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Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM
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Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM
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Dear friends, Alert !!

If you come across the review section, u can find similar kind of repeated reviews under the names of amit, ajay, jalaj, anuj, brijesh. They all are working for the publicity of this phone. So no wonders if this phone gets 4.5 ratings out of 5. Flipkart should look into this and delete those reviews which misguide the consumers. Coming to the phone.. Am a lumia 520 user. This is an average phone and good for this price range, if u want to use windows for first time, this is the best. Personally i m sticking with nokia just for offline navigation.

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Phone for masses

I think MS should priced little aggressively.. any great price..nThe main advantage of Widows Phone OS is the experience across the price ranges almost same that's key feature.nn1.First Quad Core(Snapdragon) Process in the price range as of now.n2.512 ram More than enough to run phone fluidly(that's adv of WP)n3.Camera is far better one in that price rangen4.Digital assistance Cortana is available in india officially.n5. finally it's Nokia ....

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Excellent low budget Windows Phone

Camera - 3.5/5nnPerformance - 4/5nnDesign - 4/5nnCall quality/ battery - 4/5nnOverall Excellent low budget windows phone and you can go for it..

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Full review

I just bought the phone from spice hotspot on 15th Aug and trust me the phone is looking really good!! Its a mix between the shape of lumia 220 and nokia 225! The ui is butter smooth! I will use the phn for few days and write a full review! Thanks.. btw the price was 7200n*NOTE- I hated nokia windows series and im buying a first ever nokia*nGuys im back with the battery review and few small things that i missed.n1.Battery- i charged the phone yesterday night and it is still running straight for 30 hrs and battery is still 41% (4 hours wifi on and talktime of 3 hrs plus games of 20 minutes and used the phone a lot collectively 2 hours as it is new :P! But did not use mobile internet)n2.There is no proximity sensor.. it is a bit problem for samsung users as u will accidentally put on hold or mute and stuff but the trick here is to either lock the phone after dialling or when placing the phone onto the ears touch the screen in the upper part with ears or cheeks... the screen sensor is used as counterpart in this phone!n3. The internal memory is less as its 4Gb but is okay as you have the option of external memory card unlike many other phones of Motorola etc.n4. The screen is good and under sunlight visibilty is above expectations and yoy can actually use the phone under the sun quite comfortably.There are 3 brightness setting , low, medium and high; all three of them are adjustable to your needs (but without the ambient light sensor you have to manually change the brightness and do that before going out to the sun)n4.Camera is decent and is very light in weight( as in not very ram hungry)nBut according to price i think they could have given at least a front cam or a flash.n5. You can play heavy games with no problem but small screen is a limitting factor! ( saying this after using s4)n6.The feel of the phone is great but feel that the thickness should have been a little.less... like the 630 instead of the 520! n6.the best thing is the UI... butter smooth guys! n7. Almost forgot... wifi and network reception is also very very good, wifi reception better than S4 i have to say.nI dont know about primary phone... but as a secondary phone for people who loves windows this is great!This is my 2ndary phone and im loving it.n Awesome call clarity ( i am just using 4/10 volume and its quite loud) and loud ringer volume.nNote- if u can shell out another 3k then lumia 630 is better! ( According to me)nnHope this helpsnAsk out for anything else before buying as i know everyone has their own requirements!!nThanksnArkajeet

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this phone is absolutely brilliant...essply to those who have small budgets but wants the most out of their phones....nPROS :n 1. 1.2 ghz processor( Thats brilliant!!)n 2. WINDOWS 8.1 (Thats a huge bonus)n 3. superb built quality ( nothing new..its NOKIA we are talking about)n 4. speakers are brilliant.nnCONS:n recording is not 720p( The other lumias all have 720p recording)n 2.internal momory in only 4GB (Others have 8GB)n 3.512 MB RAM (but you wont find any lags with the OS, gaming may create some lags though)nnthis phone is a huge bonus for those who buys 7200....this beats all competetions!!! GO AHEAD AND BUY IT!!!!

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