fast Chargingn4. Gimmick: Dust resistance; donno it is or its not !!!!n5. Faster processor, but at the very high cost.nnCons:n1. HEATS HEATS HEATS (You just cant use maps for Navigation, if you haven't try using it).n2. Battery Drains.nBoth are big deal breaker for me...... and I believe it is, for many.nnWhat Motorola could have done better? nnInstead of going for SNAPDRAGON 615 they should have kept same processor as G3 and should hv increased the RAM to 3GB.. both for X Play and G Turbo. nOr nThey could have used Mediatek MT6753. Because SNAPDRAGON 615 doesn't look like it has come from likes of Qualcomm.nnYou have ruined the BRAND G with this one because, its just not accurate and Adequate.nnI have seen people around me keeping there phones plugged in Laptop USB, now I am one of those and person who sits beside me owning a G3 is still not.nnVerdict:nIf you use your phone fare amount of time.. this is not for you. Go for G3. G3 has all this one can offer, apart from some fast processing but it comes at a cost.nnAdvise:nYou would really get delighted by most phones using SNAPDRAGON 615, but I can now put my foot down and say: Just dont buy any such phones.. However trusted the brand is, just dont buy this processor phones. They all heat I have tried 2 my self.nIf Motorola with their light, almost pure UI couldn't do it, believe me no other brand could do.nRest We all use our own intelligence :)

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Average Phone Reasonable for the Price But Gets Warm.

Got the phone delivered in one day (ofcrs opted for 1 day delivery :P).nThe phone got good looks. Solid, Sturdy and feels comfortable in the Hand. nMy Findings:nPros: n1. Water Proof, Dust Proofn2. QSD 615 Octacore with Adreno 405 (Same as that of Moto X Play): You can play all the games better than Moto X Play but loading will be slow.n3. Good Build Qualityn4. Superb Performancen5. Sufficient Internal Storage(10.97GB) and RAM(2GB)n6. Good Audio Quality (Speaker & Ear Piece)n7. Turbo Charger/Charging - 50% in 30-35Min, 80% in 1Hour, 100% in 1 Hour 30 Min.n8. Stock Android - No Bloatwaren9. OTGn10. Good Display with Enough brightness. nCons:n1. Major Con is Heating. It Reaches above 40°C just like that. Even with a normal usage.nturn on WiFi, it will heat up. Even under Charging also. The back and the Screen will get warm. Ofcrs its not that much heat, but you wont feel Comfortable. When it gets warm, the phone will lag a bit.n2. No USB Cablen3. Basic Headphones which everyone hates.n4. Speakers should have been Better just like the Moto G2n5. 720P TFT Display. You can find small lines on the display if you see clearly. No one will notice that so its not that Bad. should have been an IPS Display.n6. Camera is not that great. I don't see the clarity even though its 13MP. Front Cam is Average.n7. Battery drains fast. nIts better than Moto G3. Except the Heating Everything is Fine. but if you already have Moto G3, then no need to buy this one. Wait for January 2016, you can get the next gen processor phones. nAnd Alternative Phones for this which I Feel will be Samsung Galaxy J7, One Plus X, Lenovo Vibe P1 & Lenovo Vibe S1.nYeah Little Bit Higher Price Though! nHope My Review Gives you a better idea about the device. Decide yourself.

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