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Nokia Asha 210 Dual SIM
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Nokia Asha 210 Dual SIM
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Killer Looksjust read once

Guys And Gals,nFirst of all I must say that it looks awesome. I got yellow one and it seems like Rs10,000 phone.nI will first tell the negatives and then the smiles:nn :( Dirt Magnet: Yes, It is a serious dirt magnet. Its back even get the pen ink print on it if putted over a handwritten page. And the black portion above the qwerty keyboard is a figure print magnet. So keep the whole phone laminated from the very first day.n :( Speaker position: Its speakers are at the back so its volume get reduced.n :( Average signal quality. At outdoors I probably get 3to4/4 signals but in indoors I got 2to3 tower signal out of four.n :( not so good viewing angles, u can barely read a message looking at the screen sidewardsn :( apps took 5-6 seconds to launch which i don't think is a big issuennNow the reasons for buying this cutie pie:n :) As told already it looks deadly. I have not seen a 4500 rupee phone so cute.n :) Awesome qwerty seen till now. It is a pleasure to type with it.n:) Battery is awesome. I managed 2days with moderate usage with wifi and whats app always on.n :) Whats App works great,n :) Nokia music which had thousands of songs to download and it is free for 3monthsn :) Those who cares for SAR value, it the lowest I had seen till now, Even being a dual sim its sar value is .6n :) Dual Sim, and moreover one is hotswapable. But one a single sim works when u get a call and other sims signal comes back when u end the call.n :) Good speakers with nice volume leveln :) Good radio with good reception, and with a feature of recording songs.n :) Nice Bluetooth slam feature.n :) Wifi reception is good and it connects automatically when comes in range.n :) Solid build quality as expected from no one else but NOKIA.nnFrankly speaking I do not write such huge reviews, but i think this phone worth it.nAll and all its a phone for those who do not demand more then a good looking basic and whats app baby :)

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Very Good Phone in Low Budget..Finally Nokia done it

I got this phone from a local dealer in the same price because it was not available here.nnAbout the Phone :-nn1- Its remind me Micromax Q7 but its better and comfortable to handle and well finished made in India.n2- Nokia S40 version which includes whatsapp (not in front button). Currently whatsapp dedicated version not available in India but at least we have whatsapp in the menu.n3- 2 Mpx camera and picture quality is also good but if you want more then buy a camera.n4- Nokia Music Store is just unbelievable. All New Songs are available and download speed is too good. You can download any 5 mb song in Just 2 minutes after having 2G connection.n5- Wifi and Dual Sim makes its more better.n6- Lots of colors option available like lumian7- Very Good Bettary backupn8- 4GB Memory Card Includedn9- Handsfree sound is good too.nnIf you are worry about whatsapp dedicated key then please wait otherwise it has whatsapp in the menu so don't worry.nnHighly recommanded for everyone.

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Important qoutesn 1. facebook with basic HTML(no graphic content)n 2. can use any webpage(only in basic HTML) without graphic contentsn 3. Google map is successfully working in this phone(i am really amazed)n 4. Oxford concise dictionary is also working welln 5. Still it did'nt access to Nokia PC suite(in computer)n 6. Another good advantage wifi connection n 7. The structure of this phone looks very nice.n 8. QWERTY keypad, i feel it's easy to operate and handlen 9. Finally battery life(very important to every phone) it's really amazing(battery is big)n This is my fifth phone in Nokia, i used it for 8 days for onetime charging nnOverall all the features in this phone was good, it's really worth for the money nIf any one want the budget phone with all basic features, i guarantee this phone is really good

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Good budget phone .Most detailed review .Little bit Sluggish

I bought this phone from a local dealer in Rs 4399 {Rs100 less than what flipkart offers } #1.DISPLAY : Display is pretty decent ,Its LCD transmissive but resolution is only 320x240.You can not expect more than this in 4.4k . #2.CAMERA: Camera quality is good ,Its 2MP only yet good,Self portrait mode ,Editing ,Effects are also available. Video Camera is poor both in terms of audio and video .Also simple audio recording is not that good .As per the price its good. #3 MEMORY .Internal memory is very low apparently 64MB,but really only around 10 MB is available for storage (rest of the memory hold OS , built in apps etc ),RAM is 32 MB only .Due to small RAM and Internal memory ,phone hangs sometimes.To avoid this set memory card as storage for apps, music and photos . Keep the internal memory free as much as possible . But really phone hangs sometimes, Sometimes u have to switch it off to make it respond ,yet its not that often ,its bearable.Micro-SD upto 32GB is also available #4 INTERNET : Supports 2g only .WiFi is fine . It continuously uses data connection for Whats app ,Facebook notifications.So, if u r not having data pack or wifi please switch off mobile data .Speed is as per 2g standards .But on WiFi you may get higher speeds.Nokia express browser is just fine #5 USB and PC connection : U may face problem here ..This phone is supported by Nokia PC suite , not by Ovi suite .So download Nokia pc suite only .Works well on Bluetooth connection too . For USB , u may get message "memory card is in use by some other applications" ,To sort this out move in-use screensaver , wallpaper ,theme to internal memory and turn off notifications ,turn off the phone and switch it on again ...If it doesnt work go to control panel->program and features->nokia usb cable driver ->change ->repair . USB cord is not avaliabe in box ,u have to buy it . #6. MULTIMEDIA : Sound is pretty good , Supports MP4,3gp,avi and of limited resolution only .YouTube is working fine (so other video sites can be streamed ,only youtube).Ear are ok but are not comfortable. #7Applications : Facebook dedicated key :You will get notification ,just like an sms if there is some notification,msg on your Facebook Whatsapp :Its awesome . Just like facebook ,it will give u live updates . Line : Text/video/audio msging app is working fine .Live updates are also available. Nokia mail ..Access your gmail or any other email domain through your phone ,But no live updates Nokia Store :Download free/paid apps ..You will be give 15 paid apps free of cost as an complementary offer . Nokia Chat ..Its of no use as nobody has an account on Nokia Music :Free songs download (except data charges) ,Speed is also good . Free only for first three months . Finally: phone is good but there is little problem in its speed .Rest is Awesome . I used TATA DOCOMO Sim ,it worked fine . No dedicated Volume key .No multitasking(you can hide whatsapp,facebook ,line ,Ebuddy only ).Look is nice,Keypad ,Battery backup are great .

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Sab kuch diya par TORCH bhul gaye

Bhai is phone mein sab kuch hai. 1. Whatsapp hai...speed se chalta hai bhai log. 2. Dono sim lagaya aur dono hi kaam kar rahe the. 3. 4gb ka memory card bhi mila toh samaj lo gaane bhi hai 4. Camera hai...kaam chalau photo aati hai...par foto leni hogi toh flipkart se digi cam lunga 5. aur toh aur message(SMS) bhi bhejta hai ye phone aur phone calls bhi aati... bhidu mast hai!!! haan thoda DUST zada lagta hai isme. par baki sab mast hai...itne dam mein bahut kuch mil gaya hai. maine bhi sare comments padh ke liya tha aur mast nikla phone toh!!!

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