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Which is a better phone Galaxy A5 2017 or Mi5 128GB?

Asked by ravinderpal singh | 2 years ago


ravinderpal singh


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    Deepa Sen



    Deepa Sen


    2 years ago

    Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 vs Xiaomi Mi 5 128GB

    Both the phones have their pros and cons, I think you should go for Samsung Galaxy A5 2017.

    Samsung Galaxy A5 2017  has the following advantages over Xiaomi Mi 5: -

    1. Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 has 5.2" while Xiaomi Mi 5 has 5.15" Display Size.

    2. Samsung Galaxy A5 2017  has 70.63% Screen to Body Ratio while Xiaomi Mi 5 has 70.23% Screen to Body Ratio.


    It is not like that it is a one sided game, Xiaomi  Mi 5  has the following advantages -

     1. The weight of Xiaomi Mi 5 is 129 grams while Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 has 159 grams weight.


    Verdict - In my opinion, Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is a better phone in overall performance but if you need a phone with less weight, you can go for Xiaomi Mi 5.

    You can also compare these devices on 91mobiles. Link - Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 vs Xiaomi Mi 5

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