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Nikon D5300 (Body) Digital SLR Camera
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Nikon D5300 (Body) Digital SLR Camera
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AMAZING MACHINE TO CAPTURE LIGHT! Get 18140 instead of 1855 or combo

(THIS REVIEW IS INSANELY LONG, PLZ BEAR WITH THE LENGTH FOR COOLNESS OF THE CONTENT!)nI bought Nikon D5300 after advice from my friends at my college's photography club and using a friend's D5200. I read reviews online and found that this was the camera for me and I didn't overspend on D7100 instead for just a weather proofing and faster burst.nCamera and lens are separately review, but the combination is Made for each other!nnA.CAMERAnnProsn1.Very low noisen2.Great battery lifen3.Conveiniently designed controlsn4.Quick Focusingn5.Compact but grippyn6.Bright and sharp displaynnConsn1.A bit front heavy with 18-140 lensn2.Camera bag should have been high density polyester instead of cheapo rexine.nnReviewnThis is an excellent camera to learn photography and suitable for most people who don't click professionally. The low light performance is amazing for a DX sensor! At ISO 1600, the pictures are free of noise (unless you zoom to 100% and do nitpicking) . Even at ISO 3200 you wont need to process them much unless you are printing them, ISO 6400 files are also usable with noise reduction processing.nnAll the modes work as expected.I would advise you to keep eV to +0.3 on Nikons and -0.3 on Canons for optimal result.The camera catches focus pretty fast due to it's 39 point AF system.I prefer to use only 9 cross type points for ease of use.nnBattery life is good, I clicked 400+ shots without flash and it didn't drop a bar! Nikon's estimate of 600+ shots seems valid.In short if you have access to power supply during your night stay, you won't need an extra battery mid day.nnAuto mode also works well and is good enough for people who can click only with a phone or point and shoot.My friends(esp girls!) get a sense of accomplishment after clicking a photo using D5300 as they think NOW I CAN USE A DSLR :D ! nnI think above is enough for me say about it, technical details can be found on review websites, personal experience here!nnB.LENSnnProsn1.18-140mm is most versatile lens, you wont miss any shot just because you couldnt zoom enough or go wide enoughn2.Does away the need of changing lens frequently for zooming in.(You wont be exposing your sensor to dust!)n3.VR is great(true 4 stops VR!)n4.Durable with a metal mount and SOLID feeln5.Zoom ring is stiff to prevent accidental change of focal lengthn6.Decent bokeh at 140mmnnConsn1.A bit heavy, but all quality zoom lenses are!n2.Narrow focusing ringn3.The VR On-off and AF-M buttons don't have to good FEELnn18-140 VR lens is an awesome kit lens! The wide focal range let's you click 99% of shots and is a perfect all purpose lens unless you are a wildlife photographer. At 140mm it's zoom is 8x which is what good point and shoots have. 3x of a 18-55 is pretty much useless you don't have a tele lens in your kit.nnThe lens is tack sharp at both ends of it's focal length, a rare quality as most tele or multi purpose lens soften at their higher end.At 140mm the bokeh is good enough to bring a pro feel to your shots, but you have to stand faaar from subject.nnIt does have barrel effect and pincushioning as well as a little chromatic abberation. These can be corrected in lens profile correction option of Camera RAW or within the camera(Yet to test that).nnVR is amongst the best! According to review sites it's true 4 stop VR vs 2-3 stop for most lens. Personally , I was able to easily click handheld at 1/6 which ain't manageable without being insanely still on average lens.nOverall this is a pretty versatile lens and the perfect kit lens for someone going beyond family photos due to it's wide focal range and versatility. For travel it's really great as you won't be changing lens every now and then.nnDO BUY A HOOD AND FILTER, THEY REALLY HELP!nnPlease go for 18-140mm kit instead of 18-55 only or 18-55+200mm , you will be really satisfied. Other addition to this great lens will be a 35mm or 50 mm prime.nnPS:If you are serious about wildlife or clicking sports at a high zoom, get a 70-300 or better tele with VR or stablisation, it really more than makes up for triple cost vs a reglar tele.nnThanks for your patience ! Hit like if I helped you, your likes more than make up for the time I spent writing this.

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register their product with Nikon

I got to know that not all camera sold by Flipkart are entertained for warranty due to camera serial number not find genuine. So please register your camera with company and check your warranty. If any body found any issue let post here for other to be careful. nThis is what was communicated to me today by Nikon customer care.

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Here's one way to verify your warranty...

I'm going to take some time to address the warranty issues that everyone seems to be so concerned about. As soon as I received the invoice for my purchase, the first thing I did was to register the product on the Nikon India website. Unfortunately, the S/N provided on the invoice gave me an invalid serial number error on the website. I was a little spooked due to this. I immediately called up Nikon customer care to clarify and they asked me to take the DSLR to the nearest Nikon service center and get it verified. However, upon further observation, I realized that the S/N provided on the invoice was for the Nikkor lens, and not for the DSLR body. There are 2 different S/N, one for the body and one for the lens, and you have to register them separately. I was finally able to register both the body and the lens on Nikon's website and breathed a sigh of relief.nnSo, here are some pointers - while Nikon has advised against buying from Flipkart, I would first ask you to check the invoice the moment you get it. It should contain a mention of the serial number of the product (any one will do since it's unique) and carry the TIN/CST no. of the seller as well. These two things will help you verify a genuine invoice. Secondly, register your product immediately with Nikon India. If it throws an invalid S/N error, you'll know that it's not a genuine product. Alternatively, it could be that the product S/N has not been updated with Nikon India yet. In this case, you can take the product to your nearest Nikon service center and get the product verified from there.nnFinally, and most importantly, note that Nikon DSLR sold by an authorized dealer will have a serial number starting with 7. This is true for all Asian countries except Japan. Mine starts with 7 as well. And my Nikkor lens's S/N starts with 2.nnIf all these things check out, then I don't think you need to be worried about warranty.nnAs for the DSLR itself, I don't think I need to praise it any more than some of the reviewers already have. It's a fantastic camera with great picture quality and the built-in WiFi is a boon! Before going for this, I was going to get the Canon 60D, but the Nikon D5300 has better picture quality, more features, is a newer model, has built-in WiFi and GPS, a larger display and is cheaper than the Canon 60D. One downside is the battery; it can only capture ~600 shots on a full charge compared to the ~1100 on the 60D. But I think 600 shots in a day is more than enough. I recommend using the viewfinder as compared to LiveView to save battery.nnAll in all, I would highly recommend the D5300 to anyone looking to foray into the amazing world of DSLRs. This camera is definitely the way to start that photography career that you have been dreaming of for so long. :p

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very good camera. delivery on time at flipkart

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Just wow!

I have gone through many eebsites and got to know that Nikon D5300 is one of the best DSLRs for the beginners. The product is user friendly and one can learn all the basic from youtube.

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