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Which is better Samsung galaxy note 4 or Samsung galaxy s6 edge?

Asked by tharwat mella | 2 years ago

tharwat mella


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    Abhibhava Dhawan



    Abhibhava Dhawan


    2 years ago

    Both the phones have their pros and cons, but I think you should go for Galaxy S6 Edge.

    S6 Edge has the following advantages over Samsung Galaxy Note 4:-

    1.S6 edge has 7.9mm thickness while Galaxy Note 4 has 8.5mm thickness.

    2.weight of the S6 edge is 132 grams while the weight of Galaxy Note 4 is 176 grams.

    3. S6 Edge has 576ppi pixel density while Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has 515ppi pixel density.

    Note 4 has the following Advantages also:- 

    1.  Note 4 has 5.7" display size while S6 edge has 5.1" display size.

    2. Note 4 has 3220mAh battery while S6 edge has 2600mAh battery.

    Verdict- In my opinion, Galaxy S6 edge is a better phone in overall performance but if you need a phone with a good camera you can go for Galaxy Note 4.

    you can also see the comparison between the devices on 91mobiles :

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