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Samsung Galaxy J7
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Samsung Galaxy J7
Out of Stock
₹ 11,700
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Awesome Phone

This Phone is Simply Awesome.If you are looking to buy phone under 15k this is perfect phone.nReview after 2 days of use..will update after 30 days of use.nPROS:n1) Display is pretty good with vibrant colors.n2) Touch is smooth and responsive.n3) Build quality is good and look of this phone in gold color is great.n4) Camera quality is simply Brilliant(Both front and rear)n5) Battery backup is goodas you expect from 3000maH battery.n6)No lag or hanging problem as of now and you shounld not expect hanging problem with 1.5GB of RAM and Octacore processor.n7)Slim and Light Weight.n8) Front Flashn9) OTG support.n10)Fast Charging.nCONS:n1) No backlit on buttons.n2) No Gorilla Glass(Tempered glass may be applied to solve this issue)n3) Speaker sound is little less as compared to other phones at this price. nOverall a good phone I am so impressed with this phone that I even ordered one more..;)nPS: Go for GOLD.Look of Gold color is just unbeatable.For me this phone edges over moto g 3rd gen because of looks and bigger screen size as all other features of both phones are same so if you are looking for 5.5" screen phone this is for you.Will update my review after 30 days of usage.

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This not a 4G Smart Phone

It doesn't support 4G LTE in India. It has no 2300 band (Band 40) support . It is not a 4G smart phone in India. As usual Samsung Cheating the consumers. No gorilla glass. Has only 1.5 GB Ram. Atleast 2GB Ram is needed. Processor is very new to the market. Over priced.


AMOLED Display


It doesn't support 4G LTE in India. It has no 2300 band (Band 40) support .
It is not a 4G smart phone in India. As usual Samsung Cheating the consumers.
No gorilla glass.
Has only 1.5 GB Ram. Atleast 2GB Ram is needed.
Processor is very new to

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This is my personal experience using J7 for 3 days.nI waited a long time for this phone for more than 1 month. As someone said, Don't judge the book by it's cover same concept is here.nnI am using this phone for last few days & i found nothing great in it b'coz i am already using samsung G Grand.nAs mentioned, i will try to figure it out..nThis product is manufactured by samsung but in India..nnPros+Cons:nn1) This phone is just the replica of previous ones in terms of design but its sleek & golden one is available for such price segment, that's something different from samsung.nn2) Around the globe samsung is famous for "Hanging" issue, this time they worked hard to overcome this, still i am facing slow processing(not hanging) with some apps.nn3)Battery drainage was biggest drawback for samsung & still it is. Just the drainage is slow this time. The Ultra power saving mode is something Rubbish. Only black screen with some apps to use. Limiting usage will easily save battery, what's new in that?nn4)Display is always one of the best part in samsung & it is. I tried BluRay print of AVATAR, I must say here Super AMOLED failed, but except that display is best. Brightness is better. In outdoor condition its fine. Reduced security here with gorilla glass.nn5)Performance is Ok-Ok. No lags till now. But samsung phones performance decreases with time.nn6)Camera: The 13MP rear camera with f1.9 aperture, its not the one to be called Samsung's camera. Its something else. Outdoor clicks are always good with any camera, problem is with indoor clicks. What we got in this phone will always take same picture as samsung never provide any update to their phones in their lifetime. Pictures are really not even comparable to Moto G 3rd Edtn OR ASUS Zenfone 2.nn5MP front camera, is worst you can get. Even samsung J1 front camera with 2MP is better than this one! Unbelievable. The front flash is just an add on, night pics with this flash were Horrible.nn7) I don't find any issues related to connectivity, just the second sim signals are fluctuating, here you'll get both LTE SIM Slot. PC connectivity is easy.nn8)For user, 11.6GB of memory is available to use. I used 64GB SD card & it is running smoothly.nn9)Sound may be a concern for other brand lovers as sound is little low. Traditional stereo headset neither great nor too bad. Some R&D work added with samsung J7, to understand what level of sound a user experience & adapt it accordingly.nn10)Multimedia: This phone does not understand .avi format related to video & movie. No dedicated music player, Google play music is available.nn11)Phone is little bit heavy & sleek its not easy to keep. I am using Samsung flip cover which is great in looks, quality & grab.nn12)Someone mentioned here that this phone does not capture screenshot, Well it does. Menu button+Power button for 1sec will capture.nn13)Many functions of android like Widgets n all are not available, that leads to less customization which we don't like.nn14)The Gold variant is awesome in looks, but biggest drawback is the back panel. It's a thin paper size plastic panel one can easily break it. The CHEAPEST item in J7.nn15)Touch panel is as usual great. Smooth-utterly-butterly experience but sometimes single touch doesn't work. Same problem claimed by other users also.nn16)In-built apps like Smart Manager is great with security app. SKYPE,One Drive/Note, useful, but games which are pre-installed, seriously one will ask who play this Shit? also only 180 minutes are provided to play.nn17)RAM management is always hectic work for samsung, again poor management of RAM. One gets only 500 Mb. Which is just 35% of overall capacity whereas in Moto G 3rd, one gets 1.2Gb of RAM ~ 60%. Due to this i think am facing slow processing of some apps.nn18) No backlit on buttons.nnAbout AnTuTu Benchmark:nn1) It scored 36485(Quite bettr than Moto G 3rd). On benchmarks J7 won, but in reality Moto G works better.nnOverall for this phone, samsung has been reduced everything up-to an extent to satisfy only Indian needs & keeping it under 15k range, as in this price they compromised, Gorilla glass, Better camera, More RAM, Exynos processor insted of Qualcomm Snapdragon, Metal back panel, Menu functioning(reduced android facility).nI don't think this is what I needed.nnI am not satisfied with this as i already enjoy better experience than this. Nothing's new & incredible, i must say one should prefer Moto G 3rd Edtn, as it is less expensive & provides Gorilla glass, stock android, better Ram management, IPX7-rating water resistant, & better camera. Only Gold colour & 5.5 screen is not the only thing one should go for.nHope that helps.

