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Motorola Moto X Play 16GB
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Rs 18,499
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Motorola Moto X Play 16GB
Out of Stock
₹ 18,499
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I m writing this review after using 2 months..nFirst of all ..I must say this is one of the best product quality is best in natural lights or daytime..but in low light and in the quality is not so good but it's ok..nIt has good battery backup ..last one day on 3g usage ..while using 4g lasts for about 10-12 hour..nTurbo charges is good..although charger is not working..nOnly problem in this phone is ..while charging..this phone heats a lot..this may b becoz of turbo charger..if u r using other charger than it does not heat..

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Truly the BEAST in its class!!! 4.5 Stars

Truly the BEAST in its class!!!n4.5 star (Please read the entire review & help other buyers by clicking the LIKE button)nHello Folks!!! nnI Used SONY, SAMSUNG, ASUS Zenfone 5 and Mi 4i but this phone stands tall and stays Number ONE. Few details u may need to know about this phone are as below: n1. Battery- To get max out of the battery- Initially completely drained the battery to 2% around and then charge it full in one shot and repeat it atleast thrice. Battery will surely give u the best, Li-Ion 3630 mAh (Turbopower charging) lasts for 1 and half days of mix usage, it gets up to 8 hrs of battery life in just 15 minutes of charging n2. Display and Build- Its FHD 14CM screen @ 403 pixel per inch, looks very Crisp and Vivid even in outdoor lights, it’s a Solid built and nicely curved phone & has almost 75% body to screen ratio n3. SIM and SD Card: Both SIM cards can be used at same time, in the SIM tray one side is for both SIM cards (NANO) and other side is for microSD, upto 128 GB n4. Network- SIM 1 is 4G/3G and SIM 2 is 2G. Internet Speed in 4G and 3G is splendid, used with Airtel in Bangalore, Call quality is just superb, No call drop issue faced so far n5. Audio & Voice- Speaker Quality is just awesome, music is very loud and beats are so clear (Even in earphone it’s like beats audio quality), very nice, However; Earpiece Volume could be increased by 1 more segment n6. Gaming- Played couple of HD games, phone works fine with normal games but a bit sluggish in HD and heavy games, but overall it manages almost all games considering RAM and Processor. n7. Processor and RAM- RAM management is just awesome, almost 1.5 GB is usable, which is impressive and handles parallel processing nicely with 8 Cores processor and 2 GB Random Access Memory (RAM). n8. Camera- Primary Camera (dual LED) @ 21MP captures descent pics in natural light, it has 4x optical zoom and a Focus with light adjustment feature, details are very good, low light pics are not bad either and so does the secondary camera, its perfect for selfies. n9. Brand and Service- Moto was a Google company (not now), brand is superb and after sales service is also good n10. Other Features- It’s not a water proof phone that means you cannot put it inside the water but yes it can be used in low showers or splashes. nPros:n• Fantastic Battery life @ Li-Ion, 3630 mAh (Please read Point No. 1 to get max battery life)n• Moto Voice is better, Speaker Volume and Earphone audio is just awesome for Musicn• Solid build and nicely curved phone, looks like a high-end flagship (Resembles LG G4)n• Improved camera performance with both front and primary (Camera Settings are superb)n• Dual Nano SIM and Micro SD slot in one tray, so easy to manage in 1 shotn• Water repellent so it can handle low showers and splashesn• 2 Pin Charger has 2 USB ports so if you have a USB cable then 2 phones can be charged at the same time (However; Moto gives only one USB cable)n• It’s a pure android by google without unwanted custom software so it makes mobile performance better nCons: n• SAR value (Head - 0.80 W/Kg, Body - 1.23 W/Kg) it is on higher side so heavy callers pls be carefuln• Hold grip could have been better, (can overcome by using Back cover)n• Camera is a bit sluggish in darker settings (only DSLR works fine in low lights)n• No 4K recording (It could have atleast 720p @ 60fps)n• No Gorilla glass 4 (Moto still using GG3, use screen guard if u would like to) nOverall this phone is best in class, it feels like high-end flagship, it’s a steal

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Honest Review From a Moderate User

First of All, Flipkart Let me down this time, They cancelled my first order abruptly after making me wait for 10 days and i did not got any offer which i was supposed to get. Second order took 8 days to be delivered So 1/5 Stars for Flipkart. I have been using my Moto x play (32 GB version) for a week now... and Here is my Review about it. CAMERA : Note :The default aspect ratio is 16:9 which gives only 16MP but if we change it to 4:3 it gives 21MP I think Most people comment Bad about camera is because they expected a DSLR Quality photo from a Mobile Cam when they hear about t 21MP From my View The camera is really good for Outdoor Photography and Well Lit Interior Photos But Its NOT good in low Lit interiors... Pictures show some grains when zoomed in. May be this could be fixed with an OTA upgrade ,I don’t know. BATTERY: This is interesting experience for me. Motorola site says it takes a dozen of full battery cycles for the battery to reach maximum potential . and I think its quite right. Because first day i was really disappointed and got only 10 hours of battery life with Medium usage. But Its been a week , Now Battery stands upto 22 hours with medium usage (I use full time wifi, Streamed many you tube videos and played games like CoC and Asphalt etc. All my accounts like gmail, fb are all on full time auto syncing mode ). So Battery is really good for a moderate user like me. PERFORMANCE : For me I have NEVER felt any lag or slowing down so far. But performance of android totally depends on the Apps that we install. If we install Badly designed apps which drains ram and battery ,i think it might lag. I am saying this because i have a friend who have 40K phone which lags because of all the stupid cheap Apps & widgets he installs in his phone. HEATING : It warms a little when playing games for long or when streaming videos for long. But only a warmness not overheating. I find it very normal for phones with large screens . Those who whines about over heating either don't know what overheating means or they got a faulty phone from flipkart. Special FEATURES : Moto Voice Assist is very effective. I don't use my hands while in bed we can use our voice to unlock phone and read messages or search google. First time i ever experienced a phone reacting very well to my voice and my accent. Moto Display : this is feature instead of notification LED and i prefer this. Moto senses When we take our device in hands it automatically shows time and other notifications for small time and goes back to sleep again and It uses very little battery only. I really liked it. Summary While reading all the above you have to keep in mind you are using a 20K phone not a 30+K phone. and Also the Brand. Motorola have lot of service centers and Customer service support. and will be getting Android updates first after nexus. For a MODERATE USER this is a GOOD PHONE at this PRICE ..

