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Nokia X2-02
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Rs 3,599
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Nokia X2-02
Out of Stock
₹ 3,599
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Worth Buying

1. Wider, Taller, Slimmer mobile.nWider than any non-touch, non-qwerty mobiles!nTaller than Touch and Type phones too!!nSlimmer than all these apparently.!nSo it gives a superb feel of handling.n2. Dual SIMn3. Filled 3gb of 3.75gb mem card. Mobile is still working in the same speed.n4. mp3 player like old i-Pod shuffle. mp3 player is great for this price range. Dedicated Music keys.n5. Screen clarity is good. Hence photos kept can be viewed without any distortion.n6. 2mp cam is good only. Supports to view mp4 videos.n7. Radio plays without any headset n8. We can set vibration alert to let us know if someone whom we are calling have picked up the call.n9. It allows to keep ring tone from an audio file selecting any range of time from it. Thus we need not keep any piece of muic from a song as our ringtone without use of any special cutter software.n10. When typing smses in dictionary mode it pops up a window to show suggestions to select. We can select or keep typing.n11. Facebook, Twitter, Chat messenger compatibilityn12. Bluetooth.n13. Voice clarity is superbnnThus this mobile has a â??Clarityâ?? in its â??Featuresâ?? whichever it offers . This has features which the price range doesnâ??t offer.nSo Nokia X2-02 with a 4GB microSDHC card is a best buy for anyone who wants a mobile for

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Bought dis phone (dark silver) on flipkart a month ago....service and delivery too good..!..delivered in 36 hours..!nnThe phone is best one at this price (3295/-) in terms of multimedia features (NOT IN TERMS OF BASIC PHONE FEATURES..!)....good choice, even if u don't need dual sim functionality or few other features...nnn1.speakers are very loud and clear even at high volume....n2. 2 mp camera is as good as any other 2mp camera..zoom works well too.n3.browsing is ok..n4.battery backup for around 2 days with avg usage..n5.keypad is very good and typing is easy and looks good and feels good in hand..n7.Display is bright and clear..n8.haven't used dual sim quite ofter..but it seems to work fine.nn--> The volume keys in the side are of poor quality and are fragile....not fixed well ..moves a bitnnnn But, the phone's(AT LEAST MY PHONE..!) basic features like..contacts,messaging etc., irritates/dissappoints a lot.nn--> U cannot access ur contacts after an incoming call(displays "contacts are not ready")...u need to switch off and restart again to get access to your contacts after every incoming call (pathetic..!).nn--> after 15 days d phone's software came up with another interesting and unbearable problem.... every time u try to open a new message it restarts by it self(this time u don't need to switch it off...!).nnreally I didn't expect this from nokia...nnI wonder whether they verified phone's software or not..!nnI don't know if many users have these problems or not..nnI need to find a way to get rid of these problems.., because instead of these software bugs, I'm really impressed with other features of this phone....

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Today i just purchased the product from market with a price near about The phone is simply awesome at this price. Moreover the music quality is very good at this price range. The 2 MP camera is very decent. The phone is a dual sim phone and not dual standby i.e. you can use only one sim at a time. The only demerit is that a lot of switches surrounds the handset.

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Low budget featurerich mobile

This phone would appeal to customers looking for a basic 'branded' mobile phone below Rs. 5000. What I like about this phone:n - FM radio without need for plugging in the earphones.n - Ability to play music using FM transmitter (ideal for n playing on car stereo which has no bluetooth support).n - Support for MicroSD card with large memory capacity.n - Easily swappable second SIM card slot. Can be swappedn without turning off the phone.n - Fairly sturdy build (though the cover is all plastic).nnNow what I didn't like about this phone:n - Big and bulky (I was expecting it to be slimmer and shorter)n - Bad (cheap-quality) bundled headset. I would recommend n buying at-least a Nokia WH-205 headset along with n this phone.n - Bulky 3-pin outlet charger.n - Unnecessary bundled bloatware (Nokia Lifetools, money andn useless games).nnI got this mobile delivered within 2 days by flipkart - the best service ever!

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Best Dual Sim for 3k

Hi guys !! I ve bought this mobile for a price little higher at Retail Showroom !! I ve missed filpkart this time ...nnComing to the Phone, its one of the best Dual Sim Phone in the 3k range..nnPros: 1)Easy to manage Dual Sim settings.. U can predefine settings for msgs,data service and calls in the sim config settings!!! NO HASSLE and its EASYn 2)Loud and clear Speaker [BUDGET MUSIC PHONE]n 3)Display is bettern 4)You can Transmit the songs in FM band,i.e. Built in fm transmitter .. THIS IS COOL.n 5)MICRO SD and 2nd sim slot is hot-swappablen 6)Music control keysn 7)Responsive Enough for daily use .i.e. LOL I cant have the speed of my Galaxy S2 in 3k phone :Pn 8)EDGE/GPRS is pretty fast 23-26kBps in my vodafonen 9)music through headset is STUNNING when u use a premium sony or skullcandy headset..n 10) you can easily transfer contacts,msgs,calendar entries,etc from another phone via bluetooth using nokia's PHONE SWITCH app..n 11)Ringtones can be set from anypart of the song by choosing the timeframe.. U need not dwnld and mp3 cutter softwaren 12) FB and twiter integratednnCONS: 1)Samsung headsets do not workn 2)Use class 4 or class 6 micro sd cards !! Using class 2 will slow u r phonen 3)No landscape mode available when viewing photosn 4)2 DAYS OF BATTERY BACKUPnnTHIS IS THE BEST DUAL SIM PHONE UNDER 3.5K .. U WILL NEVER REGRET BUYING THIS PHONE.. ITS THE VALUE FOR MONEY PHONE.. nI AM HAPPY TO HAVE THIS AS A BACKUP PHONE..

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13 users found this review helpful helpful?