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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
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Rs 16,000
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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
Out of Stock
₹ 16,000
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Horrible phone and horrible response from Samsung Guys

Hi,nI had a quattro which I lost and had to buy a new mobile. I went for Prime after seeing the ad and the spec. Bought it 4 months ago.nNot satisfied at all with the performance as it used to hang now and then especially when I used internet. After exactly 4 months, it started showing blue screen and shutting down. nI took it to the nearby authorized samsung service center.nThere the samsung service guys gave these shockers -n1. The motherboard needs to be changedn2. All the data would be lostnnI was confused why the motherboard of a 4 months old phone should be malfunctioning and was also worried about all the data getting lost.nThe worst was yet to come. The service guy went on to say -nYou have damaged the mother board by giving it to an unauthorized service center and we cant change it under warranty and you need to pay 7000 rs to change it. But I never went to any service center before leave alone going to an unauthorized center.nnAnd why would I give it to an unauthorized guy when the authorized center is near my house and the warranty is valid?nWhen I didnt accept what he said he advised me to contact samsung customer care. I called them and was told within 4 hours I would get a call. But for the next 24 hours I didnt get a call. The next day I contacted again and my complaint was registered again. Few minutes later an executive called me and said they cant replace the motherboard under warranty . I argued with him and he said he would send the matter to the head office.nNext day an executive called from head office and said the same thing that they cant change the mother board under warranty and that I have to pay.nnWorst experience.nn1. 4 months old phone not functioningn2. Cunningly putting the blame on me when it is not truen3. Not changing the motherboard under warranty even though the warranty was validnnI decided not to go for Samsung phones again.

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Samsung 1st Selfi Phone

Samsung Best Selfis Phone... But Price. not avaible . this phon price are i Accepected.under 13,000


Best Cell.



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Best Buy Under 15K

This is the BEST PHONE for those people who wants quality product and brand satisfaction in low price, I bought this phone from local Samsung store , follow are the Pros and cons :nnPros: 1) Good Camera (Front and back both)n 2) Better display than competitor even though in QHD (MI3, Grand2, MOTO G2, Zenfone 5) n 3) Full day Battery Life 2600 MAHn 4) Latest Chip set snapdragon 410n 5) Cortex A-53 Processor, Adreno 306 GPUn 6) Slim and stylishnnCons: Audio Quality is Poor, n Few Sensors are Missing,n Price should be around 12 K nnIt has Corning Gorilla glass also which hasn't mentioned but it has, please do not go anywhere if you want phone under 15 K with stable performance

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it costs 14,300 only

guys this phone is awsome,but i didnt get why flipkart and other websites chrge it around 15,1500 come only in 14,300 rs only in stores...if u want to buy then pls go to nearest mobile shop and get in lowest price.enjoy

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Grand Prime has got everything right at its price range.

bought this phone from a nearby samsung smart cafe after being confused whether to buy moto g2 or grand 2. i bought motog2 for my bro so had a chance to compare with grand prime. this phone even it is qhd it looks more brighter than motog2 which is awesome! but unlike motog2 lacks gorilla glass. when it comes to design grand prime really gives u much premium feel compared to motog2 & grand2 also it has a 5MP front cam which made me to go for this phone. one more feature which attracted is the battery with 2600mah, i m using this phone from past 2 weeks and it lasts for almost 1.1/2 day with normal use as i m not a heavy gamer. The touch UI is nice in this phone & it really performs fast. So if u r thinking to buy a good branded phone with budget b/n 12k to 16k i suggest this phone is the best available right now, without having any confusions r doubts u can go for it.

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