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Which is the best keyboard app for Android?

Asked by Diksha Jayaraman | 3 years ago


Diksha Jayaraman


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    Anusha Aggarwal



    Anusha Aggarwal


    3 years ago

    1) GO Keyboard - Cute Emojis, Themes, and GIFs by GOMO Dev Team

    One of the most popular applications. It has 1000+ different themes and emojis along with stickers. It has over 100+ different fonts. It has swipe keyboard functionality for people having slow typing speed. It also auto-corrects misspelled words. Its a multilingual application supporting over 60+ different languages. It also has voice support. So, the application types what you say. It also takes care of your security and privacy and never records your keystrokes.

    Downloads: 100,000,000+

    Rating: 4.5 (Reviewed by 4,473,397 people)

    Size: 26 MB

    Download Link: Android


    2) SwiftKey Keyboard by SwiftKey

    This is a smart keyboard application which adapts and learns from your writing style. It uses artificial intelligence to predict your words, the words matter to you the most and you use them most. It also learns about the emojis you use the most. It has swipe keyboard functionality which increases your typing speed. It has a support of 150+ languages.

    Downloads: 100,000,000+

    Rating: 4.5 (Reviewed by 2,578,114 people)

    Size: 17 MB

    Download Link: Android


    3) Gboard - the Google Keyboard by Google LLC

    A keyboard application which has both speed and reliability. It has google search inbuilt. It also has swipe functionality and voice to text converter for increasing your typing speed. Through Gboard you can simply search anything and share immediately. It has an inbuilt emoji and gif search to make your conversations interesting. It also has inbuilt google translator so you can type in 150+ languages across the globe. Gboard also has gesture cursor control which gives you guidelines to use the keyboard in a lot easier and better manner.

    Downloads: 500,000,000+

    Rating: 4.2 (Reviewed by 1,667,308 people)

    Size: 22 MB

    Download Link: Android

    4) Cheetah Keyboard - Themes&GIF, Emoji, 3D Keyboard by Cheetah Keyboard

    Cheetah Keyboard is an ad-free keyboard application. It has an inbuilt powerful dictionary that helps you catch phrases easily. It suggests you 3 options instantly to reply to anyone within one second. It has free keyboard themes. It also has swipe keypad functionality along with voice input to increase your typing speed. To make your conversations interesting it has popular gifs and memes as well.

    Downloads: 50,000,000+

    Rating: 4.6 (Reviewed by 793,534 people)

    Size: 13 MB

    Download Link: Android


    5) Keyboard by Fotoable,Inc.

    This application has a support over 30+ different languages. It has color themes to choose. Also has colorful gifs and emojis along with lots of stickers. This application also has swipe functionality to increase your typing speed.

    Downloads: 10,000,000+

    Rating: 4.3 (Reviewed by 376,600 people)

    Size: 18 MB

    Download Link:Android

    Verdict:- The Go Keyboard is the best keyboard as it offers multiple language keyboards under one roof and along with that, it is the most customizable keyboard available for Android.

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