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lenvo k8 plus & Samsung j7max m kaun sa set better h?

Asked by Atul Kumar Maurya | 2 years ago

Atul Kumar Maurya


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    Aaditya Rangarajan



    Aaditya Rangarajan


    2 years ago

    Samsung Galaxy J7 Max vs Lenovo K8 Plus

    Both the phones have their pros and cons, I think you should go for Lenovo K8 Plus. Lenovo K8 Plus has the following advantages over Samsung Galaxy J7 Max -

    1. Lenovo K8 Plus has Quad+Quad Core Processor while Samsung Galaxy J7 Max has Quad Core processor.

    2. The Battery of Lenovo K8 Plus is 4000mAh while the battery of Galaxy J7 Max is 3300mAh.

    It is not like that it is a one-sided game, Samsung Galaxy J7 Max has the following advantages -

    1. The Front camera of Galaxy J7 Max is 13 MP  compared to 8 MP of Lenovo K8 Plus.

    2. Samsung Galaxy J7 Max has 4GB RAM while Lenovo K8 Plus has 3GB RAM.

    Verdict - In my opinion, Lenovo K8 Plus is a better phone in overall performance and price but if you need a phone with good front camera for taking selfies, you can go for Samsung Galaxy J7 Max.

    You can also compare these devices on 91mobiles. Link - Samsung Galaxy J7 Max vs Lenovo K8 Plus

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