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Realme XT 128GB
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Realme XT 128GB
Out of Stock
₹ 19,999
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Don't waste your money

please don't buy this phone from flipkart. I'm requesting you please don't buy this, you may go for realme website to buy and local markets but please don't buy from here. i bought this product relame 8GB 128GB pearl white on 1st of October and today is 25th October flipkart sends me blue colour and defective product without my permission they changed the colour of my device. and all the time i use to call them, emails, twitter messages, flipkart app chat, but still they do not resolve my case, even the total mistake is done from flipkart. and still I'm facing it. By profession I'm a doctor, and they did with me, how can you expect flipkart done well with you. it's my humble request please please go with realme store and local market don't buy from here

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Perfect product!


11 users found this review helpful helpful?

totally main camera and selfie camera NYC .....all. village frends happy my New phone and camera nyc

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Good choice

Reviewing after 7days of usage. I was a Samsung user before. As now I'm fan of Realme. 1. Design 9/10 2. RAM/Speed precessor 9/10 3. Battery Life 9/10 (4000mAh isn't enough for heavy usage and for bigger screen) 4. Indisplay fingerprint 10/10 (Favorite feature_Fastest) 5. Display 9.5/10 6. Camera 10/10 (Enough in this price) 7. Speaker and Voice Clearity 9.5/10 8. Price 8/10 (Little Higher) 9. Charging time (Vooc charge) 10/10 (Oh My God! Loved it) 10. Software 9/10

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Value for money!

Display Amoled. Crisp. Vibrant. 1080x2340. 60hz. Smooth. _____ Processor / RAM I have the 8/128gb variant. Processor is super fast. I'm into heavy multitasking, switching between apps, etc. I never had any apps "reload" since I got the phone. Usually I have 5 heavy apps open and I go back and forth still I didn't feel like phone was slowed down or lagging. Out of 8gb, there's always 50% ram in use. I don't know why this is happening maybe a ColorOS thing. Very strange I don't like it. ____ Battery Will last full day for regular users. Vooc charge is very fast. 0-80 in 1 hour. Full charge takes around 1.3 hour. I don't want to get too deep into this since 'SOT' isn't really a accurate measurement but if you need numbers then expect 8 hours. ___ in-display fingerprint sensor Works pretty fast. Sometimes takes multiple tries if you're trying from a different angle but if you put your thumb straight it'll take less than half a second. I'd suggest using face unlock (with eyes-closed thing turned on) for additional security ___ Multimedia Video decode test: Tested H264 8bit up to 50mbps (1080p) Tested H265 10bit upto 120mbps (1080/4K) Tested H265 low bitrate 4k HDR No problems with decoding (using MX). No stutter, lag or artifacts. So yes pretty much all your media will play fine. HDR: not sure how to test properly but if YT (HDR 1080p60) videos counts as true HDR then I can say they look super cool. HD Streaming: (NF, Amazon) Device is Widevine certified so you should get HD streams. Personally, I have not tested this. Audio: Single speaker at bottom. Mids are boosted so voice is clear, could use some clarity but overall works fine for most stuff like YT videos. Yes yes dual-speaker gang, I hear you. I also don't like the stupid bottom firing speaker bcuz it makes watching videos painful without earphones but ff stereo speakers don't exist anymore so we have to adjust :/ ___ Camera: I agree with everyone in reviews here, camera is okay. To keep it short: 64MP lens will not give you DSLR quality photos. If you're thinking it's a magical lens by Samsung then you're in for huge disappointment. Anyway here's my thoughts after some quick tests. Main (64MP): I took some high complexity shots (like lots of tress, places with too much detail) and I found 64MP shots were better in detail & slightly wider than downscaled ones (even if shooting from same place same angle) So if you need max quality with no post processing + denoising then shoot in 64. Noticed something strange with 64mp close-up shots. I can see there's additional blur applied (take a shot with some doll or statue and see the edges, you'll see a white line) This is obviously pixel peeping but for regular users, normal shots will be fine. Portrait: I love portrait mode. I have not tested enough on human hair to see how well edge detection works but I did take some shots and I loved the result. Macro: usable but low quality. Maybe for flowers and other single object stuff macro will be ok but I'm not impressed. Also there's no way to know if the subject is in focus or not so you have to guess and move closer/far. Front (Selfie): probably the worst implementation I've ever seen. Who thought a fixed focus lens is a good idea? I mean seriously you can't even focus, you have to move the phone away to get your face in focus. that's just dumb, there's no excuse for this stupidity. Anyway even if there's no autofocus, selfies are very good. Edge detection is impressive and skin tone is good. Shots are not 100% natural even at 'Natural' setting but there's not much softening so its fine. Video: Front: Great Back: 1080p (30fps) is average. Lacks detail. Frames flicker during motion or panning around high complexity scenes. E-Stabilization works ok. 1080p (60fps) is what i would expect from a phone. Good detail. Flicker is not a issue. DR is fine. Video looks smooth. (Both 1080p capped at 20mbps) 4K (30fps / 50mbps) is decent. Flickering is less. But no Optical/E stabilization. Detail is good. Dynamic range is great. Shoot in 1080p60 if u need good videos w/o worrying too much. if space isn't a issue for you and u want detail: shoot 4K. Size is around 1MB/sec so you'll fill up storage very quickly. 30 second of 4k takes 200mb. Slowmo: 120fps is perfect 240fps is jittery (can't think of a proper word) 960fps is interpolated (in short, fake) This phone can do 240+ easily. Not sure why they look bad, you gotta shoot some videos and then analyse to understand this part. Storage We get 108gb out of 128 (I'd expect little more but I'm not complaining;) Speed tests: Sequential read: 460-500MB/s Sequential write: 100MB/s Random r/w: different apps gave diff results so skipping this one. Also I ended up purchasing a 64gb card (60gb) so I have in total 168gb. Transfers are very fast! ____ My main reason for buying this phone was dual SIM + sdcard slot + headphone jack. I got everything I wanted so I'm very happy with the purchase.

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