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Samsung Galaxy A7 2017
Out of Stock
Rs 25,900
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Samsung Galaxy A7 2017
Out of Stock
₹ 25,900
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Slightly disappointed

everything is good but price is too high

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Mobile is k .but price too high.

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Pretty good

Price is too high

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Not recommended at all

Very bad service. Next time. I will not buy any product from Flipkart. Will not even buy anybody. Example my related.

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Awesome so far!

First of all I'd like to thanks to all those who true cried foul for this phone being expensive. I believe it was only because of user feedback, this phone dropped so much in price. Got this for Rs. 25900/-. Secondly, a big thanks to Flipkart for providing No Cost EMI on this product. Now the product: This phone is awesome so far. A frikingly great battery life. See any battery test video on YouTube, A7 2017 simply wins. Second best thing about the phone is that it IP68 certified water&dust resistant. Third the Camera. It is also awesome. Foilage presentation is great. Only thing I didn't liked was that the camera isn't allowing me to set the ISO value below 100. (Lower the ISO, even a bit dark, but clean will be your photo). Second thing is it doesn't have shutter speed control. I don't know if it's even supported or not. (The more fast your shutter works, the more clean "moving objects" will appear in photo). Rest aside, the camera itself is great, very much comparable to Nexus 5X/6P's camera. See sample pics on GSM Arena. Also see the big Snail pic on GSM Arena in the review of A7 2017. Then I liked the glasses on back and front of this phone. Front one is GG4. Don't know about back glass. I am not a selfie person so I won't comment a single thing on it. I am even okay with a front 1.3 megapixel camera as IMPO front cameras are useless. But for those who care, front camera is 16MP and very good. Fifth thing I liked is this phone's sensors. OMG it has all basic sensors + light sensor + barometer which is only found in Flagships. (Barometer gives idea either about ' height from sea level' or about 'weather '. I don't clearly know. Sixth thing is its display. Awesome S Amoled display. Blacks are super black and all other colors are also good. Have a good brightness too. Auto brightness works well. Always on Display is also great! much much better than not so useful 'notification light '. A notification light is weird as well as disturbing, specially at night time when you're sleeping and it keeps your room lit second by second. It is also difficult to set for each app giving its colour related to app. An AOD just shows you about notifications in a pleasent manner and without hurting your eyes. Seventh, I liked its 32GB inbuilt memory. Only 20-23GB is user usable though. It has Exynos 7880 processor (compared to Exynos 7870 processor in every J7 phone ever), 3 GB RAM. However I don't know why but 2GB RAM is always occupied by System and Apps. Only 1GB is there free for you. But nothing to worry about. RAM idea is my rough idea. RAM still holds pretty good amount of apps for later resuming them. Overall its a great phone. Good metal frame (confirmed metal by hitting my [i]kara [/i] against it :) Good premium feel while holding it. Its been 2 days since I am using this device. So I'll update this review later if necessary. If anyone have any questions, please Email me: the123aLLr44aman@gmail (ignore all numbers and make all capitals small). -typed all of this on A7 2017.

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