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Nokia N8
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Nokia N8
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₹ 15,999
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A Cameraphone beyond comparision

In many ways, Nokia N8 was keen on making a difference when it was announced back in 2010. It had to usher a new dawn for touchscreen Nokia smartphones. More importantly, it had to beat compact cameras in their own game. Almost 2 years have passed, the dawn never came. Symbian ^3 even in its new avatar was much unpolished, and failed to bring Symbian into reckoning. But we have not found a more capable camera phone either. And yes, Nokia N8 did sell well.nnAs Symbian Belle knocks at the door today, which is by some distance, the best Symbian OS ever, there is also a painful realization that the N8 hardware is rather outdated. Well, save the camera module. With the advent of SuperAMOLED plus HD screens and dual-core processors, N8â??s 3.5â? AMOLED of nHD resolution and 256 MB ram do seem modest. Rumors suggest Belle will be the last update to the phone. Does one buy it? On the flip side, you have a true wonder of a camera, capable of putting even dedicated cameras to shame. Symbian OS makes sure the hardware is still enough to enable you play HD games. The aluminum unibody is a pleasure to handle. And finally what squares the deal is that the price has come down too. Still, does one buy it?nnPros:n1. A true gem of a camera. The 1/1.83â? camera sensor is still the biggest on any smartphone. It is ably aided by an almost perfect Carl Zeiss lens capable of shooting 12MP photos and a powerful xenon flash. Numbers aside, the camera produces images of stunning quality. Resolved detail remains downright impressive across all situations, more so in less lighted conditions, where the huge sensor comes in handy. There is not much purple fringing, or any other lens distortion for that matter. In other words, humbling achievement by a mobile phone.n2. The aluminum unibody feels sturdy and as if is built to last.n3. Humungous 16 GB on board storage which can be further expanded by a memory card.n4. 3.5â? AMOLED screen of nHD resolution provides nice colors, good brightness and decent sunlight legibility.n5. Video recording is stuck at 720p, but the output is rather nice. With continuous autofocus and best-in-class dynamic range, it actually produces better videos than many 1080p camcorder phones out there.n6. All round retail package with a lot of goodies.nnCons:n1. 680 MHz ARM 11 CPU and Broadcom BCM2727 GPU give an impression of an outdated phone. There have even been Symbian phones with more processing power. 256mb RAM doesnâ??t help either.n2. Symbian browser lacks behind the competition.n3. Relatively lesser applications compared to Android or iOS.nnCompetition:nIf you are bullish on having a good camera-smart phone, apple iPhone 4s comes closest to N8â??s imaging skills. It also comes with an out-of-the-world UI, fast processor, the most advance GPU and ups the video recording capabilities. nComparing prices, Sony Ericsson Ray offers a very capable 8 mp camera with latest android (planned upgrade to ICS). The Sony Bravia display is among the best in LCDs. Resolutions is high as well, although screen estate is small (3.3â?). Sony Ericsson Neo V offers a similar package with a downgraded 5 mp camera but a 3.7 inch screen.nnThere is very slight chance of you reading this review and yet not having a thing for cameras. The N8 is head and shoulders above all competing phones when it comes to taking pictures. And this is exactly why N8 has gained immense popularity. It will probably go down as a legendary phone. A true imaging king, a pioneer of Symbian ^3, and more importantly, a tribute to the N-series.

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I OWN THIS PHONE HAD BEEN USING IT FOR PAST 1 YEAR NO PROBLEMS AT ALL. BEST CAMERA WITH XENON FLASH and CARL-ZIESS LENS. ONLY PHONE WITH STANDARD MICRO-HDMI PORT RATHER THAN CUSTOM MANUFACTURER PORT Eg. Sony Erricson Experia Arc. Extremely robust with all aluminium body. extremely flexible usage it has dual ports for charging i.e 2mm pin and Micro-USB so even if you want to use External hard drive via usb interface it can still be charged. One Aspect That Probably most people over look that it actually is 16gb phone with 14.2 GB usable memory but my SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 16 GB has ONLY 11GB Usable. And the cpu about which every is angry that it is only 680MHz is also very good and helps to save battery. My phone lasts upto 2 days usage with single charge with around 16 hrs of music and 5 hrs of calling.nnAwesome phone and now at a budget that i can't imagine i am ordering for a second one in SILVER Colour.nnGo ahead and enjoy NOKIA.

