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How to Connect Any Phone or Tablet to Your TV Using USB?

Asked by Arjun Pawar | 2 years ago


Arjun Pawar


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    Dia Jaiteley



    Dia Jaiteley


    2 years ago

    Smartphone or Tablet can be connected to your TV for accessing phone's media and view it on the TV. Just like you access your Flash Drive/Pendrive on your TV, you should be able to access your phone.
    Following are some of the possible ways that will help you:

    1. USB Port:
      You can directly connect your PC to your TV through the USB port on your TC via USB Cable. 

    2. STB:
      You might surely be having a Set Top Box Connection for your TV which is connected to your TV using some colored cables. Those STB's also have a USB port and can be really helpful in case your TV doesn't have a USB Port. Old TV's didn't have HDMI or VGA making this a way out for those TVs.

    3. HDMI/Slim Port:
      You can stream to your TV directly using breakout boxes to connect to your TV with HDMI or Slim port if there is no USB Port. These also help you transfer Audio along with the video.
      Note: Slimport doesn't require any external power, it draws little power from your device itself.

    In case, you are not concerned about accessing the media but the whole phones to be accessed through TV, the following video might be helpful for you:

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