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How to set custom ringtone on Xiaomi Mi A1 ?

Asked by Aryan Patel | 3 years ago


Aryan Patel


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  • Rishit Patel

    Rishit Patel


    3 years ago

    1. First, download or save the Ringtone you want to set to your Mi Phone.

    2. Now open the pre-installed file manager.

    3. Find the folder where the ringtone is saved.

    4. Copy the file by long pressing the file and then tap on copy button(overlapping square box button left to three vertical dots.) which is at the top.

    5. Now go to the folder Local>Internal storage>Ringtones.

    6. Paste your Ringtone here by taping on paste icon.

    7. Now go to Settings>Sound>Phone Ringtone.

    8. Choose your Ringtone from the list which you want it as default phone Ringtone.

    9. Click on OK and youre done! The Ringtone will be set!

    Source: How to set Ringtone in Xiaomi Mi A1

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  • I

    Ira Bose



    Ira Bose


    3 years ago

    Setting up the custom ringtone in Mi A1

    Follow the steps below to set the custom ringtone in your phone

    1. : Go to "Settings" Option in your phone.

    2. : Then Click on "Sounds" option.

    3. : Select the desired ringtone from the list and press "OK" to confirm.

      Note: If you want to use your own ringtone then simply paste them or move them using a file manager in the Ringtones folder in your internal storage and it will appear in the list above.

      You can also watch this video for more details

      Check more info here :  Xiaomi Mi A1

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