Samsung HDTV Smart Adapter (EIA2UHUNBE)

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The HDTV Smart Adapter supports HD signals up to 1080p. Connects directly to a standard HDMI cable for easy connectivity to home theater or monitor. Can connect directly to your MHL-Enabled mobile phone to create an HDMI docking station. (HDMI cable not included)

Samsung HDTV Smart Adapter (EIA2UHUNBE) Specifications

HDTV Connectivity :
Connect your MHL-Enabled phone to your high definition TV or Computer Monitor.

User Requirements :
Requires standard HDMI cable and MicroUSB charging cable (cables sold separately).
Video : 1080p

General Information

Brand Samsung
Model HDTV Smart Adapter (EIA2UHUNBE)
Compatability Compatibility with MHL-Enabled, Mobile Phones
Data Cable Type Standard HDMI, Micro USB
Compatable Port HDMI