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Nokia Lumia 900
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Nokia Lumia 900
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Nokia why you want to axing your own feet ?

Nokia are you serious or lost your mind ? I don't know who going to buy this phone at this price when 920 released and yeah maybe you delay the release date as long as you want but at 33k it will not clear up your unsold stock which you plan to dump in India.nnHah! You are not, You know the India is price sensitive market & if you want to clear up your stock price it for 16-18k and this handset will sell.nnYour biggest and loyal market is India & Asia but there is a huge portion eaten by Samsung with it's driods lineup, when ppl really want this phone it is not here,but now at this price it is really nnINSANE !!!!

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Why would you buy it?

This phone has some wonderful features. Its slick, fast and wonderful to use. But, why would you buy it now? Nokia just announced its new models Lumia 820 and 920 with Windows 8. It makes no sense, to buy the 900 now, that too for a whopping Rs.32999! Wait for the 820 and the 920.

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Misinformed people

I would urge everyone to visit nearby Nokia Priority Dealer and use Nokia 800/900 for a while.nWhat you will realise is that, a phone need not have a quadcore processor. Even with a single core processor you can find a zippy, snappy performance.nn[ After the launch of Quadcore based phones, NVIDIA's statement was - there is no real need for quadcore processors in the market ]nnMango OS may not offer you 80-90% customisation like Android does, nor can it give you a VERY strong ecosystem like Apple. But what it does offer you is superb simplicity. I have been using Lumia 800 since Jan '12. I haven't regretted it one bit. nPeople Hub, Camera and Battery Life have won me over. nnI would agree that price point is one of those mistakes Nokia should have avoided. But users can always check with Flipkart and other sellers for excellent deals.nnMore importantly, the current Lumia lineup will be getting a major 7.8 update in the near future. Something to look forward to.nnNow there'll be cynics who will say "its useless etc etc". nIn my experience - we don't need 5million apps everyday. We need a phone to call people, text people, send/ receive emails, stay in touch with a certain number of people (with some details), take some good pictures, listen to some music - Lumia phones seem to do all of that without much fuss.

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This is not time for Lumia

This is truly a marvelous phone. It looks great, hardware is good. OS is different and amazing.nnBut beware this is not good time to get into Lumia bandwagon. This is really disappointing that Nokia did not launch this phone during it's peek time but launching to finish the inventory in India.nnUsers will not be able to upgrade to Windows phone 8. Future apps might not work in this phone.nnWait for Lumia 920 to Launch if you want to buy Lumia.

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Nokia Missed a trick here

I voted this phone 5 stars Only due to the performance and specifications... but regarding pricing I'm amazed how could it go beyond 30000... Worst case it should sell for 18-20000 or Nokia's old strategy to for for higher price initially and then lower it...maybe 25000..but not 32999 ... Seriously WINDOWS PHONE IS AWESOME ...A WHOLE NEW EVOLUTION .. but Lumia 920 will be out Oct last week ... Wait for it ... That phone is the Best I've ever seen..It beats iPhone 5 ...But people if You want this phone...then wait till price drops ..

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