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Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen) 16GB
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Rs 23,999
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Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen) 16GB
Out of Stock
₹ 23,999
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First of all i had earlier given the Moto x 2nd gen 5 Stars. And yes the product is sleek and the performance is good too. But the only reason i am disappointed is the COSTUMER SUPPORT. Face it you will definitely drop your phone at one point or another. I dropped my phone from my bedside and the screen shattered but the touch screen is working. I contacted the service centre in Chandigarh the guy there was unaware that the moto x 2nd gen has been launched ( Weird). He said he will get back to me but didn't so ni called and called but no one answered ( Btw the service centres have been leased to third party. There is no dedicated MOTOROLA SERVICE CENTRE IN INDIA ). Finally i called the okhla service centre in New Delhi and then he dropped the MOTO BOMB - ?20000 to replace the screen even though the touch screen works well .nnSo just think about real hard if you want to go in for a mobile which might cost you ?32000 +?20000= ?52000 nThe math is simple. And trust don't believe the GORILLA GLASS CRAP. the phone will not survive a 3 foot drop.nMy love for MOTOROLA only lasted 2 months.

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20k for screen !! Are you kidding me !

Anybody can drop a phone and that is absolutely OK I guess !But demanding 20 k for screen is absolutely ridiculous. It was 2 months since I bought this phone and was quite happy with the performance and build of this phone , though durability was always a question in my mind , but there was no phone at this great price and no doubt it is a great phone .BUT it scores 0 in durability.. If a phone cannot withstand minor blow then whats the point , we do not buy phones just for showing off what we have in out smart phone category ....nmy phone could not withstand a minor 5 inch fall and the screen fall apart .the so called GORILLA GLASS ..did not had strength to withstand that ...and when it dropped i was absolutely OK! cause the same has happened with my Iphone4s couple of times...but this time i experienced something different and strange ,,nnCompletely heart broken i am thinking should i buy a new phone worthing 20k or should i go with the screen change . :(

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A Horrible Experience

I brought this phone on 07 Oct with great expectations.. My first big buy on flipkart but both flip and motorola showed how to behave like true profit hogging, bad coys! Read on and learn from others bad experiences. nn First the phone:- it was very nice for the 33 days it worked!! The android is seamless and the display is good. It also works very intelligently with Moto voice and detect. But the battery life is too less and the camera is average in good light only. It also hanged a couple of times & dropped calls which rarely happened in my previous HTC Desire and Samsung S2. The MOTO migrate software didnt work very well which was an irritant but i still liked the phone.nnThen two days ago the display went blank (34 days since delivery). I tried everything and called Flipkart three times. Since the 30 days return time was over, there response varied only from cold n stupid to rude. When i told them that there was a thin hairline crack on the panel even though i have never dropped it the woman at the call centre says that this can happen even if you sit down hard with the phone in your back pocket or throw it on the bed. A stupid explanation for a Rs 30000/- phone with Gorilla Glass3.n A sr floor manager Mr Rajiv says with pride that 30 days return is for all products from Rs 100 to Rs 1 Lakh, so my hard spent money wasted in 35 days is of no concern to flipkart! Also they donot tell the product coy to repair/ replace faulty products.nnOfcourse, flipkart took a full 20 days to deliver the phone after a number of calls. but hehad no excuses for the 15 extra days they took. nnAs for Motorola, the service centre for Jamshedpur is as bad as Flipkart. They have asked for RS 12000/- to repair the display in 4 days or replace the phone. After taking the advance they now say it can take 15 days as the kits come from Kolkatta.nn In all a horrible experience and I will stick to buying known big brands from shops only!!

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You are looking on the right phone. Just buy it!

I have been using iPhone since 2009 till mid 2014. Bought HTC One M8 and used it for 4 months till I dropped it in water and it died. Being impatient and rebellious I dared to buy the Samsung Galaxy S5 but then silently sold it for 10K less in just 4 days. S5 had huge specs, the best in town but it was not "usable". Meaning I missed 7 out of 10 calls when the phone is place on a sofa or cushion or bed due to its surprisingly low volume and this happened even if the place is quiet. Secondly the heat of the phone hurts if you use it continuously for just even 15 mins, not just the battery but the screen becomes horribly hot. Then the every irritating and gimmicky TouchWiz. I don't know what is worst on earth than this. Hence I was desperately searching for a "usable" phone with high-end specs. Moto X is what I was exactly looking for. nnDesign: It has this metal frame which just feels premium but also helps your phone remain cool. The rubber back provides great grip and the Moto logo dimple is pretty helpful for increased grip while your on a call. The bulged metal speaker grills feel quite good too.nnSoftware: The OS is pure Android with non-intrusive modifications. This phone shall be one of first non-nexus phones to receive the much awaited Android L update. The phone has cute little animations that pop-up on the home screen itself that will pleasantly surprise you. I love the bed-bug.nnThe specs are are fantastic and have been tweaked to use the power only when its required. nnThe Moto X's Moto Display is absolutely useful. You won't believe how helpful it is until you have used it. And on an average it use less battery than when you repeatedly wake up the phone to check notifications.nnAudio: The frontal speaker is very loud and clear. It has a rich output but not as good as HTC One M8 tough. But having used to M8's sound I personally didn't find it to be that bad. Its more than average. The phone comes with very ergonomic earphone with reasonably deep bass but it feels cheap and lacks a remote to control music playback like "next", "forward", "back" etc. The Phone's earpiece is just a bit low in volume. That would mean you "might" struggle hearing in a loud place, but then it has a benefit that the other party's voice is not heard even in a quite room with people in it e.g. conference rooms etc.nnCamera: The camera is not as good as iPhone 5S's or Galaxy S5's but it can be best used in broad sunlight or in bright artificial lights because thats when you would have the least noise.nThe ring flash is just a design and it doesn't have any major impact on the overall picture quality when compared to normal led flash cameras on similar phones. The front camera is slow and not good for taking selfies but I don't use it for that. The good part of it is that it can offer better video chat quality on Skype or Hangouts when on low bandwidth networks like 3G due its low resolution which will consume less data.nnStorage: Before buying the phone, I was wishing hard that the phone to be have a MicroSD slot. But when I actually used it I found it has about 10.66 GB of user space on the device. I have installed all possible messaging and social networking apps, few 2D games, productivity apps ~ 1GB , with about 100 songs ~ 500MB, migrated about 40 photos ~ 50MB and still I'm left with about 8GB of space remaining. Thats should work for an average user.nnBattery: Lasts for a day (10AM to 8PM) with WiFi, 3G, Location turned-on still left with 20%. With an average of checking Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp updates in about 30 mins frequency.

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Worst phone on this earth...... i bought it 2 months back..... i wasted my all the money on this phone....

Worst phone on this earth...... i bought it 2 months back..... i wasted my all the money on this phone....screen cost 19000... not LCD.. Just front screen.. so be careful before buying.nnTo Motorola(If yo are listening):It fell down from very low height. screen broken. I am not able to use it now becuse glass partical started coming out. My phone is packed now(Not in use). Please help me to get my screen changed in possible cost. i am ready pay upto 8k. 18900 is too much to replace only front glass.. If i have to pay 18900 for just screen i can buy different better phone instead. My LCD is perfectly fine only upper glass is broken. At least be practical in product accessories cost. I was a big fan of motorola and i invested my all hard earned money into that. but end of the day this incident sucks.. plz help....plz help Motorola....

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