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Nokia Lumia 620
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Nokia Lumia 620
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Windows Phone 8 stands out and Lumia 620 is best buy!

NOTE: This review was posted few days ago and it was most useful review according to users vote. Flipkart deleted it for no reason or who knows if somebody at Flipkart also fears of rise of Windows Phone! On a serious note, being user of Galaxy SII and Lumia 820 (WP8), I have used both platforms extensively and I couldn't agree more to this review so re posting it!n------nWhy should you buy WP? Why not Android or iOS? Best answer is WP does BASIC tasks very efficiently. WP is not app-centric like Android or iOS.nFew Examples:n1. You can integrate all contacts from all ur accounts (Facebook, Hotmail/Outlook, Google, LinkedIn, twitter etc.) into single place called people's hub.nYou can create a group, by choosing some people & name that group, then pin it to start. That group tile only contains info about those people u selected. If u swipe right side, you get all updates from all set accounts in single place like Facebook wall/tweets etc.nIf you use android or iOS, you must install multiple apps and jump between them and there are some 3rd party apps too but their experience is very dull and not polished compared to integrated approach of WP.nn2. Pressing camera key launches camera no matter where u are, even if phone is locked (long press camera button). Snap a pic and instantly share it in any way u want (NFC, Mail, Bluetooth etc). Same works for search button.nMany times you install applications related to camera. In android u must launch that app for using it. In WP, launch camera normally and press lenses option & u get list of all apps related to camera and u can simply choose one from list and bam! You get the functionality of the app , don't like that lens? Choose another or download more from store. nn3. Tiles: You can pin your favourite web pages, videos, albums, documents, contacts etc. to ur homescreen for quick access. You can also pin shortcuts for switching on/off Bluetooth, WiFi etc. You can also pin Tiles for stocks, weather, news etc.nLive tiles help u to see what’s happening; they get updated in real time. Overall interface of WP is very clean, intuitive & consistent across the OS and even the third party apps.nn4. Kid's Corner: You have kids? Then Kid's corner is for you. It’s is like a phone inside another phone. Turn on kid's corner and add apps, games, music which you want to allow access.nWhen u press lock button, phone gets turned on and now swipe towards right, u get second lock screen for your kid. Kid's corner cuts off connectivity and prevents children from access or messing with data.nDon't have kids? Use it like "Media centre" or "Nokia centre" with specific apps u selected. I turned kid's corner into media centre with all media stuff. You can also use it as Guest account by adding all non-personal apps so that you can handover ur phone to anyone without privacy concerns. nn5. Sky Drive: Sky Drive uploads automatically whatever photos and contacts u added in your phone to the cloud- as Outlook or Google. You can turn off if u want, but it’s quite useful because data is safe on cloud.nn6. Don’t forget Nokia & MS apps. They are awesome! Office and Office 365 suite is integrated in OS along with Exchange server for business users. There are official apps for other MS productivity tools like Lync.nNokia HERE Drive is only true offline voice guided turn by turn navigation suite in whole world! You can download country or state maps and navigate offline when there is no data connectivity or no data roaming in odd places you may have to travel. What else you want?! If you do, HERE maps, city lens and transit apps complete location based experience. I have found all those apps by MS and Nokia very useful on various occasions. And it’s free!nn-------nSure, I can make even bigger list guys, but my point is simple, After u use WP for a month or two, it’s hard to go back to app-centric Android.nAt this price, no android device can play any high end game anyway apart from normal games, forget the rich UX and functionality of WP.nMany restrictions of WP7.x are removed in WP8. It supports drag and drop, no need of Zune or Windows Phone app (it’s optional). BT file sharing is built in and works flawlessly with any other device. Kernel is changed to Windows NT so that apps are easy to port from Windows 8 and RT. Unity engine is supported for gaming so games are easy to port from Android and iOS. Expect many new apps and games in coming days to WP8 due to these core changes.nExpandable memory is added. Dual band WiFi is available on all WP8 Lumia phones. Only other devices having it are iPhone 5, iPad 4 , Galaxy S3 , Note 2 and iPod Touch 5th gen. Every other phone has 2.4 Ghz WiFi which is slower than 5 Ghz band.nnGet the phone guys, it’s awesome.nnI think Lumia 620 is the lowest price phone with so many features you get in 30k range smartphones like NFC, Dual Band WiFi, Dual Core S4 krait Qualcomm processor, Dolby sound enhancements, rich recording dual microphones etc.

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The best phone you'd get for < 15k

Why should you buy Lumia 620?nn1] Dual shot panels looks cool and indeed sturdy. There are a bunch of colors to choose from.nn2] Best display with Nokia - ClearBlack technology. Use it under a direct sunlight with no difficulty.nn3] Nokia apps are just awesome and very helpful. Nokia Music, Mix Radio, Here Drive, Here Maps, Here Transit, Here City Lens and may more for free. Remember you get the offline maps and Nokia Music only on Nokia devices.nn4] Camera with Smart Shoot. One click will take several shots, pick the best you like. You also get a front facing camera for video calls.nn5] Snapdragon™ S4 - Dual-core 1 GHz processor with 512 MB RAM. Trust me this is more than sufficient to run this device butter smooth.nn6] The last and the best part is it’s a Windows Phone. Use this for few days and I'm sure you'll never touch any other OS.nnThank you

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just ordered some 56 days ago on prebooking..

i choose this one among hundreds of other cells having price tag from 8k to 16k. n believe me, no other cell ever made me to think that is lumia 620 better than that or not.nsince i m not a radio lover ( when 8+16GB memory is with you, still you r dying for songs on radio ), not even a single issue i found in it.n3.8" sceeen, 1ghz Qualcomm processor, 512mb ram ( enough for windows), 14hrs battery backup ( show me just 1 android with even 7hr battery back up)nSAR value is also just 0.8 ( no radiations related issue ).nbelieve me guys, i waited for it for last 3 months..nwindows cells are famous for smooth processing, not like androids which hangs and hangs..nand the crystal clear 246ppi display.. just amazing guys.. only handful of sets have such dense ppi.. :)njust buys it with your closed eyes.. u will never regret it.. :-)ndon't wait for april for price to get increased..

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Best mid range smart phone available !!

After using lumia 920 for couple of weeks i was somewhat disappointed as it was not upto the mark as promised by nokia but after i bought this device for my friend i just fell addicted. nNo doubt this is best windows phone also it has outrun the androids or blackberries in the mid range.nSeriously there is no lag as the dual core easily handles all apps. The available ram is also enough. Also the camera is one of the best i have seen in this range. Moreover the office 365 is the best you will get. Android os doesnt even come closer to lumia 620 in regard of business features and ui performance.nnSo just go for lumia 620.nDont even think of getting android or blackberry or anything else:)

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Best Phone in this class

This is the best smart phone in this class & price range.nnPhone build quality is excellent, though its not uni body.nChanging the colors is so refreshing.nCamera is terrific even if it doesn't have Carl Zeiss lens.nFront camera is good too.nGood touch interface & very smooth.nnWindows Mobile 8 is sexy & joy to use on this device.nAll the Nokia apps are great like maps, drive, citilens, smartshoot to name a few.nSome useless apps available in android & ios are not available here but who cares about useless apps.nnBest phone one can get at this price.nJust go for it.

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