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Motorola One Fusion Plus
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Rs 16,999
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Motorola One Fusion Plus
Out of Stock
₹ 16,999
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awesome camera (299)
decent camera (49)
awesome front camera (7)
poor camera (29)
poor phone (60)
awesome battery backup (364)
average battery backup (14)
bad battery backup (23)
battery heating issue (1)
battery issue (7)
awesome display (135)
average display (9)
display issue (7)
bad display (1)
good voice clarity (3)
connectivity issues (100)
poor voice clarity (2)
average phone (2)
awesome phone (1630)
awesome budget phone (17)
value for money (492)
average performance (9)
amazing performance (209)
great sound (49)
hanging issue (70)
poor performance (42)
heating issue (150)
awesome performance (145)
poor front camera (2)
average front camera (1)
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Awesome phone! hellomoto

Received the product just 1 day after ordering through flash sale. Initially, the date was July 5th but got it today. Good job Flipkart. Coming to the product. The packaging was okayish. It would have been better if bubble wrap was used instead of normal packaging. The box was in good condition. Coming to the phone itself, it looks awesome. The feel is great. The provided cover is a little off mark - it doesn't exactly coincide with the buttons but manageable. The notch-less screen looks awesome. As usual moto ui is good with no bloatware. Having an almost clean android feels so good. The camera is ok - not the best but good. I will give a more detailed review after using it for more time. The battery is a monster. Even after an hour of watching video battery only came down by 5 percent. Half an hour call cost only 1 percent. Though with only 18 Watt fast charging, charging will take a little longer. The battery will easily last one and half to two days based on usage. #hellomoto Edit: After 2 days of usage Snapdragon feels so good. I actually bought a Samsung before this but had to return as it was defective. The Samsung phone used to heat up so much near the cameras. That phone didn't feel as fast as this one. So the battery easily lasts 2 days for me. I don't game but do watch a lot of videos. No heating or anything as such. People might think the charger is not as fast as the other phones but the reality is the initial charging is very fast. The charging slows down after 70%. So, if you are in a hurry this still works. Because of the slow charge, the battery life will be extended. It does get warm during the initial charging period and gets cooler as the charging rate decreases. Since stock Android doesn't support face unlock this doesn't have one - also because the front camera is hidden. But for me, I prefer fingerprint anyway. Some might miss the notification light but I feel the Moto display makes up for it. One thing I felt was annoying was that the camera is placed too close to the power and volume buttons. So I feel that I keep touching the cameras. The cameras could have been placed a little more inside. Some extra specs I wish it had: AMOLED screen On-screen fingerprint scanner Metal/glass frame and body instead of plastic. I guess it is a good purchase at this rate.

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Good displaynNice cameranGood battery 🔋 backupnOverall good budget smart phone. In this price range nAnd thanks flipkart for fast delivery

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Classy product

At this price range I don’t find any better phones and this one with SD 730G, 6GB ram, 128GB internal storage, 5000 mah battery and 64MP quad camera is definitely a good deal. nThe pop up 16 MP front camera performs well enough and it makes a good full display without any punch holes or notches.nDisplay is good enough even though not as much as AMOLED.nOverall this phone will never disappoint with its performance.

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Hi, I am reviewing this device after 2 days of rapid and rough use,here are my observation- Battery:- The first noticeable thing is the battery,it gives u amzng battery life,I played almost 7 hrs pubg still 3% left,but it may disappoint you in charging speed ,0 to 90 is almost taking 1.30 hr but next 10% will just unacceptable taking around 1 hr. Display:- Notchless, punch holeless screen,full screen view will amaze you with HDR10 support colour also look great,not having120hz refresh rate may bother you but unless you have ever used a 120hz panel you can't complain about it. Camera: Don't know why I'm not very satisfied with the camera,it comes with every trendy features but the optimization is not up to the mark. Colours are neither puncheir nor boosted very close to natural.Front camera is very slow opening and closing but taking good details. But one software update may fix this. Hardware:- Nothing to say you all know how 730g works. Just fine,day to day task blazingly fast and pubg (smooth and ultra) you can play all day long no thermal throttling ,no heating issue , no hang, no lag. Just love the performance. Software:- A big reason to buy this phone. Near to android one experience some moto useful apps are there,pure stock Vanilla,no ads,no spammy apps. Additional features: Deticatced Google assistant button, Extreme loud speaker, great wired audio output. Cons: Thickness, pop-up camera (durability issue for long term), no led notification light, no gorilla glass protection.

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Decent product

VoLte issue for Airtel seriously!! This is a real problem in 2020. Mine was Airtel sim till now no issue from one year. But this mobile has a problem with volte. I thought to rectify with settings but it was not happened.. I went to Airtel store they told me moto fusion plus was not in our Volte list and I'm shocked... Means 4g will come but when are in call it connects to 2g and internet won't come untill u r in call. This is a serious problem and major fooling to customers. Then I placed jio damn it's working good because jio was completely 4g and volte network. now I need to shift to jio. If it was not a serious problem for you u can consider this mobile.. Camera was very good but a strong update needed for front piece as it was giving too sharp photos. But the tones are very natural and good with rear camera. Installed gcam and its working fine and the pictures i attached was normal cam ones. Display : from past couple of years I'm using amoled on realms X and samsung m30s so I found a big difference with colours and also I'm really telling if u are an IT employee that's ok but in out side direct sunlight u can't operate this mobile very dim screen and less brightness but indoors are manageable. And also I can strongly tell 120ghz and 60 ghz speed was not matter for daily usage all the apps and games till now in playstore was for 60ghz only. Speakers : louder and bass was also good but if u r playing low quality audio it will create some buzz sound just because they gave damn good speaker that support high class audio Software : no words it's clear stock android you are getting with a good processor.. the only reason that I choose this mobile was this. But the icons are not so great need to install an icon pack.. Gestures : yeah dey are preety cool. Build quality : solid mobile . Bit weight and also width is more. Plastic body was the big cons catching fingerprints and scratches. Is this gorilla glass I don't know? Heating issue : little warm when outside calls but indoors are manageable.... I don't play game's so not speaking about that.. If u don't run outsides very much(dim display) and the Airtel volte issue was not a problem for you (u have to run for sim PORT in this lock down time ) ... Yeah you can buy this mobile it was loaded with a good processor with decent cameras and also sound. Moto advertised cameras , sound , processor and mean it as a promise and they did it.. If u had a deep thinking btwn real me ,poco and moto I can give a clarity... If u want only camera go for poco.. if u want all in one stuff take moto if the cons are ok for you... About realme they are slow after one year usage and damn they are launching mobiles crazily for every 1 half months makeing our self not judgemental for money... Give a thumbs up if u like it

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