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Nokia X (Normandy)
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Go Nokia X !

First let me just swipe away those fools who are criticizing about nokia X. nnClaim 1 ) Nokia X is not pure android, Older version of android blah blah !!nnWait ... did you just said that ? Do you know the difference between various android versions ? I am not talking about interface and features difference. Nokia is a 1865 based company and have years of experience manufacturing phones. So whatever they do you gotta believe in them ! Crapsung and other crap companies have flooded the market and your minds as well with typical grid type icons interface Android mobiles. Whats the deal if Nokia just modified that for a new taste ?nnClaim 2 ) Nokia X uses older Adreno , Qualcomm processors blah blah !!nnOH please, you are not a in Micro processor. Do you know the architectural difference between older and newer processor ? nIt may be that this version of qual comm is enough for a 512 mb memory. We cant give any judgement until we do not know about the precise architectural differences between processors. nPerhaps India is a country where quantity is selected first rather than quality. Thats the biggest reason why brands such as Micromax have succeeded. People believe that higher processor frequency means higher performance !! Oh please , put on blankets and go to sleep. nnClaim 3) No Apps from Google Play store ! nnPlay store has innumerable developers around the world. You cannot dislike a phone just because it dont have a play store. Here also Quality vs Quantity arises. nPlay store gives quantity of apps including those which access you personal data, steal your private information, access your phone services, eats your battery, and also dares to display ads on their interface when data connection is on. nnClaim 4 ) Poor Camera , low end features blah blah !!nnWhen Samsung, Micromax, others.. says 5MP camera, they are just joking ! nWhen Nokia says 5MP, they actual mean it ! nThere is a quality in every component that nokia makes. nnEven the older Nokia 5230 smart phone gives superb quality videos with just 2MP camera vs the crap Samsung star pro 2MP camera. nnMoral : Dont look after quantity, always go for Quality. nnUPDATE: I dont owe Nokia X because i (will)have Nokia XL. But Recently i visited The Mobile Store shop and used the Demo piece. Let me tell you its really good. Especially the design , you will feel like keep looking at it . The built quality is so tough that you can throw it at some ones head and kill him. The screen is awesome even at such low resolution. The only issue was that the interface was lagging when we swipe the screen. The solution to that is go to settings and turn off the animation feature. Then it would be very fine. 7K is perfect price for this one. And the Camera even being just 3.15MP is exceptional. You can clearly read any thing small written in book or magazine. The fonts and graphics are very smooth and eye pleasing. Go Nokia X !!

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Awesome Phone from Nokia now beware of chinese

First of all i want to say something about who are saying bad about Nokia X.n-dont have google play store, camera is 3 mp, only 512 mb ram without playstore no existence etc etc.nni just wanna say who are saying dese are the chinese mobile promoters or who haven't used android phone, who knows 0 about android phones or they spent much amount on chinese and they feel bad for it. nni will explain these BACHAS some basics of android.n-dont have google play store- dont be afraid for this frnds, you can easily install google play store on your android you can download google play store apk file from google or by following linksnnnow 2nd point camera is just 3 mp.n- bacho tum ab chinese chalane vale....toh soch b chinese naa rakho...its nokia 3 mp resolution with actual 3mp quality much better image than 13 mp chinese. its genuine nokia not chinese.quality speaks.nnnow 3rd point-nonly 512 mb ram- the new snapdragon dual core processor performs much better with 512mb ram. you will not feel any lags like in samsung and other chinese brands. lumia 520also having 512 mb ram ....makhan jese chaltannaur mere chinese bachon.....ab 8500 mein tum bache ki jaan loge kya.....abi toh bas starting hai...ekho tumhari dukan band hone ka time aagaya.nnlo mere chinese bachon aaj tumhe kuch naya sikhne ko mila...

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Not worth the money

Worst phone i ever had.nn1. Phone is very thick and heavy.n2. The touch screen is very slow and takes at least 2 seconds to process every task including call disconnection and unlocking the screen.n3. The speaker is loud so others near you can hear your conversation as well.n4. Gets heated up very much when watching video.n5. The package doesn`t contain a data cable.n6. Phone comes with a ugly dark red colour headset.n7. Poor camera.

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Why Android With Nokia?

Firstly I will give 10/10 to Nokia to accept Android Os. But when we think it without google services, we may think it's not good enough like other android devices. But as per my taste Its a great move from boring classic icon based interfaces to a metro look android device. Its a great thing. Now some points for those who interested to buy this device but little bit confused. Ok, I'm expressing something why one may opt nokia x series phone.nn1. First lane (the advanced notifier)n2. OneDrive (Free cloud space to store personal data)n3. Outlook (the better mailing experience with Microsoft)n4. Less battery consume as heavy google devices outedn5. Nokia Cloud Musicn6. Good Hardwaresn7. A new lookn8. Nokia is highly trustablen9. Nokia Extended Warranty service up to 3 yearsn10. Nokia exclusive appsn11. Here Navigation Systemn12. Supports All android appsnnSo, One request to those, who are writing bad comments without using it, please don't do it. Just use it & then post your comments.

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Not so good for the price...

I have a Lumia 620 and have used Galaxy Grand. My friend just bought the Nokia X a few days back and I had a chance to play with the phone for some time. There a few things which I really did not like. And here they go:nn1. In Android, you simply press the Home button and it shows you the running apps. You can then just swipe away the apps you want to close. In Nokia X (and Lumia phones), you have to press the Back button to close EACH app while you are using it….and this is sometimes very irritating. Let’s say you are using the web browser. Pressing the Back button lands you into the previous page. So you have to keep pressing the Back button repeatedly to close the web browser! I wonder why Nokia came up with this difficult-to-use way of closing apps.nn2. Nokia has changed Nokia Music to Nokia Mix Radio. While Nokia Music was pretty good, Nokia Mix Radio is awful. In Nokia Music, you could search for any song or album and download it for listening to it offline. You could keep the songs on your phone as long as you wanted. nnIn Nokia Mix Radio, you CANNOT search for or choose any song or album. You can only choose the artist and then download the songs that are listed. Or you can download readymade mixes. You also CANNOT keep the downloaded mixes for more than 30 days. After 30 days, you have to download them all again. Nokia probably expects that everyone in India has access to free, high-speed internet….so they can easily re-download songs. Yeah right.nn3. The 3 MP camera on the Nokia X is far below expectations. No HD video recording and the snaps are quite average. There is no LED flash either. Lumia 520 and Xperia E1 can record HD videos. Even an S Duos 2 has an LED light for the camera. nn4. Nokia X is based on Android JellyBean. JB is not optimized for phones with low RAM, and this phone only has 512 MB RAM. Even a Lumia 520 or S Duos 2 is smoother than Nokia X. nnOne thing that I liked in Nokia X was offline maps. Nokia HERE works very well on this phone. Once you download your state’s map, you do not need a data connection to locate yourself. The navigation is just as good as it is on my Lumia 620.nnI strongly suggest that you WAIT for KitKat phones. LG and Asus will be launching inexpensive KitKat phones in the next 2 months, and KitKat is optimized for low RAM. If you really, really need an Android phone immediately, go for Xperia E1. Better still, Moto G.nnI’m just waiting for Moto G to hit retail stores so I can exchange my Lumia 620 with it. My friend is already regretting the purchase of Nokia X.nnHope this helps you make a purchase decision. If you have used an Android phone, you will probably NOT like Nokia X....because Nokia X is more like Windows Phone than Android.

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