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Bought this phone in jan 2011. at the time it was a choice between Nokia N8 (arnd twenty three grand) and Samsung Galaxy S (arnd twenty eight grand)and I went for N8 for its Superb camera and better build quality and chk the current prices of n8 and Galaxy S. which one lost its value faster. Of course the Android phone. though it has a slower processor compared to some Android phones but Symbian is a more efficient OS that really utilizes the seemingly limited processor and Ram much better. Most of the people dont know that Symbian is the Only mobile OS that can use its GPU not only for playing games but also for other functions which makes all the difference by giving better battery life as well as performance. n after using it for more than 1 year I would like to make some observations that I feel are really Important:n1) Best camera on a phone. no contest at all! I mean the quality has to be seen to be believed. stills are the best in the business and 720p HD video recording is better than most 1080p videos shot on other phones. Reason- Biggest camera sensor on a phone - Bigger the sensor, greater the amount of light entering the camera therefore greater the amount of detail.nn2) some of the most useful features like:nI) USB on the Go- directly connect a pen drive or even external hard disk to phone.nII)expandable memory upto 48 GB. 16GB inbuilt + 32 GB through Micro SD cardnIII) FM transmitter. I travel a lot and usually rent a car to travel around.there I can use FM transmitter to play my phones music collection via the car's speakers without any cables through car's radio.nIV) free lifetime navigation and offline maps. Again very useful while travelling. dont have to wait for network connection for loading the maps and best part is not using data while roaming. I know google maps is also free but it doesnt let you download maps beforehand and always needs a working data connection.nV) HDMI out with Digital Dolby Sound. this one is truly awesome. You can play videos and watch pics or play games on your tv by connecting with your phone. I have played NFS shift HD ,Angry Birds and Tom Clancy HAWX( fighter plane HD game) on my TV and the phone becomes the steering wheel or the controller! And Nokia has included the HDMI cable in the box as well. nVI) WiFI hotspot: use phone's 3g connection on laptop through WIFI. phone acts as a wireless router!nDLNA support: play videos from phone on TV through Wi-Fi.nn3) Battery life: I have continuous updates going on facebook and twitter + some RSS feeds and 4 email accounts syncing always. Plus radio for around 1 hour everyday and net browsing for around 1 hour and ocassionally games as well. I would consider this as moderate to heavy usage and I get around 1- 1.5 days on a single charge. This too when this phone is more than an year old!ndropped it atleast 10 times on the floor and not even a scratch due to the aluminium body and gorilla glass screen!n and most importantly it works as a phone as well. being a nokia means it has the best signal reception and sound clarity.

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The Best Nokia Till date under 20k

Hi,nnI was looking for a good Multimedia Handset under 20km and had almost zeroed on Samsung Galaxy R as it packed a dual core and was ICS supported but due to its unavailability and high price if found made me cancel that. Under 20k the N8 is a master piece with good old Symbian and now Nokia Belle which has added more value to a handset launched a while back. The androids available under 20k are simply not good enough.nnPros-nSuper Camera. My Sony cyber shot is simply resting without any use.nXenon flashnNokia bellenBattery Back up of 2-2.5 daysnFM transmitter or Play via radion3.5" amazing AMOLED Screennsuperb web browsernnokia store has all relevant apps which are of usenNokia Qualitynwifi 3.5g nusb charging suppportn16gb internal + 32 gb expandable cardnsealed batterynawesome build qualitynSIM card slot outside saves u cumbersome way of accessing SlotnHDMInall necessary cables within the boxnusb on the gonthe list is endless simplynnCons:nhave to really nitpick then sim card slot is not hotswap and ntfs format not supported while using usb on the go.nnRest it's a legend just because Nokia supported it really well.nand finally kudos to flipkart for maintaining their awesome service levels.

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Nokia N8 sucks..

Just one word to describe this phone "Dabbaa Phone".Don't need to say anything else.I own this phone and really i won't recommend this phone to anyone.I m so fed up of this shit.There's nothing in it except for the camera.The nokia store sucks there's nothing on it.The games are so kiddish and whatever good stuf is there it's payed.Actually its a rare case that you will find something interesting on nokia store.Although the hardware is good but the software really is below par and that's what matters for me.I replaced my HTC Desire for this piece of trash and I regret it big time.And now I m gonna quit nokia forever.Go for any android based phone instead of this.Its my personal experience with this phone although some might differ from my views but the fact remains the same.So really think twice before buying this phone.It is a real waste of money.

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