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Nice product from Samsung under 15K.

Thanks for Flipkart delivery. Got phone within 22 hrs. nI bought Gold variant.nnReturn bank to Samsung after using Xiomi Redmi and Yureka.And feel Brand is brand.nAfter using phone for 1 day I am writing this review of the phone.nnPros.n1. Phone display is awesome as mention Super AMOLED screen.n2. Operate very fast. Do multitasking smoothly.n3. Till now no heating issue.n4. Yes, OTG support, I connect my OTG pen drive. Connect and wait for 3-4 sec it will auto display your data.n5. Out of 16 GB 11.5 GB available for user. n6. 470 to 550 MB ram available for Use.n7. Touch is smooth. n8. Headphone average as compared Yureka.n9. Slim and light weight.n10. Fit in your hand. n11. Comes with preppy screen guard and back guard but not for long use. n12. Got Airtal sim free.n13. Preinstalled Google apps and Gameloft’s games.nnCons.n1. No gorilla glass display. (Apply tempered glass will solve issue).n2. It should 2 GB RAM.

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J7 is Samsung's best mobile till date. Its a master piece.

I am considering one question before buy any smart phone, "Do I really need to invest 30000 to 40000 for a smart phone" I mean I can put this money to my existing bike budget and can buy a latest Pulsar, FZ or Duke. That will give me more attention than a mobile phone. I can do lots of thing with this money then why a smart phone when I can buy a best mobile in cheap price. When I consider a phone I look after 4 things practically.n1. Screen (as if screen is not good you may regret every time you unlock your phone)n2. Performance (When you see your friend playing latest game you may regret)n3. Battery ( who likes to charge the phone couple of times daily, its irritating right?)n4. Look and Brand ( I assumed you need a phone which suite your personality)nnNow coming to Galaxy J7.. its an awesome creation can give the latest SuperAMOLED screen which better than some FHD screen out there and consumes very less power. I can bet this J7 screen better than LG G4 screen. I have Nexus 5 and I have seen the difference. The 1.5 GHz Exynos 7580 Octa Core Processor is latest from Samsung and no heating at all like crap SnapDragon and no battery drain. This is my 1st device with Exynos and I am really happy after looking it performance and smart battery management. Now coming to battery its 3000Mah but trust me its the highest SOT time I have ever seen in a mobile phone. I get 10Hrs of Screen on time with playing games, web browsing and watching videos. That means a normal user need to charge the battery in every 48hrs or 2 days. Don't understand why some users written below that its getting one day backup. The highest battery life I have seen in any mobile phone that good. Now coming to Look, I know Samsung was poor in this but now Samu changed. The phone looks and feel really premium. The only downside you may think is 1.5GB of RAM but dont worry its a LPDDR3 RAM and more faster than so called 3GBs in market. For a mobile phone and gaming its more than enough and power saver as well. What is the cost difference in 1.5 GB and 2 GB LPDDR3 RAM? Might be no cost or 1 dollar maximum. Samsung made this difference only because of Medium segment marketing tricks as If this mobile given all the features then who will going to buy a premium phone like S6 or Note 5 which is big revenue generator for Samu. So do not think much and go for this blindly. You will happy for next 2 yrs. Do not go for Snapdragon devices as they are not battery friendly and heats a lot. Specially the resent 800 series. The latest 810 also a failure CPU. Be happy and choose wisely. Respect your hard earned money.nn-Punyaslok Dash

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