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Nokia Asha 200
Out of Stock
Rs 4,590
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Nokia Asha 200
Out of Stock
₹ 4,590
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Simple NoFrills Dual Sim

A simple feature set like Nokia Asha 200 may not grab headlines, but it is phones like this that have kept Nokia alive in the market. Put in other words, this is something Nokia marvels at, entry level reliable sets, invariably looking better than what their price suggests.nnPros:n1. Dual stand-by unlike the first gen dual sim mobiles by Nokia which had single stand by.n2. Excellent battery life. With moderate use, you may expect 3-4 days on a single charge.n3. Good qwerty(which is quite rare at this price point, most qwerty phones have wobbly keys).n4. Good audio quality(again at this price point).n5. Display could have been worse.nnCons:nGiven, that it is an entry level set, cons are many, lets list only those that stand out.nn1. Very low internal memory and ram.(Even lower than what X2-01has).n2. Miserable camera and video quality.n3. Slow class 12 edge gprs.nnCompetition: nIf you are looking for this handset, chances are you are interested in dual sim. If it is not the case, you might better have a look at Nokia X2-01 which comes at a lower price and has more internal memory, ram and a faster gprs.nSamsung Ch@t 322 comes with optical trackpad and a slimmer profile and is again cheaper. If qwerty is not a must, Samsung C3752 may well be worth the look.nThere are many touch-screen dual sim mobiles at this price range too- Nokia c2-03(No dual stand-by), Samsung Champ DUOS E2652.

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Worth Buying

Good phone at this price.nProns:n1) Superb battery back-up with dual.n2) Comfortable to use keypad.n3) Good looking phone. White is awesome.n4) Good sound quality of music.n5) Voice call recorder.nnCons:n1) It is a Dual Sim Stand-by phone: If one sim is on active mode (call or internet), other sim will become unreachable.n2) No option to control "Display Contact From": Phonebook displays all contacts from Phone, SIM1 & SIM2.n3) Echo on call. This can be fixed.n4) Average camera.nnSuggestion:n1) Since this is Dual SIM with stand by mode, there are pretty good chances that you can miss calls. To fix this, divert the calls: SIM1-->SIM2 and SIM2-->SIM1. This will make sure none of your calls are missed.n2) The phonebook can display same contact three times as there is no option to control display control from. Better keep contacts only in Phone memory and take backup of it on memory card.n3) I got the new phone with Echo issue which I was least expecting from Nokia, though it could be fixed by software update. nnUpdate Procedure:n1) Restore your mobile first. If restoration fails, remove the battery, insert it and try restoring again.n2) Install New Nokia OVI Suite and do an update of OVI.n3) If Nokia Suite version less than 3.4, then you may need to configure OVI to update Asha 200. Below are the steps:na) Open C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Nokia Suite\productapi\productapiconfiguration.xml file in the notepad. ( for XP, it will be C:\Program Files\Nokia\Nokia Suite\productapi\productapiconfiguration.xml)nb) Find nRM-800 SDnand change it to:nRM-800 NAnc) FindnRM-761 SDnand change it to:nRM-761 NAn3) Connect your phone and do an update.

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BEST at this range of Rs3000Rs 4500!

Before buying this, i was confused between SAMSUNG CHAT-ON, SAMSUNG CHAMP 2, NOKIA c2-03 and NOKIA ASHA-200. But i felt that NOKIA ASHA was a better deal. And now im holding this great cell!nnLet me give u all a specific rating of its rating, rather than rating it as a whole:nLooks- 10/10! Others would not be able to make out that it costs only a 4K by looking at it!nnMusic quality- 9/10! Crystal-clear sound quality!nnUser interface- 9/10! It's quite fast in working! Never hangs!nnMessaging quality- 8/10! Fast sending of messages! But only problem is that it might be tough to type since the buttons r really small..but one would get used to it soon!nnCall quality- 9/10! Very clear sound during echo of ur own sounds is possible but it doesnt affect at all!nnInternet- 9/10! Very easy to work on internet!nnCamera- 9/10! A 2MP camera is what u expect at this price! And it works great and takes awesome pics!nnnOverall,its a great product! There are hardly any cons of it! You should surely buy it! And don't confuse yourself between other phones and this one, like the way i did! haha!nnAnd thanks to! What a great deal was that and delivery and packing was awesome!

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Nokia Asha does NOT meet my Asha expectation

I'll keep it short and to the point.nI bought this phone 2 weeks ago from a shop, not from flipkart.nnPros:n1. Looks great. I bought the black one and it looks great.n2. Moderate battery lifen3. Dual standby sim. One sim can be hot-swapped- means, you can change one sim without removing the battery and turning the phone off.nCons:n1. Even though it's a dual sim phone, you can not receive call on both numbers at the same time. If one is busy, other number will be not-reachable.n2. Hard buttons of keypad. Typing isn't that fun on this phone.n3. Very slow processor. Even after pressing the call button to call someone, it will take 2 secs to respond.n4. Very less internal memory and ram. You can not expect to install more than 2-3 apps.n5. Phone gets hung sometime, if you press the call button 2-3 times.nnLooking at the price tag, it's not a total waste though. However, you do have some other options within the same budget.nnNokia could have given something better. I really don't know why they are not adding few more features and making these models complete in themselves. I'll be fed up with this phone pretty soon, I guess :(.. Oh yes, and next time, it's not gonna be NOKIA...

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Exellent features with insipid performance

hi there!n-i bought this phone for my mom few days back.npros:n-1430 mah long life batteryn-hassle-free qwerty key padn-good UI/display/camera/soundnncons:n-NO VIDEO STREAMING(HEART BREAKING)n-A SLOW PERFORMERn-REALLY BAD ear phones bundled with the packnnFinal Summation:n******************nTHIS PHONE STILL MANAGES TO PUT ITSELF INTO THE **A GOOD BUY**,nONLY IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH VIDEO STREAMING.

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