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Motorola One Action
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Motorola One Action
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Good quality product

I'm writing this review after using Motorola One Action extensively for last 10days. PROS: 1)Android One device with 128gb storage under 15K-This is the biggest plus for this device. 2) Phone is very slim in width so one handed operation is very easy. 3)Camera-In camera department, it can shot RAW images in manual mode! picture quality is not the best in the market but most of the users are generally casual users, so it'll not be a problem for uploading it social media. Action camera is not tested enough to give a review. Though photos can't be clicked using Wide angle camera but while using it for taking video you can use the option of screenshot button to click photos. 4) Performance is fast and smooth enough for doing all the day to day works. 5) USB type-c port, it's pretty useful these days. 6) Speaker is at the bottom and decent enough. NEUTRALS:- 1)21:9 aspect ratio-it looks good when you play a supportive video but most of the time you'll find it useless bcoz maximum videos are not available in this aspect ratio including YT, Hotstar, Prime Video etc. 2) Hardware- Backside is glossy plastic and it can't be used without the silicon cover provided with it or any other similar back over. CONS:- 1)Battery backup is woefully low in comparison with any other similar device.. atleast 4000mAH battery is basic. If you are staying outdoor for long hours you have to keep powerbank with you. Also the charger provided with the phone is a slow charger not a turbo or fast charger, it take ages to charge the device specially if you are in a hurry. 2) Display is the second most disappointing issue in this phone. You have to increase the brightness to atleast 40% -50% to be able to see anything in daylight. Also normal 15% 20% brightness is pretty dark and not suitable for watching movies or anything unlike other similar devices. 3)Big round notch in the front screen for front camera looks very very ugly. it should have been much smaller. Due to this notch it's very hard to get a proper tampered glass for this phone. 4) Gaming is not much tested in this phone but from whatever I played (NOT PUBG) though it handled well but device gets very hot in short period of time also you have to keep the graphics to low/medium for best results. So if you are planning to play Pubg look for other device not this one. Also the big camera notch is very problematic while gaming. 5)Very difficult to reach contents which are in top of the screen as most of the time top notification bar will come down. FINAL WORD: If you have budget of less than 15K and not an avid gamer this phone is made for you. Not only it has Google's Android One version also 128gb storage device under 15K is impossible to find. With few cons I'll still recommend this device just for the price. Please give a like if you find this helpful! Thank you!

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Simply awesome

Searching over the last one day on the internet, I found myself very impressed by this one. I placed an order and It took me three days to receive. I'm writing this review after one and half day of use. I'm listing out the Pros and Cons of Motorola One Action that will helps you out for making choice:- Pros:- 1. 1080x2520 Screen Ratio, Full HD+ display and Dolby Sound takes you to the next level of watching movies or songs. 2. Video shooting with ultra vide camera is like a in build Go-Pro camera in your phone. 3. Android 9 Pie is very user-friendly and keeps you faster while ,Android One keeps you always updated before everyone else. Android also promised for Android ver 10&11 can be updated to this device. 4. 4GB Ram & 128GB inbuild Storage capacity not needs to tell. 5. 2.2GHz Octa Core Samsung Exynos 9609 processor is performing so well. 6. I got this on Rs. 13,999/- on special offer. Cons:- 1. No turbo charging facility but still a good battery life. will not recommend to PUBG users. 2. Front Camera Black Dot circle little bit highlighted for their size. but still manageble. 3. Temper Glass not available in the market at the moment, you have to buy it online as of 14 Sep 19. 4. Only launched in two colors but Denim Blue is still a killer one. Conclusion:- I would strongly recommend to those users who like Motorola Brand because the facilities provided by Moto in this range is truly value for money. You can still find much more better specifications to other mobile phones bundle up in plastic cases but this one is brand Motorola. So I suggest end your search here and buy it immediately. Thanks

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Got it for 8098/-, with bank cc offer, Do take CMP Insurance 549/-, as it save good chuck of your money when needed , Best android one mobile for this price, My Earlier mobile is Mi A2, So the interface is familiar for me, Seen lot of Reviews , Complaining about battery issues , One need to Update the mobile to latest version. 1. Before initial use ( 5 to 6 OTA Updates Available ,device reboots after every update do plugin charger while updating, finally u get Android 10 Update) , Takes about 2.5gb for all updates 2.Then do a complete factory reset. ( to remove any residual files of older versions). 3. Setup the device and turn off no essential like NFC, GPS, Bluetooth, Etc. ( Which ever is not needed) 4. Turn off, Always on wifi scanning. 5. If possible do switch off the mobile and let it charge for 100% , After completion 100 % let it charge for additional 1hr for better battery calibration. Battery drained only 2% overnight, idle state from 11 to 6 am, All depend on network signal as well. Do set your secondry sim to 2g perferred to save more on battery. Your device is good to go. Mine easily lasts a day, with Calls , Gaming, YouTube,browsing and Social media Bought it as its android one (Guaranteed Security updates and 2OS updates) ,Junk free, Easy to hold and light weight, more over getting 128gb UFS 2.1 Storage ,Same processor with only 100Mhs clock speed lower than Samsung M30s and A50s. at half the price. Can't ask for more Hope my review is helpful,

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Best in the market!

Phone looks really stunning in the 21:9 Display. Viewing angles are good. Camera could be better. Battery lasts a day. Gaming is a pleasure on this phone as the display is really good. Phone is quite handy and you'll definitely love the display on this one. An absolute bang for buck.

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I am using this phone for more then 10 days. First of all now Android 10 is update is there for this phone so now this phone you can update to Android 10 just after purchasing this phone Talking about the pros of this phone there are lot of good think that I can talk about this phone search as its stock Android experience, dolby atmos sound, after using this phone for more than 10 days I didn't find any difficulty in consuming this device as my daily mobile This phone has lot of storage provided considering to its price. I have purchased this phone on 8100 rupees and no other phone can give such value for money package at that price. Camera of this phone are pretty good and I am able to capture some great shots with good details in day and night both without any difficulty and as I said storage is not a issue in this phone so you can take lot of picture without bothering of storage The screen of this phone is full HD plus it means you can see 1080 p videos on this phone and see picture of great quality as well the shape of this phone is pretty unusual as it have action camera it can take 117 degree wide videos that is why this screen is tall more as well as less in width but after using few days I get used to it Other major point that I was surprised that it this phone charging speed is very good though it has only 10.4 watt charger this phone can be charged to 90% within 1 hour and I am very surprised with the results Considering a possible major cons of this phone that might be the battery capacity but after using it for more than 10 days I am happy with the battery backup that this phone provide if you are a moderate user then after charging 90% you can spend whole day without need to charge and 20% battery is still remain and as I told the charging of this phone is pretty quick so you can even charge your phone to 90% in about Another one major think that I found missing is that wide angle camera is only able to take videos not able to take photos but that can be fixed in future updates Motorola will fix this and make this phone best in its class.

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