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Which Phone is better between Honor 9i and Honor 8 Pro?

Asked by Mahubala Mistry | 3 years ago


Mahubala Mistry


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    Gunwant Sen



    Gunwant Sen


    3 years ago

    Honor 9i vs Honor 8 Pro

    Honor 9i and Honor 8 Pro, both are phones of extremely different price ranges. Where Honor 8 Pro is in the 30k price segment, Honor 9i is under 20k price segment. Let us analyze them one by one, by having a look at their advantages one by one.

    Honor 9i

    1)Light weight: Easy to hold without tiring your hands.

    2)Camera: Honor 9i has a 16MP camera, which is more than the 12MP camera of Honor 8 Pro.

    3)Dual front camera and Flash: Selfie lover? This will be a perfect treat for you.

    4)FM Radio: Though many people dont even use this feature but is loved by some for the Radio Shows like Love Guru and Suhana Safar with Anu Kapoor.

    Honor 8 Pro

    1)RAM: 6GB RAM as compared to the 3GB RAM of the Honor 8 Pro.

    2)Better Screen Resolution: Definitely crisper images.

    3)Slimmer: More fashionable and easy to carry

    4)Storage: Double (128GB) the storage capacity

    5)Battery: Extra mAh means more on screen time.

    Verdict: The price varies hugely, but you dont loose on much if you go for the Honor 9i.

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