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Nokia 108 Dual SIM
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Nokia 108 Dual SIM
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Worth the Price!

+ Ordered this phone on 21 October, 2013 12:32 PM and Delivered on 22 October, 2013 06:50 PM. So firstly, cheers to Flipkart for that.nn+ The price of this phone was Rs.1949 when I bought it and I can say that it is totally worth the money.nn+ Was fed up with my Android phone (was using a Sony Xperia Sola) taking up too much of my time, it was almost like it was controlling my life than the other way round and I wanted a minimalist phone to replace it that I can use to make calls and send good old SMS. This perfectly fits my requirements. nn+ Features I love:n - Dual Simn - MP3 Playern - FM Radion - Bluetoothn - Expandable Memory (32GB - for all my songs)n - Torchlightn - Small and Lightweightn - Long lasting batteryn - And best of all - CHEAP!nn+ Nokia has always been dependable right from my first Nokia 3310, so when I thought of a cheap phone, I could not go for a Micromax, it had to be a Nokia. And I am happy I selected this one.nnREVIEW:n+ Battery - I have just charged it once since I got it almost 10 days back. Battery lasts long enough, but then, anything is better when compared to latest Android phones that last just a day.nn+ Sound - Good enough for a 2000 bucks worth Nokia Phone. Both over speaker and over the earphones (provided in box). The earphones are not that great, so I am using my Sony in-ear-canal phones with the phone. Call answer/reject is not available via the earphones. You have to do that from the phone itselfnnThere is nothing else to review here. These are the only things I needed. The message has T9 Dictionary, the Music Player plays all my MP3s. There is just one game preloaded - Good old "Snake". Contacts could not be copied from the memory card, it could copy only from the SIM card. Extremely light weight, handy, and actually even cute. nnThis is a good phone and totally worth the price. 100% recommended if you are looking for a minimal cheap phone from a trusted brand.

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Paisa Vasool

I was confused between Nokia 108, Nokia 107 and Nokia 106 as the first and foremost thing that I had to consider was that this phone was going to be a spare/secondary phone and secondly my mom would be using it for the first few days.nnNow why I narrowed down to this phone can be concluded as under:-nnPROS :- 1. Looks:- 108- Very light and very slim, premium quality material has been used.n 107&106- These guys were pretty fat though no comments regarding the built quality. 9/10n n 2. Camera:- When have we ever seen a camera being sold for just Rs. 250? n How? Let me explain, We get the 107 for Rs. 1640 (without camera) and the 108(with a cam) for Rs. 1890, the difference is Rs. 250.n Quality? well its a VGA camera and its good as per its merit.n 8/10.n 3. Bluetooth:- 108 comes with a bluetooth and its siblings lack that.nn 4. Music Player:- it also has a decent music player so does the 107 but 106 doesn't come with that. 8/10nn 5. Memory:- Internal 4MB, external expandable upto:- 32GB. 107- Same but external limited till 16GB.nn 6. Misc.- A nice torch, a few very useful appsn n 7. 108 is a dual sim phone whereas 107 comes with single sim option.n FLIPKART HAS GIVEN A WRONG INFO, IT'S NOT A MICRO SIM SLOT.n n 8. Battery:- Very nice, after 48 hours of usage (which includes a majority of stand by time) the bar has not dropped yet, so that's brilliant. 9.5/10n n 9. Keypad:- It's silent and crisp. 9/10nnCONS:- Up till now, NONE.n nThe only improvement that I feel should have been there was that the speakers should have been a tad louder. 7/10n nWith a price around Rs. 1900 the only thing that I can say is that its a complete paisa vasool device, and is a must if you want a spare phone.nnOverall I would give it 9/10.

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better option as against Nokia 101

Pros :n1. No voice leakage. It was my biggest concern. Other person on the call is easily audible. n2. Great looks n built. n3. Fast to respond. n4. Good keypad. n5. Decent camera which can record video as well. n6. Bluetooth n torch. n7. Good battery performance. n8. People say it doesn't have gallery to manage files. True n not true. You can manage images through Photos - captured photos, received image & collections. You can do the same for music n videos through respective players' 'Receieved' section. It solves the issue to a great extent. nnCons :n1. Screen size n resolution. I know u can't expect more at this rate but you have Samsung devices which have better screen. n2. Music player : Still a disappointment. You can't have multiple playlists, you can just add songs to 'My Favorite Songs'. Also you can't fast forward the songs. What n apathy. At this range Samsung basic phones allow you to do that.

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Apt Phone for the price and D 'AGE"

I actually brought this phone for my mom because she doesnt have much of the Usage.all she needed was a decent camera,a good quality and sturdy phone(we all know nokia is the best!),a music player, a radio,it also has a fairly decent working flashlight!the phone is of really light weight!the buttons are made of rubber. the speaker is actually made along with the camera piece!so u cannot actually spot the speaker.the call quality is quite fine!it does have a very compact interface.the camera isnt all awesome but cool for its can watch videos has its trademark snake game and also some sleek and handy features that you may like! the battery life is wonderful too.nnHaving said that i wouldnt recommend this phone to anyone whose age is below 45. that is because this phone is cheap and has features upto its price only. one can use this as a secondary phone.nnLastly, I am sure this phone wont disappoint you. Take my word for it!Buying this phone is worth it! :D :D

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I've used my Nokia 108 for over three weeks now and am very very happy with its performance. The camera, mp3 and mp4 players are very nice, the latter being compatible with most of the common formats, if not all of them. I have a yellow back panel which was very pretty initially and would still be if it wasn't dirtied from use: the catch, and it comes here, is you cannot clean the back panel scrupulously, unlike the Lumia panels, but that wouldn't bother you if you weren't bothered with making a fashion statement with this mobile. The phone comes with a very very low memory and in that state even the camera does not capture any pictures. It would be wise to buy a memory card with the phone, if you don't already have one! The overall build of the phone itself is surprisingly beautiful for the price tag! The keypad is also built for vigorous use! And this was my first phone, that makes it wonderful anyway! P.S IT's got the bluetooth and that's dandy as well!!

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