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How to save data pack on Honor 9N ?

Asked by Mary Chatterjee | 1 years ago


Mary Chatterjee


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    Vidhya Saxena



    Vidhya Saxena


    1 years ago

    To save data on your Android phone Follow the steps below:

    • 1. Turn on Data Compression on Google Chrome
    • Google states this option should save you about 50% in data. All without you even feeling a difference. In fact, you may feel some changes browsing will get faster!
    • You just need to open Chrome, tap on the 3-dot menu button and select Settings. Click on Data Saver and then toggle the option in the top-right corner. You are done!

    • You can check this link for more information on data compression : Data Compression 
    • Comaprision
    • 2. Download Opera Max
    • If you want a complete system data compression then Opera Max is the best app.
    • It is also possible to micro manage consumption by blocking specific apps from accessing data through mobile access (or WiFi, though I dont see the point in that). as it shows the detailed data comsumption of the apps.
    • Download Opera Max from Google Play store link
    • You can also watch this video for detailed information on Opera Max
    • 3. Update apps using Wi-Fi only
    •  Android apps receive updated on a regular basis and that is the main reason of our data consumption so make sure you turn of th e feature to update the apps on WIFI only.
    • To activate this option follow the steps below:
    • a. Open Google Play Store
    • b. Then Tap on the 3 bar on the top left corner.
    • c. Tap on "Settings".
    • d. Select Auto update apps option
    • e. Hit "Auto update over Wifi only" as shown in the Image below

    • 4. Restrict Background data usages
    • a. Go to "Setting".
    • b. Then Tap " Data Usages"
    • c. Tap on the vertical dots on the top right corner.
    • d. Click on Restrict Background data usages as show in the image below.
    • e. Confirm it and you are done.

    You can also check more information from the link: Honor 9N

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