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How to turn off Snapchat camera sound on an android device?

Asked by Lily Chattopadhyay | 2 years ago


Lily Chattopadhyay


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    Chhanda Patel



    Chhanda Patel


    2 years ago

    Snapchat is a great app that lets you talk with your friends, put in and view life stories of your friends and around the world. Snapchat is famous for its unique and entertaining filters that everyone likes. 

    Snapchat is solely a camera application and uses phones camera to shoot pictures and videos. Not only the camera but the inbuilt camera application as well. To avoid supporting Snapchat for varied camera hardware, Snapchat uses default camera application.  

    So, what about that fake shutter sound?
    Yes, you need to turn it off from your default camera application. 

    To mute the shutter sound:

    1. Go to default "Camera" Application. 
    2. Move to settings by tapping on clog wheel. 
    3. Look for "Shutter Sound" and toggle it to "Off".
      oneplus 5t shutter sound

    Note: For different phones, options might be different but intent to turn off the shutter sound. 

    Note: For some phones, shutter sound goes in sync with the phone volume, reducing your phones media volume or putting it to Do Not Disturb mode can get your work done. 

    Watch the following video to turn off the sound in iOS:

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