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Samsung Galaxy J7 2016
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Samsung Galaxy J7 2016
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poor camera (12)
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awesome phone (801)
value for money (41)
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amazing performance (26)
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hanging issue (144)
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awesome performance (26)
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Good phone but with drawbacks Laymans review

I see a lot of positive reviews here.Makes it look like a perfect phone.I would like to highlight some cons in my review nConsn----------------------------------- n1. 720p display nIn the generation where 10k price phones have 1080p displays, a 720p display in 5.5 inch screen is simply ridiculous.Viewing angles are worse.My display gives a rainbow-ish tint when viewed sideways(might be AMOLED display flaw ?). On the flip side, lesser resolution requires less power from battery, so its a trade-off. nnn2.No magnetic sensornThis means maps wont rotate according to your motion. VR videos on facebook won't work.In the generation of Oculus and VR, this is unacceptable nnn3.No notification LEDnMy previous phone has a notification LED & I now recognise its importance nnn4.Poor UI/UX with samsung touchwiznThe design of touchwiz is very sub-standard compared to stock android,ios or HTC sense. nnn5.BloatwarenRidiculous amount of inbuilt apps from Samsung which eat up the already less 16GB internal memory.Camera app is very laggy. nnn6.Poor quality speaker and bundled earphones nSpeakers on the phone are very bad.So is the sound quality though earphones(tested with good quality earphones) nnn7. Charging wire is too short. nSo short that it can't reach the phone on your desk from standard plug point nnn8.Heats up a little nGets hot , but I think it is OK with smartphones. nnn9.Slippery/Soft back and sidesnWith no cases yet available on the market, this is a big issue with that huge phone size nnn10.No backlight on capacitive keys nnn11.Build quality looks cheapnEven with the aluminium on the sides, it does not feel premium to hold. Packaging of this phone and accessories is so very cheap.Check some unboxing videos to see it yourself. nnn12.Bit costly nThis is debatable, but with these many cost cuttings this price is nowhere justify able. nProsn----------------------------------------------n1. Very good cameran2. Front flash for you selfie expertsn3. Good battery lifen3. Light weight, thin and super fastn4. Good after-sales service by Samsung nnnOverall Verdict : Good phone if you know what you are getting into.

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Nice Looking and Long Battery Phone

Just now i have received my J7 6. Earlier I was used J7, comparing to the J7 6 to old J7 it has minor changes but powerful changes i.e Battery,Processor,Ram,Marshmallow (OS),Metalic Design except these changes remain all are same. Some of the pitfalls still came with J7 6 from old J7nthose aren1. Less ringtone volume.n2. Call Qualityn3. not full HDnnThese are the observations i had done. I will post my complete review after 1 month.

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Total beast

I am here to answer a simple question which my friends have had asked me. Why are you buying this when you can get better specs and even a finger print sensor for same price. well i had tons of reviews of people complaining of heating issues, lack of service centre which points at cheap hardware made by companies to reach those specs. i am not specs hungry person. For me good battery life good camera and decent processor is enough(dont play games).nHappy to report i have not faced any heating issues or sluggishness even when i was playing videos from youtube for an hour. good stylish slim phone.nnconsnscreen could have been 1080p but hey i get samsung trust that this phone can run for a long time.

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Samsung Galaxy J7 2016

can samsung galaxy j7 2016 new edition USB OTG Support

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Bad Phone too many compromises

Pros ScreennCons Cameranthe os is 32 bit so no 64 bit os ,the cortex a53 works in 32 bit mode severly affecting its performance nUpvote this so samsung update os to 64 bit

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