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Nokia C2-03
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Nokia C2-03
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Nokia C203 is a worst phone ever.I regret buying it

This is very poor phone from NOKIA.nAbruptly something happens in phone, due to which you wont receive call on your phone while the other person (who is calling you ) will hear the bell ringing to your phone continuously.It won't come to your have to take your battery and all the SIMS out from the phone and then start your phone with only master SIM and insert the other SIM only after itnnAlso the touch is very poor, it will workfor 7-10 days then it will be very hard.You touch something and something else will be touched.nnThe another problem I felt is of Battery.It takes 4- 5 hrs atleast to get your battery fully recharge.(with the normal 1.5 days backup as with other Nokia phones)But the other phones takes lesser time to chargennworst phone ever I regret buying it

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this won't work good.... i bought d same before 2 weeks n now its not performing well. I don't think it has S40 os an the software had many patches...nAlso battery charging require more time...nIf we use the phone for an hour it'll start making a wooo...... sound an got too prefer to go for samsung duos....nnTHIS IS MADE JUST TO COMBETE WITH CHINA PHONES............ not to any best sellers.... nnEven some experts are telling nokia is using china soft wares...

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Best budget touch phone Nokia Rocks

I have bought the C2-03 black color for Rs4550 on Aug 5, 2011. ?nnThe white one is available in plenty at Rs 4500 at other shops. The best price is available at FlipKart – Rs 4423.nnnReason for buying:nWant to replace my Sony Ericsson Spiro which hangs a lot and poor signal in NGV, Koramangala, Bangalore.nnReview C2-03:nnVoice: Very good quality and clarity of voice. Though my apartment has signal problem, but it works gr8 with this phone.nnAudio: Good. Speakers are like playing on laptop. ?nnResponse: The call initiation and end is very responsive.nnLooks: Black one has decent looks. n White one has golden color keypad and bottom end – which looks very odd.nnOVI Tool: This tool helps in managing contacts, music etc from computer and also keeps backup over computer. Moreover the sync feature is handy.nnUI: This one is 1st touch for me, so I am getting used to UI, still organization is good.nnTouch response: Touch is decent, thought not very gr8. It is good enough wrt price of this phone.n I don’t see any problem in it, as we cant compare this with HTC\Apple ?nnBattery Life: Looks decent, made many calls and played music – but doesn’t look like dying.nnEar Phone: Bit disappointing. So I bought the one from philips with ear buds for Rs 365 from FlipKart.nPhilips Headphones SHE3570WT (White)

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Amazing phone

One of the most amazing phones at the lower end. Targeted at consumers who are looking to migrate from a normal keypad to a touch screen. USP would be Dual sim, hot swap so you do not need to remove the battery and then change your slave sim. Decent camera (2 MP), BT, fm, 2 GB memory card, OVI Store, maps ....... phew ..... i could go on and on....... bottomline it is worth every penny one is planning to spend on this device

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Nokia Not expected of you

I usually read reviews donot write them , but I really wanted my fellow consumers not to get cheated and took special time on a beautiful Sunday morning to write this nnI blindly trust Nokia , hence I ignored some of the negative reviews here . nnBut I really wonder how could nokia come down on Quality so much . I am not complaining of the features it is the basic usability of the device primarily arising from touch screens accuracy. nnThey all say Nokia is on downhill and I counter argue that they have niche and brand loyalty which will keep them in business for long time . nnBut if they start betraying this loyalty like this , I am sure in this cut throat market it will not take long for this iconic brand to fade away into the oblivion.nnBasically "This phone will make you blood pressure rise everytime you try to make a call . It will go left when you want it to go right . "nnNokia , I suggest you do a complete recall of this product to preserve your image . nnFlipkart , It would be great if you can be selective of things you sell . I know hard to expect of a retailer but this way you provide your buyers of additional protection . 5k can be a good amount of money for many indian buyers . It is basically cheating what Nokia has done here by shipping a half cooked product like this . nnI will not buy a nokia product here after . Eventhough i still have my first cell phone which was incidentally from Nokia the iconic 7110 which was a design masterpiece which overflows with passionate design and innovative features build quality . It is a exmpler of where success can take you if it gets into your head. nnNokia sell your business to Micromax and go back to making tyres , they will do better justice to what is left of it

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