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OnePlus 5T
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OnePlus 5T
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The best android phone in this price range.

This device is insanely fast. I'm amazed by its performance.Here are some highlights of the device from me.- It is insanely fast. Couldn't resist myself from mentioning this again.- It loads everything very quickly. Thanks to 6GB of RAM.- Even after a heavy usage, it does not heat up. It gets little warmer but not much.- Battery life is super. This is very interesting bcz it has 3300 MAh battery and 18:9 display but it is still lasting for a complete day even with the heavy usage.- The dash charger. It is the fastest. Charges phone upto 60% in 30 mins and 100% in just 1hr.- The camera quality is decent. The front camera is nice. The rear camera quality could have been better.- It has beautiful 2:1 ratio AMOLED screen.- Oxygen OS is somewhat like stock android. And you can also customize your phone a lot.- Face unlocking. What can I say about this feature. It is blazing fast. Unlocks my phone within a blink of an eye and works well even in low light.*Edit: I tried this in complete dark with 50% screen brightness level, it worked and it was fast. Again the important thing, there is a option of Face Unlock Assistive Lightning which light up the screen if camera does not recognise your face. So no need to set the brightness for unlocking.- The fingerprint sensor is also very fast, same as the face unlock feature I would say.- You get a tpu case.But here are some things I don't like about this device.- the back is very slippery. But they have provided a back case.- It has a mono speaker. Don't get me wrong, the output of the speaker is good but when you set the volume to full the sound feels like noisy.Other than this, Oneplus 5t is a great smartphone in this price segment considering its features.Hit the thumbs up if you find this helpful.

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For a user like me who jumped from j7 prime to 5T

Service :Ever heard of fastest service? Yes! That's Amazon. I had to pay Rs. 150 extra for immediate delivery... And it reached me before 11 hours...About the phone :This phone's a killer...For a user like me who jumped from j7 prime to 5T, this phone has a lot of features that are surely gonna surpass your expectations...Camera :Best at low light photography...I guess they have to work on fixing the stability issues on 4k video mode.Dual camera takes a lil while to focus the image...Fastest unlock with face lock even in the darkest room, it actually utilises the screen's brightness to capture.Battery life and charging are excellent!

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Heads Up for OnePlus 5T

Its been almost 2 months using OP 5T, i would like to suggest everyone to go for this phone.I am very much Happy using this phone.Things that I've missed in other Android have been fulfilled by OnePlus 5T. Specially the quality of camera is too Good and amazing.Good Battery life - one full day on full charge with heavy usage of internet and games.

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Wish I could add a couple of more stars!!

Have been using my one plus 5t for more than 2 weeks now. I'm not really into taking photographs nor gaming. Hence, I cannot really comment on those features exclusively. But whatever photos and games that I've played, the experience was ecstatic. The 8Gb RAM never lets you down. Need not worry about the space on phone. The display is wonderful and new. The camera is very good. The best part of the phone is its battery. It easily stays up for the whole day. And if you happen to run out of change, the dash charge doesn't let you down. 20% to 90+% in just 45 mins.I am so very happy with my decision. And none would really regret having one. If you are even considering this phone for your new phone, stop your search and go for it.

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NEGATIVES of op5 and fr sure in op6 also!

Only about NEGATIVES , cause many have mentioned about pros already...===>*Battery shuld have been better : (---geting 4hr screen on time with gaming of about 2hr in between---otherwise around 5hrs---charge doesn't stay when u kepp ur phone idle overnight...there will be about 6-9% drain over night when data and everything is off(Even cheap phones like will stay exactly where it was when u slepp in the morning , my brother's mi phone was 3% @ sleep time n it was 3% in the morning... totally surprised. If my oneplus is kept like tht it will die in the midnight..)---there is minimum 6%drain every night.YES IT HAS DASH CHARGE,but u can't compromise battery...--- seriously battery feels worst , cause if u truely wana squeeze the juice out ur phone unlike what other phones can't do in gaming and smooth heavy usage...U WON'T BE HAVING ENOUGH LIFE TO LiVE in ur phone!!Then it will be worthless. If u just wana browse and use WhatsApp and Social medias...there are many cheap phones under 15k which can do it similarly smooth with no lags or frame drops.- if use ur phone for the above it may last fr upto 10hr of continuous browsing in 4g or more than 12hrs videoplay back from 100% to 0% without giving rest to ur phone.If u rests it drains like 1% every hour. ( maybe its enough - but there r cheap phones who can last longer , and costlier phone lasting lesser than op5)*Smooth performance but- yes apps crashes, and it will "App is not responding" (google ,chrome,other third party apps,, even some game) every one just blames i think it have gt something to do with phone sometimes it totally cz freezing of phone!- one game caused rebooting of phone! Seriously thts unexpected totally!- otherwise smooth as hell* Placement of physical buttons- Cz volume buttons and power button are opposite in side... If u are going to play games or use phone in landscape mode u will hit volume buttons or power button with ur fingers on which phone is resting for sure! and u will get fustrated.

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