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OPPO Find 7a
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OPPO Find 7a
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Please DON'T allow reviews without an actual purchase!!! These guys are hilarious with their fanboyism!!!nnNo one should be entitled to review a product without using/experiencing them. Flipkart, do something!!!

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OPPO Should reconsider the pricing

No one will Go through OPPO at this price, when there is Xiaomi and Oneplus one is going to launch at half the rate, and with same specifications.nnAtlast, i'll choose Samsung, LG, Nexus like Brands if i would like to buy at this range, those have Good after sale support, rather than new entry Chinese Brand.nnReconsider your pricing and after sale services.

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Excellent Phone

Am using this phone from past 2 weeks, 2K display best in business its beats LG G3, Snapdragon 801 processor, no lag whatsoever till now 32GB inbuilt and expandable upto 128GB 3GB RAM, 5MP front cam is best till now it will record 4K video also quality of video is excellent. battery backup is the little issue because monstrous 5.5 2K display but u will get VOC charger it will charges ur phone 0 to 75 in 30min i have tested and it works great.nnIt is the best phone in the market as of now go for it.

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Not worth the price

I have not bought it from flipkart but have been using this mobile from past 2 weeks, below is the review.nnPACKAGING (10/10):nHats off to oppo for the most amazing packaging no mobile has such an amazing packingnBuild (8/10):nThe build is very good & it feels amazing in the hand & yes it feels like a very expensive phone & most people have complimented the phone. The reason that I have gave rating 8/10 because removing the back cover of the phone is a headache as there is no slot to put your figure nail as we have in other mobiles; also the power button is on left side of the phone which makes it easy to use for a left handed person.nDisplay (6/10) :nThe display is amazing Quad HD display feels great for gaming/movies as well, you will definitely love it. The problem with the display is that the mobile has a “Yellow Tint” to it & the tint is visible when you have a white screen for example if you are viewing the groups on whats-app you can see the lover groups/contact have a slightly milky color that the top most contact which has white color. The reason for providing the rating this low is because for a 31K mobile I do not want to see a yellow tint any time I start my mobile, also due to the yellow tint you won’t be able to put light color (white) wallpapers as you will notice the yellow tint every time you unlock the device.nPerformance (8/10) :nThe hardware seems to be very good so gaming is amazing. Any games will run like a charm; however there is a heating problem, so the back side of the phone will heat up after some time of gaming. The Color OS seems to be buggy I keeps on crashing application like Contacts/Photos and various other application, after paying 31K I do not expect applications to keep on crashing. If you ask for the frequency of crashing I would say 1 application crash is seen in around every 3 days & the applications that crash varies.nBattery (9/10):nThe charging is superfast you will definitely love it. Around 40 min to charge the entire phone from 0 to 100%, so it will definitely spoil your habit as you will get used to fast charging & it would be difficult for you to switch to other phone. The issue now the battery like is average with 3G on & average calls the battery goes from 100% to 13% in 16 hrs, but the super-fast charging compensates that.nCamera (8/10):nBoth the cameras provide very good images in normal lights & have a amazing focus speed, however the image Quality is not that great in low lights.nOverall :nAmazing phone & if you have purchased it please do not try to figure out the yellow tint as once you see it you will always see it & if you want to buy this phone please remember that when you show a 31K mobile to your friends with a yellow tint on it, you can understand the response.nnNote :nI asked the customer service from OPPO India about the yellow tint & asked them to resolve the issue, below is the response I received.n____________________________________________nThanks for contacting us!nnAs per your query we would like to inform you that we have employed a general industrial design for the OPPO Find 7a LED backside light, which appears brighter at the bottom of the screen. For the evenness of the screen light, we set a gradual change area at the bottom to darken the bright light.nnTherefore, some products will show a partial yellow haze at the bottom from some anglesn______________________________________________nSo its confirmed that if you get any product issue it will definitely be as per design, so no replacement, hence reducing the rating for this product from 4 to 2 because if I spent 31K I do not expect any visible issues in the phone.

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Very costly

the reason why this mobile has 37k price tag is bcoz they pay crores of rupees to hrithik & sonam kapoor to advt their model and recover that money from us. You guyz should focus on giving quality high end mobiles at competitive price then you will surely get buyers. look at micromax, xolo or even newly launched xiaomi phones .... these brands never needed any celebrities to advt their mobiles and they are the highest sought after phones in indian market. wake up time guyZ....!!!!!

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