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Is it worth buying a Nokia mobile around 30k price with 3000 mAh battery even when some phones even offer battery over 4000 mAh at less price?Since 4G consumes more battery, is it really worth buying a 3000mAh battery phone?

Asked by jignesh | 4 years ago




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  • Desai Darshan

    Desai Darshan


    2 years ago

    Power consumption of mobile phone always consider with the combination of processor type and performance, display size, type and ram.

    If mobile phone having right combination with all above specifications then, even average battery (like 2500 or 3000 mah) is even perform more than 5000 mAh. (I-phone as an ideal example, its battery last more than a day despite of capacity below 2500 mAh).

    In simple word it is like a cricket team combination (if all players choose wisely and put at perfect batting , balling and fielding position) then only team perform well.

    Many Chinese mobile brands miss leading with over emphasised specifications. To the extend they are claiming 3 GB Ram with the processor of 1.3 Ghz. These types of combination create over burden with its power consumption.  (We need to understand why despite of very sound R&D I-Phone, Samsung and Nokia are unable to offer such strong specification at such low price..!!)

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  • Omkar Anpat

    Omkar Anpat


    3 years ago

    At first clear up one thing that there are some factors which you feel on paper are very poor
    But in actual usage they will definitely do better job than the rest of the Smartphones which just show you better numbers on paper.......
    So in that way , if you are blaming Nokia for giving 3000mAH battery in smartphone without knowing it's real performance....that's not right at all
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