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Which is the best app for meditation?

Asked by Akshay Chatterjee | 2 years ago


Akshay Chatterjee


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    Shuchismita Chaudhary



    Shuchismita Chaudhary


    2 years ago

    People nowadays are spending time on personal well being. Here are few recommended apps which could help you meditate at home.

    1) Omvana - This beautiful meditation application helps you transform your life with exclusive audios and help sleep and relax better. Mindful meditation can help you recover from a variety of ailments. It includes the finest of meditation, relaxation audio, yoga music and self-improvement tracks. There are like 1000s of tracks to choose from. From peaceful nature audios to guided meditation. The best part is that you can personalize it for your which is a lot required thing for better growth. Omvana has proven to be a great coach for chakra balancing, guided hypnosis, transcendental meditation and other problems.

    Downloads: 100,000+
    Rating: 4.5 (Reviewed by 3,501 people)
    Size: 32 MB
    Download Link: Android/iOS

    2) Buddhify - This single app can help you reduce anxiety and stress, bring calmness and kindness to your life and live happier and healthier.It has separate options for experienced and beginners with a separate section for kids. It has over 200 meditations, categorized as per the place(work, traveling, waking up etc.) with 3-40 mins length. You can also choose the voice and style that is the best one for you.

    Downloads: 50,000+
    Rating: 4.2 (Reviewed by 1,656 people)
    Size: 512 MB
    Download Link: Android/iOS

    3) Headspace - This is a really good training app for mind and body and helps you live a healthier and happier life. You can leatn classic meditation techniques for creativity, sleep and managing stress. You can even track your progress and share with others. Headspace have basics pack to start with and then dozens of packs you continue that are designed to help you with  every aspect including health, happiness brave, sports etc. It also have special packs for kids and singles.

    Downloads: 5,000,000+
    Rating: 4.6 (Reviewed by 67,979 people)
    Size: 30 MB
    Download Link: Android/iOS

    4) Stop, Breathe & Think - This app is the one you need when you need peace anywhere. It checks in your emotions and guides you with personalized guided meditation to bring health and happiness to your life. It includes over 30 free activities and 80 premium activities. It tracks your daily streaks and weekly settledness and helps you grow better. This app also rewards stickers along the way to motivate you and keep it going great.

    Downloads: 1,000,000+
    Rating: 4.3 (Reviewed by 7,667 people)
    Size: 1.0 MB
    Download Link: Android/iOS

    5) Calm - This amazing application was featured in New York Times and is being used by millions to bring joy and peace to daily life. Meditation packs are available in different sizes to help you the best one according to your schedule, from 3 mins up to 25 mins. It packs in 25+ nature sounds, Sleep stories, breathing exercises and 10 minutes new program is added daily to help you ease.

    Downloads: 5,000,000+
    Rating: 4.6 (Reviewed by 90,739 people)
    Size: 29 MB
    Download Link: Android/iOS

    Verdict: My personal favorite is Headspace. I just love its features.
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