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Nokia 225 Dual SIM
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Rs 3,499
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Nokia 225 Dual SIM
Out of Stock
₹ 3,499
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Don't expect high end features from this phone

All the reviewers who have given this phone a 1 or 2 or 3 stars have been so much stupid and absent minded because they are expecting so much high end features from this basic phone. They don't know what to buy according to their requirements. This phone is a budget entry level phone which is very good if you are looking for basic features like n- Good battery and stanby.n- Durability n- Easy Use for those people who don't know how to operate a Phone n- Handy Torch Light n- Loud sound speaker.n- Cheap pricing.n- Candy bar exterior case shell.n- 2 mp camera as an add on feature.n- 3.5 mm jack to listen music or calling with decent sound quality at this price range.n- Dual sim feature for those who don't want to carry two phones & 2g only Internet.nThese a feature are sufficient enough for a phone with a price of Rs. 3273. but if you're expecting smartphone feature from this phone then my friend you'll definitely be very very very disappointed.

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Bad Phone. Not Convenient To Use

No 'Go To' Option, nNo right and left selection key's settings, nNo easy access to 'Profile' selection, nBad Resolution , No use of Big screen, it is unnecessary,nNo WhatsApp installed,nNo To Do List nCan't display even normal sized images, images should have to be low resolutions. nVery very oddly placed weird shaped small navigation keys, specially UP navigation key!nCan't store multiple numbers for single contact name.nAnnoying warning messages that come repeatedly while operating phone.nVery Simple And Basic Features Are not given.nn...PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS...nnyou will regret and will be very disappointed... Instead go for Nokia 206

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Best Mobile in its Class

A real Basic phone from Nokia with only very Basic Features for Calling & Messaging.nPros:n* Voice Clarity is Awesomen* Audio of Loudspeaker is very Crisp & Clearn* Has an Expandable mem.slot of 32GBn* Very Large Display in its rangen* Smart Dual sim (awesome)n* Battery backup is GoodnnCons:n* Keypad could be much bettern* No themesnnGuys!! This is a very basic mobile phone, can be best used only for Calls/Msgs nothing else. Don't expect much from this mobile.

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Budget Phone with many basic features missing

Flipkart delivered this phone within 2 days from ordering and product was packed in a very nice and safe manner. 5 stars for Flipkart in this.nnI bought this phone for my mother who needed a phone with big screen and for everyday calling purpose only. In this regard, this phone serves its purpose quite well. Call sound quality is very good in this phone.nnHowever there are several disappointing things on this Rs.3000+ phone that certainly doesn't justify the price of this phone. Here are my Pros & Cons for this to make this review short and simple.nnPros:n1. Premium Looks and feels good in hand.n2. Large screen makes it easy to view for elderly people.n3. Dual sim option.n4. Good sound quality during calls. However ringtone sound quality is a bit low.n5. Good battery life. Lasts upto 2-3 days after full charge and under normal use.nnCons:n1. Very cheap quality plasticy buttons and very confusing navigation key.n2. If u look closely in the photo, you'll notice there is very improper and confusing Up-Down-Left-Right navigation key. It is very confusing and sometimes frustrating for elderly ppl to navigate in the menu using these buttons because they are just too small.n3. Big screen resulation is very cheap and menu option is very confusing and not at all user-friendly. There isn't option to re-arrange menu option according to user.n4. No call recording option.n5. No call reject list options.nnTo summarize it all, this phone feels like a cheap chinese mobile phone with a Nokia logo on it. It is surprising to see that Nokia didn't put Cal recording or Call blacklisting option on this Rs.3000+ phone whereas these basic options are available on Samsung Guru phones that cost about Rs.1600.nnIf you are looking for a phone for everyday calling and sms purpose then buy it. But if you are looking for a feature rich phone in this price point then invest in any other phone coz in my opinion this mobile just doesn't justify its price tag.

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Very Very Bad Phone..

I have brought this mobile thru flipkart as I was eagerly waiting for this mobile to be launched and After 1 week of use i am extremely disappointed with this mobile.....nn Image and video resolution is very badncant organize menu optionsnAll the basic features were cut ncharger is different ..thin one doesn't come for thisnRemoving the panel is very hard and memory card sim needs to be inserted by taking out panel..nWhy the hell this mobile is released in India and y did I buy this...Absolute Non sensenBased on my experience these 7 days..Please Please dont buy this .definitely u will there are many options in the current market for the same price range...

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