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One word to say awesome

I bought it on 10Aug and deliver it to by me by12 Aug and checked it up to as I can here are the resultsnPros nCan handle almost any heavy game nGood battery and uinSmooth touch nGood camera nTurbo charging and upgraded to marhmallo , volte 4g support to nCons nNo fingerprint sensor but has face detection lock n3630mah battery last a day on medium heavy usage n Overall it is a good phone to buy in 15k segment

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Phone with the best things i was looking for

So coming from a 5c, which stopped working after me dropping it down.nSo i was searching for a new phone for temporary use.nThis phone is like everything what i wanted in a phone.nLets go by the pros and cons firstnnPROS:n1)Display: Its one of the best 1080p screens ive come so far, the IPS panel produces realistic image rather than over saturated colours in amoled display. Which i really like, but some people prefer amoled over IPS, choice is yours.n2)Micro SD: YES! Micro SD card this is the feature im missing in most of my previous phones, plus in Android 6.0 we can install apps in external SD card too. So yeah its really a blissn3)Size: First i thought the phone was very fat, looking by the pictures. But then when i felt it first, its thinner at the sides and fatter in the middle, which is perfect for gripping it. n3)Micro SD: YES! Micro SD card this is the feature im missing in most of my previous phones, plus in Android 6.0 we can install apps in external SD card too. So yeah its really a bliss.n4)Battery: It has a 3630mah battery, which gives you enough juice to last for a day. nUsually it lasts for more than a day and half for me. I mostly use emails, skype, whatsapp, snapchat and facebook, I dont play games at all, So yeah gaming will give less battery performance. n5)Camera: The camera is a 21mp rear with dual tone led flash and 5mp front with screen flash, rear camera is really good in day light or artificial light. Even with flash its good, Very less noise and the picture is very clear. Front camera is good too for selfies. Some manual settings are there too (manual focus and manual exposure).n6)Moto features: Moto display, voice and actions. Out of the 3 i use only moto display, its the best thing about this phone, pick it up from the table or from your pocket, screen turns on and can quickly access your missed notifications.nnNow for the CONSn1)The only thing i hate most about the phone is volume rocker and the power button, they are so wobbly and it makes sounds when you shake the phone closer to your ear. Moto shouldve atleast put a decent set of buttons.n2)Shouldve included the turbo charger as this Phone supports turbo charging(I guess they dint because of cost cutting, cause 18.5k for this phone is actually a steal)n3)Set of earphones provided are below average( Again i guess cost cutting to make it come to 18.5k)nnSome things to be mentioned about the phone:n1)No led notification light: Not actually a con for me, cause moto display makes you forget what led notification light is.n2)There is no gyroscope(I dont really care about this)n3)Snap dragon 615 is an average processor: The phone is obviously priced at 18.5k so its an middle class phone. Plus i dont play games so i having a very fast processor doesnt matter. This processor does the job from browsing to scrolling through apps quickly. If you want faster processor go for moto x style.n4)2gb ram: Some may find it less, but it is actually enough for a average user like me. People who want 3gb ram as they do lot of multitasking and play games may get the moto x style again. n5)Front speakers is a single one, it first looked like dual speakers but they are single. Still doesnt matter cause i use speakers only for call ringtone.n6)Comes with a nice sim card removal tool. Classy moto.n7)Has gorilla glass 3, i think it shouldve come with gorilla glass 4. Anyways it doesnt matter, as i have cracked 4 of my previous smartphones screen. Lol. Im careless.nnIve heard reviews of people saying the phone heats a lot and stuff, may be you got a defected model, cause my phone doesnt heat at all. There is some heat during charging but its not a lot, just minor heat which i feel is common.nAnd if the model is not defective then may be stop posting negative reviews.nAs the battery goes people are saying average battery, these are the people who are using phone continuously with power hungry apps and screen on. It is way better than my friends s6 which lasts him 8-10hrs of usage(that too not heavy use of games), so again i request youll to stop posting negative reviews.nnSo i actually got what i wanted in a Phone a good display, camera, battery, audio output through headphones, a decent processor to handle medium usage apps like skype, facebook, emails, whatsapp, snapchat.nSo overall happy with the Phone.nI recommend it if your budget is tight around 20k.nSorry for such a long review but i had to help buyers who are interested in getting this phone to know the overall details of the phone.nThanks for reading my review :D

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