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How to move apps from phone's internal storage to sd card?

Asked by Aaditya Rangarajan | 2 years ago


Aaditya Rangarajan


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    Sachita Arun



    Sachita Arun


    2 years ago

    The application is installed on the internal storage by default. You can, later on, move it to SD Card to save on some space on internal storage. 
    Note: Applications requires internal storage to work on without any issues and to also work in case you remove the memory card. So only application's partial data can be moved to SD Card.

    There are some applications which cannot be moved to SD Card. You cannot perform this action for all applications but for some of them to free up some internal space. 

    Follow the steps to move applications to SD Card:

    1. Go to "Settings".
    2. Navigate to "Apps".

    3. Select the application which you wish to move to SD Card. 
    4. Tap on "Storage".
    5. Click on "Change" and "Move to SD Card".

    Note: There is an option is few phones to make SD Card work like internal storage. This feature was introduced after marshmallow and is available for few phones. You can make your SD card work as internal storage so an application can fully install on it. (This option will delete all the current data on SD Card).

    Look at the video to help you with the thing:

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